Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All you people who hate snow?

...I bet you're about ready to come over to the dark side now, eh? This weather we're having lately? This whole 81 degrees, but feels like 95 at 5 a.m. kind of weather? Is fucked up.

All I keep thinking, though, is thank GOD I live during a time when AC exists. I think I'd have melted into an angry puddle of fat bitch by mid-June had I lived back in 1885, and experienced a summer like this!

But then again, I'm a person who would much rather be cold than be hot. So there's that. If you're one of those people who are the opposite of that, first of all you're weird. And second of all, I can see how you'd hate winter as much as I hate summer. So we're even, I s'pose.

We've just been keeping indoors around the Smith house, relaxing and doing our normal routine lately, so it's just quiet for now. Because of the heat, the relandscaping project is at a stand still for the time being, but hopefully they'll be able to work on it a bit today...we'll see. Really, though, nothing noteworthy is happening in our lives, so that might explain why writing has been more sparse as of late.

Oh! I was thinking of this one topic, though, after listening to a little bit of Afentra on the Buzz this morning...she apparently got an insane electric bill for the month of June, and she was looking for advice and stories about other peoples' bills from callers while I was on my way to work. People were giving her advice on the whole balanced bill thing that our local electric company does, where they take the average of your bills for the past year, and then charge you that for the following year...like some dude called in and said that his bill is $98 every month. And it had been $130, so it went down compared to the previous year. So he keeps his AC at 69 all the time, because, hey! Only $98 a month, no matter what!

Yeah, he's mildly retarded, though, because those usage numbers will just up his average he pays next year, so I hope he enjoys it now, because its probly going up come January!

Anyway, I've never seen any advantage in that kind of a plan. This time of year, my gas bills are around $25. And my AC bill was at $130 last month, I think. (We keep our house between 71 - 75/76 during these hot summer months.) In winter, it'll reverse, and I'll be paying over $100 for gas, and less than $30 for electric. It's cyclical, and I'm used to it, and I like it.

So I'm all curious now...how do you do it in your household? And what's the average temp you keep your house at?


Janet said...

I love the heat, although I prefer it more in the high 80's, low 90's. Hot enough to really enjoy the pool, but not so hot that the pool itself is more like a bathtub.

We keep our house around 76,78. We have two ac units, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Our bills are like yours, we pay more for electricity during the summer and more for gas in the winter. It all works out.

Catherine V said...

Hello, fellow snow lover. All winter long, friends b*tch about the snow and all I say is, "Just you wait." Then summer rolls around and as they are about to open their mouths to complain, I'm like, "Zip it!" When there's snow on the ground, I'm happy.

We pay our electric/gas the same way you do. We originally keep the A/C at 72 and after putting on a sweater in the evening for the 4th night in a row, I told Owen that I wasn't willing to pay good money just to wear a sweater in the house in the middle of summer. So, now we have it set to 73 (76 while we're gone during the work day). My preference would be to kick it up one more notch to 74 and see if we can handle that.

Xavier Onassis said...

I hate the heat! Hate it! In the winter you can dress well enough to stay warm. But in this shit we have right now, you can strip buck naked, stand perfectly still, expend zero energy and still be dripping with swaet. Fuck that!

I have a programmable thermostat, so I let it get warm when I'm away. But when I'm in the house, it stays 72 or below, baby!

Faith said...

I get cold at 74, sometimes! Especially the past week when even at 75, it seems like the air is on constantly, and only takes 10 minute breaks here and there between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. It's crazy, yo.

Ok, good to know that I'm not the only person who doesn't take advantage of KCP&L's little plan. I dunno...something about it makes me think that they're screwing people over who are on it. Why would a company that's in the business of making money give people an option that would keep their company from making the money they're owed? It's just hard for me to fathom, is all...

Layla said...

I too am one who would rather be cold than hot (preferably neither of course, but if I HAD to choose, cold all the way baby)... However, we are on the even pay plan for both gas AND electric. Mainly because we are on such a tight budget these days (with the whole 2 kids in day care and new car payment thing) that it just helps us budget if we KNOW what our bills will be. Especially since in our old house, heat/gas and electric bills seem to always be up there :(

Layla said...

Oh, and we keep it at 78 at night and during the day when we are out, but when we are home and awake and running after a 3 year old, 72 :)

Faith said...

Do they warn you ahead of time when they make a change to the amount that you have to pay, Layla? Like, if it goes up next year, do they let you know the month before that they've reassessed your usage, and you'l have to pay "X" amount for the next 12 months?

I would boil in our house if we had the temp at 78 while we sleep. It'd be miserable for me! Thats when we have it at the lowest point...72, usually. Although this morning I was tossing and turning so much that a about 4:30, I pushed it down to 71. That usually does the trick, and I can fall asleep again.

I hate being so hot-blooded!!!

faithstwin said...

XO said: you can strip buck naked, stand perfectly still, expend zero energy and still be dripping with swaet.


I keep our daytime not-in-the-house temp set at 77. If we are at home I keep it at 75 and usually a fan somewhere is pointed directly at me. At night I am in the 71-72 range, also with a fan pointed at me alllll night long. My electric bills, before this latest heat snap, have been about $65 but with this heat snap I suspect it'll pop up to over $120 or so.

Average Jane said...

I can tell you firsthand that walking for an hour outdoors this morning was extremely undesirable.

Layla said...

They reassess twice a year and we don't know the new rate until the bill comes, so yeah, that part sucks, but we've been lucky and so far only had it go down, not up, although that's cause we actually try to be good, hahaha.

As for the 78, our house is weird. The kids rooms are of course, the coldest in the house, so to keep them from freezing, we have to broil. Hence the handy AC we run in our room at night... keeps us happy, the kids don't turn to ice and we aren't paying to cool rooms we aren't using at night. has worked for us so far, but this has been a rough summer, so we'll see how badly it screws us when they reassess.

Fred Sanford said...

While I love summer, I love it outdoors. Inside I keep it a crips 66 degrees.

statia said...

The Mini's preschool teacher loves the snow and hates heat. Same as my husband. But he's Norwegian. I don't like to sweat, in fact, I fucking hate sweating, but I like not having to bundle the fuck up either. I'd rather be warmer.

Our electric/gas bill is pretty much average around 350. We keep our thermostat set to about the same temp. It's 72 at night, and then 75 during the day, until about 5 or so, where it goes back to 72. I never touch the thermostat. I would imagine that we use more power in the winter with the lights being on more frequently due to shorter days. But that's just a guess. The hubs takes care of the electric bill.