Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's been, what? 6 Years? It was time for a change.

I missed my blogoversary this year, if you hadn't noticed. (Which I'm sure you all were like, "And we had cake for you, too, bitch! How could you forget to even take notice of it?") It was May 24th. I started writing this blog 6 years ago on that day, and dammit, it was time for a change! (Oh, and if you do actually have cake? Let me know...I will totally have a piece.)

So I've updated the template. Finally. I blame Blogger for coming out with some new nifty template options, and fun advanced ways of making them more personalized. Don't be surprised if I tweak it a bit more over the next few weeks, too. I reserve the right to be persnickity with my 6 year old blog, thankyouverymuch! :D

I like this new background, because it looks more newsy to me. And if there's one thing I like about a blog background, it's when it looks less blog and more research/work related. Because I read blogs at work, and my boss is less likely to have his attention drawn to my screen if there's a more plain background that looks like email or Word or PowerPoint, or something, than if there's something that's all black or red or orange with big huge side bars and screamingly large titles on my screen! So hopefully this new template works as well for you as it does for me.

Happy belated anniversary to me!


Nuke said...

Cake is gone, we ate all the pie as well. Maybe next year you can be bothered to show up.

Happy belated, the new look IS more newsy, but will take getting used to.

Faith said...

Hahahahaha! :P

Yeah, I agree with the getting used to thing. It's weird even for me! I think I need to adjust the title sizes again, too. They're still too big for my taste.

Average Jane said...

Sounds like you need to start reading blogs in Google Reader. That way they all look newsy.

Faith said...

I've tried the Google reader before, and I hate to say it, but I just don't get it. I'm just an old-fashioned bloggy girl, it seems! It's like Facebook and Twitter...I don't think I was meant to be on the Google Reader wagon, for some reason.

Weird, right? I know..I just can't explain why it makes no sense to me. I probly did it wrong, but I don't have the desire to figure out how to do it right in that case!