Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I haven't had a vacation since February.

Is that a normal amount of time, do you think? Aside from the week off I took for recovery from the boob reduction, I haven't had a vacation-vacation since February, when Leo and I went to Vegas for a few days. Of course, there have been little holidays here and there since then...4th of July, Memorial Day, and that sort of thing. But it's definitely time for a vacation where I travel someplace, and relax, and possibly drink a little too much here and there...

So when the Twin mentioned Havasu (as in Lake Havasu, AZ) in the comments of a post a couple of weeks ago, I got on it. At first I thought that I hadn't been invited because my family wanted to go withOUT Aunt Faith along for the ride. But that proved to be just my sensitivity poking at me (what? I have a sensitive side, ok?), and it turned out my brother just hadn't mentioned anything to me because he didn't think I'd wanna come all that way just for a weekend trip.

On the contrary, I prefer the weekend trips. I don't use up a bunch of vacation days when I do them, and as far as I'm concerned, it's perfect going someplace for 3 nights if you're paying for hotel and car rental, and stuff. So he told me to come along, then!

I am SOOOOO excited. We used to go to Havasu for vacations starting when we were kids. Dad eventually just started storing our boat out there after we moved off the mountain (we lived in Lake Arrowhead, CA when Twin and I were in junior high), so it would be ready to go whenever we needed some lake time.

I remember when we used to go out there, and the blistering heat would slap us with a full body "howdy do!" every time we left an air conditioned space. We stayed at a hotel called the Pioneer a couple of times that we went out there, and my favorite thing was staying up late, and getting a brownie fudge sunday for dessert from room service (late being 9:30-ish, or so...I was 12, or something), and finding a fun sandbar to hang out on up the river a bit the next day, away from the crowds around the London Bridge. Ooh! Or getting salt water taffy from the shop right by the one side of the bridge, where you could watch it being made through a big plate glass window.

The last time we went out there together, I was about 24, and it was a couple of months after mom had passed away. We talked dad into heading out there so we could all try to forget about the pain, and enjoy some time together in a way that didn't exclusively involve grieving, and hanging around the house. Besides, the boat had been sitting in storage for close to 10 years at that point...we really needed to see if it was ok/still existing! And it was. It was dusty, and there were some spiders (surprisingly few, though), but it was there. We cleaned it up, and got the engine back in working order, and got back out on the lake. It really was a good time.

But I'd forgotten about the heat. Good GOD, the heeeaaaat! This is what this weekend is looking like:

It's a dry heat, but regardless, those temps are pretty pervasive when you're out in them for extended periods of time. I told Leo that there are a few ways to survive heat like that, and still be happy...

1. You keep moving in the boat. Wind in your face, scenery whipping by...it's pretty hard to be bothered by the heat when you have that going on!

2. Then you get wet. Just park the boat, and get in the watahhh. Aahhh.....

3. Then you just stay wet. You wrap yourself in a towel, and that gets wet, and eventually you dry off again because, well...see above about the heat. It's like being in a big clothes dryer on high for hours at a time! So when you dry off, you get wet again! Lather, rinse, repeat.

And then getting dressed for dinner in the cool AC'd hotel room feels so nice after a day of skin tightening from the sun and wet/dry back and forthness.

Basically, the 112 degree days have their positive sides, too, is all I'm sayin'.

I'm really, really excited. Oh, and there WILL be pictures! We don't leave until Friday, mind you, so this isn't my last post for the week, or anything...I'm just getting all riled up and excited, so I figured posting about it would help. WOOHOO! (Guess it didn't help much, after all. Shoot.)


faithstwin said...

*sigh* you and older sister have worse memories than I do when it comes to the times we went to the river... the last time we went before the nice time after Mom died was when we were 18 or so. When our brother had thatr little drinking-too-much mishap? I brought my boyfriend along and we all got stuck on the sandbar?

Looking for photos of that right now. I may have to go into storage to get it but that's no problem. People must have illustration to go with the story (that you will tell once I find the pics and scan them.)


Faith said...

That sounds like a plan, dude.

I totally blanked on the timing of that trip. I remember that it happened, of course, but I just tend to think that the last time we'd been there before the time after mom died was 10 years prior. Probly because of how long the boat had been in storage...I always remember thinking that it had been an EPIC amount of time. When really, it had only been 6 years. :/

Canis Majoris said...

Sweet!!! Lake Havasu is beautiful!!! And, sorry, but 112 degrees is hot with or without humidity! Have fun. Can't wait to see pics.

faithstwin said...

yes, yes... pics of people melting can be highly entertaining. =p