Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm alive! (Which is a good thing, IMO.)

Wow. Surgery is weird. I'm happy to say that I didn't wake up during the actual surgery as it was being performed (which was one of my nightmares throughout this whole thing), and I feel pretty good now that it's all over and done with, except for a couple of hours of each day that I just feel like hammered hell and want to sleep but I can't because I sleep on my side, and guess what you aren't supposed to do after having a breast reduction? Yeah. ::sigh::

It's ok, really. I've rigged up a way to sleep kind of tipped to one side with a pillow stuffed behind me, and that tricks my body enough to let it fall asleep in that position without giving me horrible nightmares/hallucinations that make me want to jump out of my skin to get away from them. (The first night after surgery, I thought there was a small monkey-type beast sitting on my chest, ripping away at my bandages. An hour after I calmed down from that, I thought there was a crane - like one of those ones from a toy machine that grabs toys and drops them down a chute - next to my bed trying to remove my internal organs from my chest. That time, I actually woke Leo up and asked him if there was a crane in the room.) Last night, I slept much better than the first night, and I felt pretty awesome this morning as a result.

That, of course, led to a crash this afternoon around lunch, but it's ok. Lifetime shows reruns of Grey's Anatomy around that time, which is just about the most perfect companion to napping ever. So that worked out.

Then I got up and started the process of trying on clothes that haven't ever fit before. (I went to the doctor today to have my drainage tubes removed, which means I can move about much easier now, and also that Leo will stop gagging when he has to look at me. Hopefully...) Here's what I used to look like in one of my favorite tops...

And here's what I look like now in another favorite top:
For reference, I used to have to start the buttoning process on that shirt at the button that lands right below my breasts, because the top ones wouldn't even come close to closing. It made me cry to see what I look like in that now!

Here's how I look with just my recovery bra on. Hopefully, this isn't too offensive for anyone to look at. I'm pretty covered up, thanks to the size of the bra, so it's not that big of a deal for me to show it, IMO.

I didn't think to take any before pictures of other clothes, although I sure wish I had! Regardless, I'm happy. I'm in a little bit of pain around the sutures, but it's not bad, really. The tape they had on me seemed to do more damage than anything to my skin, because I'm so sensitive to sticky stuff, and so that sucks a bit. But I'm working on mellowing it all out.

Overall, I'm doing well, and the recovery seems to be going as it should. Now I'm going to go back to sitting around a bit more, and hopefully Leo and I can go for a walk in a bit, if I'm still feeling ok. Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes!


Layla said...

Glad it went so well, you look GREAT! I hope the quick recovery continues. I feel for you on the sleeping. I had the same problem when preggers, I'm a stomach sleeper and, well... that wasn't happening. Unfortunately your nightmare stories just made me think of Madagascar (the crazy monkeys) and Toy Story (the claw decides), I need to watch something BESIDES children's movies, LOL. Let us know if you guys need anything! :)

Janet said...

Yay for recovery!

Christy said...

Enjoy the new rack! I'm jealous--I'm going to have that surgery someday.

Nuke said...

I am very happy to hear you are doing well. It's not brain surgery, but any time you go under the knife there is a possibility of trouble. But it sounds like you rolled right thru.

gotta tell you tho, the nightmares kinda made me laugh. I know that it was probably freaky at the time but what great stories now!

Keep on getting better!

Spyder said...

Wonderful that you are doing better! You're very brave!!! I'm such a wuss that I will never have surgery unless it's an emergency. You loo great!

statia said...

I'm so jealous you can wear button downs!!

Amber said...

What a difference-- you look great! Congrats!!!