Thursday, August 05, 2010

I like Mexican food. (I like ALL food really!) (Well, except for Indian food. Just not my thing...)

Me: “I think I’m going to try those new cantina tacos from Taco Bell. They look good.”

Leo: “What mama don’t know won’t hurt her!”

Me: …
Me: “Huh?”

Leo: “What mama don’t know won’t hurt her! You can go right ahead and try those tacos, but I don’t need to hear about it. As long as I don’t know you did it, it’s like it never happened.”

Me: ::mild concern that my husband is referring to himself as 'mama':: “Well, they have completely identifiable food items in them. I think they can’t be all that bad!”

Leo: “Look, if you want diarrhea, go right ahead and eat ‘em.”

Me: “I always have diarrhea! I’m totally trying them. Likely on Friday.”

Leo: ::groaning and then laughing, because he knows it’s true about the shitting:: “Yeah, well, whatever. You do what you want.”

Me: “I WILL. At about 11:30 a.m., you can go ahead and picture me driving through the drive-thru line at Taco Bell. MAMA.”

When Leo and I were first going out, he told me stories about his sordid past and how it included a stint in a Taco Bell kitchen when he was in high school. Suffice it to say, I haven’t eaten at Taco Bell since we started dating, which was over 5 years ago. I kind of gave up all drive-thru food at the time, really. I eventually allowed myself a return to McDonald’s, and when I’m in California, I have been known to eat at a Carl’s Jr., or El Pollo Loco, but it’s rare when it happens. I ate McDonald’s last week, and that should hold me over for another month or two, really. (It’s the fries that get me. I’m one of those people that just absolutely adore their fries!) (Which Leo says he doesn’t understand, btw. He’s broken in some ways, I think. I blame his upbringing.)

But those cantina tacos look pretty good to me! So I figure it can’t hurt to try ‘em.

For the record, if Gavino’s (at 83rd and Metcalf) were closer to work, I’m pretty sure I’d be eating there a least 3 times a week for lunch, and Taco Bell truly wouldn’t even enter my mind as an option. As it is, Leo and I tend to eat there at least once every weekend, so maybe it’s a good thing it’s as far away as it is! I mean, I can only bust my ass so much at the gym.

Speaking of busting ass, I’m down to 32.5% body fat. Two months ago, right before the boob surgery, I was down to 34.3%, so the drop is nice to see. My waist is still only down 3 inches, which sucks, but we’ve been working on that. (It’s at 44” right now.) I’m down to 210 pounds, which is frustrating in some ways because it’s been there for over 2 months now, but it’s still nice that I’ve gotten down from the almost 220 pounds I weighed in February. And thanks to the body fat measuring, I know that it’s more lean body mass than it used to be, so I’m on the right track. Just gotta wait for that lean body mass to help burn more fat, now. ::sigh:: And of course, I have to keep building more lean body mass to help that out.

Slow and painful. That’s what it’s all about.

And then you reward yourself with a couple of cantina tacos now and then. (And maybe a beer.)


Logtar said...

Loved Casa Paloma, will have to try Gavinos next time I am in KC

Nuke said...

Your blog fucking ate my comment.

Oh well, short version is if you haven't gone don't! Makes the Gordita look like a work of culinary art.

Faith said...

Aw, man! Maybe it was the Taco Bell you went to that sucked, and not so much the actual product, Nuke?

::sigh:: Leo will be happy to hear your commentary, though. ::kicks dirt::

Faith said...

Oh, and Logtar, YES. Definitely give it a try next time you're in town. No joke, the carnitas burritos are all just wonderful. So, sooo good!

JJSKCK said...

I didn't think they were totally dreadful.

The steak was best of the bunch (over carnitas and chicken). Nothing special, but for drive-thru food it was pretty good. Same ingredients as a typical Mexican taco - thin double corn tortilla, meat, chopped onion, cilantro, and even a little lime wedge tucked into a foil wrap.

And in terms of calories, you'll be pleased to know each steak taco comes in at...160.

faithstwin said...

I haven't seen those offered here in SoCal yet- but then we rarely go thru Taco Shmell these days. But after what JJSKCK said, I might see if they are here and any good.

Nice work on the body bit! Maybe I should see if I can't find a personal trainer to work on my sad, pathetic core.

Faith said...

As far as the personal trainer goes, twin, I wouldn't be able to make the changes I've made without one. I just know by now that that's how it is when it comes to me. I need them involved to help keep me accountable and motivated.

So might look into hiring one. Can't hurt!

Nuke said...

OK my Taco Bell DOES suck so that may have played a big part. Here is my longer review. Similar concept to more authentic taco places.

I have never really cared for the unfried corn tortillas, but I can make do when the overall product is good. These shells were shredded, both shells on all 3 tacos.

The filling while tasty was a very stingy serving size. I realize they wouldn't be as full of kickass stuff as the picture but they were half what I expected and 2/3s less than other places.

The lime was good, but pointless without tequila to wash away the bitter taste of failure.