Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I think my house ghost took my birth control pill on Monday night.

The title of this post really says it all. Monday night, I went through the normal bedtime routine that I always do. At one point, that involved me taking my birth control pill, so I can continue my efforts toward trying to keep the earth a less evil place. (I would surely have the most evil kids ever, should I get pregnant. I picture something between Stewie Griffin and the current Mel Gibson that we have going on right now. Yeah, I don't wanna raise that. Would you wanna raise that? Didn't think so!)

The problem is that when I put my pill in my mouth, all I got was forefinger and thumb. The pill had magically disappeared. I'm totally not joking.

I've dropped pills before. And it's easy to see where they get themselves rolled to, because we have a dark brown rug, and the pills are small but they're white, or some variation of a whiteish color, so I can always find them easily, and get them back on track to where they belong. But on Monday, the pill literally seemed to *POOF*, disappear, and an exhaustive search of the area (in the drawer I had open on my nightstand, on the floor, under the bed, under the nightstand, in between the bed frame and the mattress, all over the sheets, in my bra I still have to wear to sleep for the next few months, etc, etc...) turned up empty.

I just took the next pill in the pack, and decided to resume my search with more light, including flashlight in hand, when I got home from work on Tuesday night.

Yeah, I still couldn't find it!

Where did that pill go, you guys???

My life is weird, sometimes. ::sigh::


Nuke said...

Jeffers wants a friend?

Ryan the Girl said...

I totally dropped one down the drain once... pain in the ass. I just put an extra "placebo" day into my month and started again regularly on the next pack (but used condoms in case)!

faithstwin said...

Hahahaa! Nuke, that's kind of what I said when she told me about this yesterday. Jeffers is from a different time where people got married and only had sex to make babies.

Maybe he thought it was a nightly candy treat you don't need.

It really is very odd though.

Faith said...

Hahahahaha! He's just going to have to content himself with playing with me and/or the dogs. Silly house ghost...

Ryan, I dropped one down the sink once, too! That was when I stopped keeping them in my medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I literally FREAKED OUT. I almost took apart the plumbing to get it back!

But then I remembered, Oh yeah! I don't have sex with anyone, anyway! (I was single at the time, and going through a dry spell.) So it all worked itself out, I s'pose. :D