Monday, August 09, 2010

Kind of a movie review: Kick Ass

That movie was...not what I was expecting. I know it's been a while since it was out in theaters, but people who've seen it, too, let me know if you were surprised at all when it came to the actual content of the movie compared to the ads you saw for it when it was out.

The thing is, it's not like I read all the synopses of movies when they come out, or what have you. Or reviews, or anything like that. I tend to watch a movie based on the ads for it, and the actors in it, and the storyline involved.

But I was so. dead. wrong. about what Kick Ass entailed! I thought it was supposed to be a kids' movie, to be honest! I really thought it was just a goofy Disneyfied kids-as-superheroes kind of flick that would be fun for a Sunday night.

And then there was blood. And gore. And mobsters. And a LOT of the word "motherfucker". ::shocked face::

Don't get me wrong! This was a pleasant surprise for me, overall. Cussing doesn't offend me! And the mobsters made sense in the context of the film, and were kind of a surprising element, really, so that was nice.

But, I could just see parents allowing their 12 year olds to go and see this film when it was out in theaters, and renting it now for fun because it's what they do on a Friday night, and just being completely sideswiped with the violence and sex and the 11 year old running around calling people cunts. Just sayin'.

Am I the only one that had this surprised reaction to this movie? Because between this, and the whole "Democrats are voting, too?" thing last week, I'm starting to feel a little body-snatched. Maybe I have a virus eating away at my brain...

By the way, LOVED the movie. It was fun, and entertaining, and kept me on the edge of my seat at times. I'd recommend it...for people over the age of 15, or so, anyway. Depending on the kid, of course. ;)


Nuke said...

I effing LOVED the movie as well, so did my girlfriend. I knew what I was in for as I was familiar with the concept from its Comic Book roots. Lilly in the other hand, like you, underestimated the violence/language/etc.

I agree tho, that the marketing was off for this one. The purple haired girl, the kid in the green tights, the doofyness, if you didn't notice the R rating I can easily see surprises in store.

I get it on netflix tomorrow, and expect to watch it several times before returning.

PS: The actress playing Hit Girl did a great job, and is appearing in the American remake of "Let The Right One In" which is a great foreign vampire movie (warning tho it's disturbing, NOT faux sexy like Twilight).

Faith said...

I loved the little girl that played Hit Girl. LOVED. She's got an awesome career ahead of her if that's how she can act at age 10, or whatever. Amazing.

Hahahahaha at "faux sexy"! :D

Stephen said...

The only KICK-ASS digital extras are available on iTunes Movies, download KICK-ASS and get them for free!

Faith said...


Stephen, if you actually read my blog, you'd know I fucking HATE Apple. So fuck your iTunes sales pitch, douche.

Nuke said...

I thought Hit Girl stole the show. I looked her up on IMDB afterwords, and found out I had seen her in other stuff. They were small roles and she did well, but this one let her stretch and show what she had.

And it should be in my mailbox when I get home!