Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're all experts, every one of us.

A coworker just asked me if I'd had a chemical peel on my face, or something.


I feel so pretty now.

I'm trying not to get worked up about MM's latest post. If you haven't read it yet, get yer ass on over there! I liked the 1st was news to me, so it was interesting.

But the 2nd bit? ::shaking head in sadness:: Just, no. And of course, commenters are spewing opinions (including me! So don't think I'm pointing fingers here, or anything), and even trying to tell me what my opinion would be in different scenarios. I effing hate that.

If you know anything about PPD, please get over there and share. (Twin, I posted some info about your own PPD issues, just to warn you. I can ask MM to delete it if you need me to...just let me know. I was bothered, and posted in the heat of the comment moment, so I feel bad about that now. Sorry! :S)


faithstwin said...

I can't believe someone would ask you something like that! How the hell did you respond? A smack on the face, open palmed, full force? Jeezy!

What a thing to say to someone...

Faith said...

Well, she's the same chick that invited me to that pampered chef party at her house that one time a couple of months ago, that then complimented me on my hair...she and I have talked openly about my surgery, so I guess maybe it seemed like a normal question to her when she asked it? Not sure.

It was a little offensive. But since I was only gone for 2 work days, and she might not've noticed, I can see how she might not've realized it was a sun burn on my nose. ::sigh:: The melasma is ridiculous. I can't do anything but wait until it gets lighter again. Which should happen sometime in, oohh...October, or so.

Canis Majoris said...

Uh, good job, Faith! Send me to a blog that is going to totally piss me off! :) My sister suffered horribly from PPD. Fortunately, in her case, her rage/emotions/angst, etc was directed at her husband instead of her babies, and he understood that there was a severe hormone imbalance causing it, so they were able to survive it.