Thursday, July 29, 2010

I draw the line at ghost brake jobs, honestly.

The car shopping experience is over. I chose a car, and am moving on with life as of this coming Saturday. It's hard to shop for cars! Between my stress levels over making a long-term decision like that, and the prospect of having to disappoint one or more of the very nice salespeople I worked with along the way, it's enough to remind me why I don't do this sort of thing very often. The last time I shopped, actually, I narrowed it down quickly to being between my 325ci from BMW, and an MDX from Acura. But the bitch I worked with at Acura was so disconnected and unconcerned, she made it easy really. She never called me to follow up on the decision, and she really seemed more like I was bothering her by even inquiring about the vehicle in the first place! So fuck her...she made it easy. I bought my BMW, and was happy.

The weird brake issue still hasn't been solved. I gave my mechanic another chance to investigate the whole thing, and they still are insisting that they never could have made the mistake that was made. So I'm moving on and hopefully they eventually figure out what they did wrong. With the new car in my hands, anyway, I won't have a need to go there for a while, so its not any big deal really. I just wish our relationship at this time could have ended on a higher note, is all. :/

This is what my new car looks like. (Again, it's an Infiniti G37x, which means it's an all-wheel drive. WOO!) I personally haven't seen many of them on the road around town, so I'm excited to be part of a new coupe trend!

Those seats? Are so. comfy. Can't wait! With the BMW traded in, I basically have to bring a few hundred dollars to the appointment to pick it up, to pay for the tint on the windows that my super-pale skin and very sensitive eyes require, and to complete my money down on the deal that I wanted to put in, and then I'm literally paying about $50 more per month than I did for my BMW for all those years I had it. (I had a loan from my father, and I paid him back for it on an annual or bi-annual basis...) I'm so happy!

And this is the last you'll hear from me about it, I swear. Tomorrow, I'll be bitching and moaning about my recent experiences at the local Apple Store, so tune in then for something *new*. :D


faithstwin said...

OOooOoooo- it's so priittteeee. Can't wait to see it in person! Drive it here next week and go to Havasu with us. =D

Faith said...

No. I have the least miles option on the lease (10,000 per year), so I need to be careful. I DRIVE 56 MILES PER WEEK TO AND FROM WORK, DAMMIT!

Havasu? Whaaaa...?

Jane said...

It's gorgeous! Like, you could take a nap - just not while driving! :)

Nuke said...

See that's why I never go the lease route. I drive 54 miles per work day. The leas thing would be silly for me.

Anywho, nice looking car and I am glad you like it. I have my toes crossed it doesn't get all freaky on you. (Jeffers, if you are listening, do NOT do break work on this one).