Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If you just wanted to lay down again, why didn't you stay in bed???

Dehydration is no joke. I am a walking mass of dried skin, organs that don’t appear to be able to absorb water, and general tiredness. The tiredness is getting better as I sleep more regularly every day. But the peeing and the dry skin are still in nightmare mode right now. My face itches! And I’m tired of peeing every 30 minutes. ABSORB, SKIN AND OTHER ORGANS! ABSORB!!!

So I’ll tell you a story about our trip to take my mind off of it. One that involved the plane travel, because it wouldn’t be a proper trip without something to complain about, now would it? Noooo.

We flew out in the middle of the day on Friday. It was a full flight, as most are when it comes to traveling to Vegas, so Leo and I found our seats in front of the exit row, and settled in for the 3 hour flight.

There was an attractive couple sitting in the seats in front of us. Leo noted that they were excessive PDA-ers…I couldn’t see it so much from my vantage point, so I was lucky. All I noticed was that I liked the lady’s dress…it was pretty. I wished I had one.

About halfway through the flight, the man in front of Leo decided he wanted to put his seat back, but was apparently too retarded to figure out how to do it. He kept pushing back and pushing back, and basically shaking the whole seat around like a monkey. I finally said, “Sir! Excuse me, SIR!” And he stopped. Then he must’ve found the button that makes the seat go back. DUH. He promptly settled it into its ever so comfy position on my poor husband’s knees, and relaxed. Good for him. ::roll eyes::

A few minutes later, he started pushing at the lower part of the back of his seat, shoving it even further into Leo’s knees. He kept shoving it and shoving it, and I was saying, “Excuse me, sir? Please stop!” But he wasn’t paying any attention to me. He just kept shoving back like a moron…I really didn’t understand what he was after. It was odd and rude. I offered to change seats with Leo, but he said he was fine. He wasn’t fine, though…he was PISSED. He’s just difficult like that at times. So I just let it go.

A couple of more minutes passed and the dumbass in front of Leo started wiggling around again, jamming his seat back into Leo over and over again, he finally turned to look through the seat space at me and said, “His foot, or something, is in my back.” I leaned forward and said, “He’s 6 foot 3, sir. His KNEES are in your back. How the hell would his FOOT be all the way up here?” And I might’ve called him a moron under my breath when he turned back around. Maybe.

After another couple of minutes, he put his seat back up, realizing that the 2 extra inches of back recline wasn’t worth having something (you know, those pesky knees that belonged to the person behind him, and all) poking into his back for the duration of the trip.

Personally, I never recline my seat on planes. I don’t see the goddammed point. It only takes away from the person’s space behind you, and likely makes it so they’re breathing right down your neck, literally. I don’t need a stranger’s hot breath on my shoulder, neck, or head, thank you very much. I strongly dislike being even 1 foot from the person behind me, but I have to deal with it for the duration of any flights I get on to go from point A to point B. So to recline into that space and making it smaller? It’s idiotic, IMO.

The funnest part of it all was that those same assholes were on our flight back with us on Monday. Joy. At least we were aware of what kind of fucktards they were, and found seats on the opposite side of the plane from them. (In the exit row this time…behind another exit row that only had 2 seats, where Leo could stretch his legs and not have anyone in front of him. Yay!)

Can someone please just invent the teleportation machine, already? GOD.


faithstwin said...

I've consulted with the G-man on the teleportation sitch and He assures me that it would be a giant mess if we ever figured it out.

Talk about having a knee in your back... you would literally end up with a KNEE in your BACK. Probably your own!

::shaking head:: NOT good, Twin.

You, however, are welcome to fly with me any time so I can use your balls to tell the shithead in front of me their what for when it comes to reclining into my slight 5'5" frame.

christinag said...

Hmm, I think it was on the last Delta flight I took, but the seats didn't so recline BACK so much, as the seat slid slightly forward, so although you were leaning back, you were also the one losing the 'leg space'. It was actually very comfortable!