Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Politics suck as much as Apple does.

I went to vote yesterday, like the dutiful Republican that I am (now and then), and wound up getting snickered at, condescended to, and then most of the people I chose to vote for didn’t even win, so that sucked.

First off, no one told me that the polling place had been moved from where I’ve been going for, oh, 6 years now. So I headed out early before work only to get thoroughly confused when there weren’t any signs and/or people at my usual location. I decided to look it up when I got to the office, and found where I’m supposed to go now, and headed there after work instead.

When I walked in the door, a lady handed me a green piece of paper and pointed me in the direction of the table I was supposed to approach to get signed in. The green paper had instructions about the voting machines they use, and told me that basically they would time out if I let them sit idle for 20 minutes or more, so I made a mental note to wait until I got in my car to take my 5:35 p.m. nap, and NOT while I was voting, if at all possible.

I got up to the table and overheard the check-in lady telling the man in front of me that they had combined two districts, and that was why our polling place had moved. I said, “Oooh! That makes sense. I went to my old one this morning because I didn’t know about the change.” Apparently, this lady has Apple customer service training, because she held up a purple mailing card and said, “They sent these out 3 weeks ago to alert those affected.” I guess it didn’t occur to her that maybe some of us didn’t get those cards like we were supposed to. “We didn’t receive ours, apparently,” I told her. “Well, they were sent out 3 weeks ago.” Um, yeah…great. DIDN’T GET OURS IN THE MAIL, LADY! GOD. (Sometimes, I wish people really could hear the shit I’m yelling at them from inside my head. I think I’d have more of a personal buffer zone if that were the case. I like a nice, big buffer zone around me at all times…)

So in order to sign in, I had to give her my name, which I did. ”Smith. Faith…” So she’s looking, and looking, and then she comes across the names. “Leo?” “Um, no…Faith. That’s my husband.” ::confused over the fact that Leo is listed, as well as why the lady just ignored my saying my GIRLISH first name 2 seconds prior:: “Wait…I thought this was just a Republican primary? Democrats are voting today, too?” The lady next in line behind me snickers, and the check-in lady confirms that it is, indeed, a primary for both parties.

Huh. Well, I guess the Democrat side must not be all that important, because all I’ve seen on the Kansas side are ads for Republican folks vying for spots in Kansas legislature of some sort or another! It honestly didn’t even occur to me that Democrats were voting as well. And this is why I hate politics. Well, this, along with all the dirty, fucked up political shit that goes along with it.

Oh, and the lady who snickered behind me? Yeah, she got a mental taco kick from my pointy heels, thankyouverymuch. Like the yelling I wish people could hear, I also wish they could see me flipping them off and kicking their crotchetal regions as well. Fucking old bag asshole…

So I voted (without falling asleep even once, mind you!), and then went home, and woke up this morning to see that maybe 2 out of the what? 9 or 10 candidates I’d chosen had actually won. It was stellar. ::sigh::

I hate politics.


Anonymous said...

In defense of the polling station bluehairs ... if they are as old as the bluehairs who (wo)man the polling station on my side of the state line, you gotta cut them some slack. They're all like 88 years old, get confused easily, and are hard of hearing. Oh, and I'm sure they think that if they were able to get pony express packages when they were little girls, then surely you must have received your purple postcard and you just forgot. :)

Faith said...

If she were that old, I would totally have excused it! But she wasn't. She was in her 60's, max. She just was tired of being there, I bet. Plus she probly just came to the conclusion that I was likely just an asshole that doesn't read her mail, or something. Like I'm irresponsible, perhaps. But do irresponsible people vote in primaries? I think not. THAT should've been her clue.

I'm still pissed about that lady snickering behind me when I figured out the whole democrats-could-vote-too thing. That was just mean. :(