Thursday, July 15, 2010

We may never have the cutest house on the block, but damn if we don't have curb appeal!

Back when I first bought our house in 2003, it was a yellowish color with blue shutters and a red door.

I liked the red door. I hated the house color and the shutters.

But the house on the inside was what mattered! And 3 tiny bedrooms, a bathroom that needed a serious update, and wallpaper borders were all overlookable, thanks to the HUGE backyard, and the nicely sized kitchen that was relatively new. And I figured on maybe painting/replacing the siding one day in the future, and getting new shutters right off the bat was a snap, so I had that going for me.

But I always, always knew that a front yard re-do would be in the cards at some point down the road. Since Leo and I will likely be looking into a larger home in the next year or two, getting everything up to snuff for a near-future sale now just makes sense to us.

We replaced the siding when we did the addition on the house a couple of years ago. It had been metal siding that we were planning on painting, but then the addition wound up needing vinyl siding, so we replaced it all then and just added the pricetag to the already ridiculous amount of money we've put into the house that we'll never get back! (It's about making it a beautiful place to live, at this point. Not so much about the investment, because that's just plain laughable these days! Especially since the twat who had her house on the market down the street from us lowered her asking price from $120,000 to $90,000 a month and a half ago. Gee, thanks twat! You wouldn't have wanted to maybe get rid of/paint the paneling in the bonus room, or take the random garland of fake flowers down from the mirror in the bathroom, or anything...noooo. Definitely a good idea to lower your price by $30,000, to a ridiculously low level instead. ::roll eyes::)

And to be honest, the landscaping was never all that bad, really. Right in front of the house, we have pleasant plants that are relatively easy to maintain and look pretty good year round.

But our side yard, between our house and our neighbor directly south of us was always a mess. An overgrown and out of control lilac bush (with a tree of some sort living inside of it, too!) was always there, along with a nice peony that blooms every year. Leo and I tried different ideas over the years, but failed miserably. Here's the front of the house, with the side yard I'm referring to off to the right, there:

(That tree in the center of the photo is dying. We're planting a new tree - a white oak, or something of that sort - to replace it, but we'll leave it up for another year or two while the oak grows in, and then chop it down...)

Here's a better picture of what a monstrosity the side yard has gradually turned into:

Oh, hello monster lilac bush! YOU SUCK!
So we've been planning with our landscaper for a total tear out and re-do for the last few months. They finally got the project started this past week, going at that lilac bush with a little buzzsaw, and giving it a what's for! Here are all the roots that were left when they finished:There's a chance the bush (tree?) will try to regrow in the future, but at least well have a better handle on it now that it's all cleared out. Lookit how nice and clean! Aaahhhh...
So our landscaper, Judd, was out there on Monday, working and sweating away at the new flower bed. Leo sent me a photo of the outline and asked what I thought. I said, "Where will the tree be?" (We're planting a magnolia at the east side of the bed, and then planting grasses and flowers and stuff all around it.) So then he sent me this picture, with Judd standing in as the tree for me! Hahahaha!
"Perfect!" I replied. And so they really got down to business. By the time I got home, they had widened the bed a bit, and started the laying of the pavers that will create the raised part of it all

Our neighbor seems happy with the project so far, which is nice because it's kinda infringing on her property a bit. But she's always been keen on the improvements we make, so I don't think it'll cause a problem.

Between all his other landscaping projects and regular mowing and stuff, Judd hasn't been able to finish the project this week, but figures on it being completed next Monday or Tuesday, depending on weather. I'll post pictures of the completed product when it's done. I'm so excited!


faithstwin said...

OooOOoOooo!! That'll be cool, dude. And the neighbor you're talking about? Isn't she the [possible] hoarder? I think she would be ok if you suddenly created a small petting zoo in that side bit- take the attention off her collectibles in her back yard...

Faith said...

Seriously! Why does she need all those potted plants??? She's gotten it to the point where she can't even walk around on her (rotting) deck, if she wanted to.

She also has 3 dead lawn mowers in her back yard now. Which makes sense, I suppose, since it IS Where Things Go to Die.

faithstwin said...

Oh! can you re-direct the chipmunks to her yard? Killing two birds with one stone man...

BTW- I told Oldest Sis about that and H was in listening range. I'm afraid the both of them flipped out a bit hearing that you two are responsible for the death of furry cuteness (as far as they are concerned). =/

Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife said...

I can't wait to see the finished product. It's going to be so nice!

I love your color scheme by the way. Especially the red door. I want.

Faith said...

Twin, furry cuteness is all well and good when they aren't undermining the foundation of the goddammed house. If they want to pay to have that fixed in a couple of years, then fine. But I doubt they'll wanna do that. (It's not just about the damned bastards eating our veggies and stuff that we're growing. Seriously, they've done that for years, and we've been dealing with it. Its just that the population has literally EXPLODED in our area this year, and people are having problems with their little chipmunk tunnels causing their houses to not be supported properly. My house trumps their beating hearts. Sorry!)

Stefi, I'm so happy we finally got the colors on the house to a happy place! Just wait until you see the flowers and stuff we're putting in, too. So exciting!