Friday, July 02, 2010

Another Flashback Friday for ya. :)

So I found some more photos to put up when I was sifting through my photo albums last week that kind of apply to the Twin's request to put up more old photos of her from when we were young. These come out a bit light, thanks to the scanning, but I think you can make out most of the details, right down to my lovely acne'd skin from when I was 17. (That was pre-non dairy days, of course...)

The Twin used to want to be a vampire. She wore a cape and everything. She was a bit of an odd bird off and on, really. I blame myself...I took up half the space in the womb after all.

Ok, ok, we were just a little goth was all. Not ALL OUT GOTH, but goth nonetheless.

I was all dramatic with my gothiness...
That year, our parents threw a New Year's Eve party that turned epic. Like epic in relation to grown people behaving like frat brats, and our older sister getting so sick from the alcohol she drank, she actually couldn't stop dry-heaving, and we had to get her medicine that would make her stop. She was so sick, she didn't even care it was a suppository. Yeah, it was bad. BUT, the Twin and I were still just 17. So we were just innocent bystanders in the whole debacle. Here's a pic of the Twin and her boyfriend at the time, Matt (on the right), and my best friend in high school and her then boyfriend/now husband Tina and Daniel (on the left). Aren't they all just so cute???
The Twin and I got all posey before the party started in our fun partay dresses...we weren't trying to be twinish when we picked them out, honest. It just so happened that I liked a dress with a red satin skirt, and velvet top, and she liked a dress with a red satin top, and a velvet bottom. It's just how things worked out is all.
Twin, dude...that bow...

Crazy that we ever looked like that, eh? But it was fun.

It seems appropriate to kick off the extended holiday weekend with pictures from past celebrations, so there ya have it. I hope everyone has a happy (and SAFE!) 4th of July!!! See you next week.

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faithstwin said...

The bow!? What about the SLEEVES!? Hahahahahaaa! Oldest hadn't ever really seen me with a perm, so the first picture sent her into serious giggles...