Friday, July 23, 2010

Officially in car hell.

This doesn't even make any sense, now. So my car has been getting fixed off and on since late May, right? First, the AC started to go wonky, so we added the coolant or charged the antifreeze or whatever the fuck it is that needs to be done in a case like that, and we were done.

Then, the belts started going all whirry and crazy and making noises that were quite scary. Got them all replaced, and found out that the water pump needed to be replaced, to boot! Fabulous. But a water pump is important, as are all those belts and spinners, so it was done.

A week later, the car was giving me the signals that it wanted to stop when I really needed it to keep going. Nope, you definitely cannot suddenly shut down while sitting at the intersection of 75th and Nall, little Beamer! You have to wait until I stop and turn the key before you do that, mkay? It cooperated long enough for me to get it to my mechanic, who couldn't do anything for me. So I had to take it to...DUN DUN DUUNNN...the dealer. GAH! The fuel pump was all unhappy and gunked up. And there were other things wrong as well. So we got them fixed, and all was ok again.

But all this time, my car has had an escalating loud clicking noise going on under the front right side, sounding like it's coming from the axle, or the wheel somehow. Maybe having to do with the brakes...not sure. Since I'm not a mechanic, I'm just going by the fact that my car shouldn't be making any other noises except "VROOM VROOM", you know?

I was letting it go for a while because...well, see above sections about water pumps and belts and fuel pumps and all that good stuff.

But now that all this shit is happening, I'm kinda in the mood to get rid of the car. It just seems like it's time has come. So if I want to get it sold soon, that means I need to fix things that make noise while it's being driven, or else I'm afraid potential buyers will run away screaming instead of pulling out their checkbooks.

So we dropped it off at the good ol' mechanic's today, and they took the time to look it over and figure it out.

They called me a little bit ago to go over what they'd found. And what they'd found was that all four brakes looked brand new. BRAND NEW. When we last replaced them in 12/2008. Which means it's been about a year and a half, and a good 8,000 miles since then, soooo whatthefuck?

The problem is that the brake pads that were put on there don't fit my car. They aren't even brake pads these guys would order, usually, and they certainly wouldn't use them on my car, they said. But, unless I have brake pad gnomes coming into my garage at night to fuck with my car, and sabotage me for their gnomey, goofy hijinx, I cannot figure out who else would've put them on my car, except for the guys at my mechanic shop! I don't take my car anywhere else. And the last time they were under there to do anything near brakeish areas was in February, when they repaced 2 tires, and rotated things about.

I swear I've had my brakes done more recently than 12/08. But looking back at the records we have at home, it seems that definitely was the case.

So how is any of this possible?

I'm going to lose my mind. I figure if it's going to happen, I might as well be drunk, so if anyone needs me, I'll be neck-deep in a bottle of merlot...


Layla said...

WTF dude...that's so not right. Have you called the mechanic to say what the hell?

Faith said...

Ok, I typed a long response to your question, and it fucking got eaten somehow. Grrrr!

Anyway, basically, yes, we've discussed it and they're just as baffled as I am! I've been going to them exclusively for 4 years now. They have no reason to believe I would go to another mechanic, due to the types of services I get done, and that's why they're so confused, too.

I'm hoping I won't offend them with this suggestion, but I'm wondering if somehow, maybe they got my car confused with another car when it was there for tires in February, and performed the brake job on it accidentally, and then put the info into the computer under the wrong person's records. It's the only possibility I can come up with that's remotely reasonable. Besides, you know, the garage gnomes.

Jeri said...

Though I know it is a non-issue now, since you have your "Shiny!New!Car!"...let me tell you...
I swear Beamers are cursed. I say that as a Beamer owner. And I LURVE "Junior" my 2005 BMW Z4 2.5i

Let's see - I bought it, CPO from the dealer, in July of 2007. I took it in for the scheduled maintenance, twice. The second time? They showed they had already done the service.....four weeks earlier. Which would have been impossible, as I was out of the state - sunning my (not-so-bodacious) bod in Hawaii.

Sorry you had hell with your mechanic.
In my case? I refuse to go to the dealer any longer. I found an authorized repair center and have gotten uber-friendly with them. (translation: I bake them cookies - they LOVE seeing me now).

I wholeheartedly expect to hear updates about your new car! (Before I bought my Z4, I was seriously considering an Infinity G35 coupe.)