Monday, July 26, 2010

Well, it had to catch up to her sometime.

Hahahaha! The bathroom ninja totally came into the bathroom a minute too early this morning. She caught me while I was still in the stall. It seemed to confuse her, the time I came out, she had visited two other stalls, and hadn't yet settled on which one to use.

No, I'm not joking.

Along that same bathroom vein, on Friday night, Leo and I went to Blue Grotto over in Brookside for dinner. Dinner was great. The beers I had were well-warranted. But when I went to go to the bathroom, I discovered it was a single-use bathroom, and there was already a lady waiting outside for it. She finally got to go in, and I was waiting in the hallway when a couple of other ladies approached. They looked at me, and then one of them said, "Is it not open?" and then pushed on the door. I couldn't help giving her a WTF? look. I'm sorry, I just couldn't. And then I said, "Oh no...I just like it out here. It's nice. And it smells good. ::inhales deeply::" She looked at me with a little confusion, and then laughed politely. And then the chick that was in the bathroom came out, and I went in and that was that.

But seriously, WTF???


faithstwin said...

Ahhh- ninja needs additional training it seems...

I've never seen someone try a door while someone is standing in front of it obviously waiting. I mean, I've been asked 'is someone in there?' which always seems dumb...but to have them try the door? Der.

This morning while waiting to get my blood drawn I witnessed a dude trying to get into a bathroom obviously already occupied. That's bad too. Sitting in a bathroom hearing someone try the door- then try it again... and then again. FUCK! Its being USED already people.

Faith said...

I think it's a confusing door, because it doesn't have a knob on it, so it looks like it's a regular multi-stall bathroom.

I guess I need to look into my waiting-for-the-bathroom stance. Apparently it looks more like a skulking-just-outside-the-bathroom-door stance. Perhaps if I was hopping from foot to foot, it would help the simple minded folk a bit better.

faithstwin said...

Well, now, you present a vision I have found myself thinking in certain situations.

I think a place with multi-stalls should have at least 3 chicks (dudes, for those paying attention to opposite sex sitch's) on the 'placard' on the door when there are multiple stalls. If there is only one toilet, one sink, NO DIVIDERS, there should be only one persona on the placard, no?...

Now- when it comes to that 'clever' place that uses an alternate name (subsequently pictures!) to help us figure out where to go? One 'Chica/Chola/Camperee' will do (vs the Chico/Cholo/Camperoo, BTW) vs the multiple picture we might find, hmmm?

Ok, ok... I'll figure out how it should be done for those of us intellectuals using pictures along with words.

Nope. You can do it on your own. Never mind.

In any case, I find you have a new area you should focus on: single vs. multi. It is needed, dude.

GB, RN said...

The only time I've ever been to the Blue Grotto, me and my friend were treated to a show of one of the bartenders playing stink-finger with his overly drunk, way obnoxious, and cougarish-looking girlfriend. Right at the bar.

I haven't been back since.