Friday, August 27, 2010

3 couches in 5 years...that's pretty normal, right?

When Leo first moved in around 6 years ago, I had this HUGE sectional in my living room...built for lounging and entertaining a large group. Which I had done exactly once in my 1.5 years in the house at that point. (The entertaining, I mean. Not the lounging. Lots of lounging was done, fo sho.) It was a hatefully huge couch that I didn't measure well for prior to going out and purchasing it. Getting rid of it about a year and a half later was a blessing!

We replaced it with what we thought was The Couch That Would Stand the Test of Time AND Our Asses. Got it at Crate & Barrel. Spent a fair amount on it. It looked great, fit well in the living room, and was lovely for napping.

But, unfortunately, it did NOT Stand the Test of Our Asses. It seemed to break down, comfort-wise, pretty quickly. It felt lumpy and thin at the same time, somehow, and we wound up not liking the material as much as we thought we would. Here's a semi-decent shot of it from back around Christmas of 2007, I think...
Anyway, we started a search for a new couch a while back, and finally found one at Thomasville that suited our needs and our budget pretty well. We ordered it back at the beginning of June, and it finally came in this week! We cleared out the old sofa, and Leo went to town cleaning it up so we could try to sell it. Fortunately, we have a friend who has a shop space that he could store it in, and we split the earnings with him 60/40 if he could sell it for us on CraigsList. We wound up getting way more than I expected from it, so the whole thing worked out much better than planned.
And here's the new couch!
These are just crappy cell pone pics from the day it was delivered, mind you. I'll get better ones this weekend and update this post after I load them. We love the size of it, and how it looks in the room. And the cushions are pretty high right now...not sure if they'll settle over time, but we love the difference in how they feel compared to the old sofa. That sofa was the kind that swallowed your ass every time you sat down in it. I had to rock myself forward to get up off the damned thing, and I may be fat, but that was ridiculous. (Leo had to do it, too, and he's tall and skinny!) The higher profile seats on this new sofa make us feel so much better supported, and comfortable. It's awesome!

This is literally the most exciting thing that's happened to me since Havasu popped up. ::sigh:: This week has been a killer, though, so I'll take the "excitement" of a boring ol' couch delivery, really! I'm so glad it's Friday! I have another story to share later, too, so keep an eye open for that...

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statia said...

Furniture is just not meant to last the way it used to. You're totally just paying markup on the brand name shit.

Though, I will say, we have the same C&B couch, with the leather chair and a half to match and they've both held up remarkably well, especially with two kids who live to pile drive them all the live long day. The nusuede is a bit dingier, since I wash it frequently, and the back cushions are a little saggier, but after three years, it's better than it could be. I don't know that I'd buy it again, I think I won't buy "good" furniture until the kids go off to college. And this fine piece, should we buy new family room furniture, will make its way down to the basement to live out as rec room furniture.