Monday, June 14, 2010

Overdoing it. It's what weekends are for, right?

I think maybe the doctor removed my ability to handle technological issues while he was at it last week. I've been trying to post pictures of my flowers that I received (from the mother-in-law and Twin, respectively) since Friday, and couldn't figure out why the fuck I couldn't get it to work!

Yeah, I was in html edit mode. ::sigh:: I'll blame the codeine, since I didn't take any today, and I just recognized my mistake.

Pretty flowers!

I overdid it on Saturday. I worked out (rode a recumbant bike and walked on the treadmill at a slower than usual pace), showered and washed my hair, then did my hair, went to the bar, and had waaa-haaay too much to drink! I didn't take any pain killers that day, since I was feeling better. And also so I could have some wine. Sunday wasn't a good day, as a result.

But otherwise, the recovery is going pretty well. I'm sleeping better, and I'm working my way off the coedine and just taking Advil right now. Seems to be going pretty well. I'd still walk around with ice packs permanently attached to me if I was able, but that's why I'm working from home for as much of this week as necessary. I think I might go back on Wednesday. We'll see.

Sorry for all the surgery-focussed crap. It's all that's really going on aside from all the gardening Leo has been doing, and us trying to deal with all the rain that keeps fucking falling in Kansas City every few days. Hopefully that's done with for a bit, though, and we're not in a floody type area anyway, so it's not that big of a deal aside from being kinda obnoxious when leaving the house in it. I've been wanting to get a pedicure for days, but pedicures + rainy weather aren't all that compatible!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'll get on more of a regular posting schedule again here soon...promise.


faithstwin said...

I was all, "WTF? Those better not be the flowers I sent!" Happy to see Mama-in-Law was thinking flowery thoughts towards ya, too! (Those wondering: I was responsible for the green and white arrangement and I was concerned because I ordered the green arrangement from the site I pink was NOT supposed to be in mine, hence my worry.)

ANYwhatever- yes, people commonly overdo things on the third/fourth day because they start feeling better and all. You are not alone, I assure you. But your phone call saturday night was very entertaining. So thank you for drinking too much as it led to my general happiness during a downer night.


Faith said...

Yeah, I think that allowing myself to lay low for the rest of this week won't exactly be a bad thing! I'm definitely taking it easy, and hopefully it'll help the healing happen faster. :D

Coley said...

Ah, the old "I'm feeling better so I'll kick my own ass and pay dearly for it later" routine. Glad your recovery is going well so far. (Was totally behind on my blog reading so JUST read that the surgery already happened. Looking FAB!)