Thursday, July 08, 2010

I'm just gonna pretend it's because I'm pretty.

So I mentioned something in my post yesterday about there being a fair amount of dudes that read my blog, and y'all showed up in force to prove me right! Hot damn, I like it when you guys contribute! :D

It's because I talk about my boobs a lot, isn't it? Hrmm...

Thanks to all the girlies who responded on that post, too, btw. Much appreciated. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my strong dislike for those kinds of get togethers!

Speaking of boobs, though, I went to the doctor today for a final follow up on the reduction. He says everything looks good to him! (We both kind of ignored the fact that the nipple on the left boob is slightly bigger than the one on the right. I honestly forgot to bring it up, and he just didn't say anything, so maybe it's supposed to be like that? I don't rightly care much, actually. They're covered up all the time, anyway, so the only people that see them are me and Leo, and a handful of lucky doctors now and again. Leo seems fine with them the way they are. I definitely don't give two shits, especially since they're smaller than the old ones. And I just dare my gyno or any other doctor to bring it up sometime. Hahahaha! That'd be a fun appointment, I'd bet! I need to practice bursting into tears on the spot, so I can make people think that I'm totally traumatized over it, or whatever. Heehee! I love being evil.) He gave me some advice on how to help the scars heal and blend a bit more over time, and told me it's ok for me to lift weights again, and then I was back on my way. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for at least an hour. I am so, so, sooo happy that I had that surgery, you guys. So happy. It was worth every last penny and recovery day.

I bought some new bathing suits in honor of the new boobs, even though we don't really have any plans to hang out near water anytime soon. I might take some pictures in them this weekend, and then share them next week. We'll see. Pictures are always fun! Well, for me, they are. I don't know about anyone else. If we go by the popularity of a blog like Hyperbole and a Half, we can assume that people like pictures to accompany text, but Allie draws her pictures. And she writes hella funny stories, so that doesn't hurt either, I'd think.

Or is she popular because of the whole boob thing, too? I dunno. Being a girl, it's hard to figure out sometimes why people are paying attention to you, really.

Anyway, I'll be taking pictures soon and sharing them, so you have that to look forward to. Or not. Depending on your personality type. (Whatever.)

So the moral to the blog post is that nipple size doesn't really matter, as long as they're smaller than the size of a saucer, and Allie over at Hyperbole and a Half is fucking funny. That's what I got out of it, anyway. ::shrugs::


Old Fart said...

I've enjoyed your blog for years. I think I like it because it's "real", whatever that means, and it's funny. I like sarcastic humor, and your posts are sprinkled with it.

And I like pictures. Not necessarily pictures of boobs.

But boobs are awesome... as The Dictionary of Jack (on YouTube) made perfectly clear in one of the funniest video's I've ever watched.

faithstwin said...

I'll have to go see if Allie has a new post up. Poor thing having health problems and all... she IS funny! But you're funny, too, dude or I wouldn't read very often.

Yay for pictures of my Twin's boobs! =P As long as they are not naked pictures or videos that you make me watch under the guise that it is a cute puppy video or something.

Faith said...


Thank you, Old Fart! I'm glad you keep coming back, even through all the boring times. :D