Monday, August 23, 2010

Updating for the sake of updating...

This shouldn't be news to anyone who read regularly, but I've been a total slacker when it comes to adjusting and posting the photos we took from our vacation a week ago. I don't have any good excuses (plus, excuses are for pussies...just own up, yo!), except that my days have consisted of me working from 8 - 5, getting home at about 5:30, lying comatose until dinner, eating dinner, and then watching TV for an hour before giving up and going to bed at about 8:30.

And then I slept until 10:30 on Saturday, and 11 on Sunday. If that gives you any clue to how tired I still was when the weekend arrived. At least I got in to the gym finally on Saturday and Sunday! That made me feel slightly less sloggish, I guess.

So my plan for tonight is to go home and set to work on those photos immediately while Leo works on dinner. It doesn't take long, really. I've just not been in any kind of mood to get on the computer when I get home, I suppose. So I'll force it. Because I love sharing, and that's what photos of vacation are all about...the sharing.

This is boring, eh? ::sigh:: My mojo is all run out! And nothing overly exciting happened over the weekend, except that Leo and I went to that Revival furniture store down on Metcalf at 90th to look for a new side table for the guest bedroom. And everyone was quiet in there except for an older couple that passed by me as I sat at the coolest game table EVAR (I totally want it...for my non-existant game room), and the lady was saying, "...The only place to put it would be in front of the bookcase, and that makes no sense." The man had no reply to that because, really, it doesn't make any sense, and I don't even know those people.

I also got in a fight with a friend about USC not being elligible for the BCS this year, and how he feels it's because they are "cheaters" when I disagree and feel it's simply because a player they had on their team 5 effing years ago broke some rules, and the school is the place that had to pay dearly for it. "Yeah, breaking the rules = cheating." Um, but the school didn't break the rules...a player that was there for a couple of years did. And they didn't cheat at playing ball. "Faith, breaking the rules IS cheating." Whatever. I disagree with that, and he knows it. Why he keeps bringing it up is beyond me. He was being a total dick, and if he's going to continue behaving like that, he's seriously going to lose two of the last friends he has in his life. I don't understand why people pick fights with people they love over something they don't even give two shits about. It really makes me question his sanity at times, to be honest.

Anyway, I hope to become less boring over the next few days. Cross your fingers for me!


faithstwin said...

That's too bad about Old Friend. Maybe he is getting a bit senile? Or you are witnessing how a person becomes crochety in their old age? You usually meet those types after they've been crochety for a while...

Yeah- you need to update with pics NOW. I can't believe I have literally ONE picture from the trip in my new camera and it was of a niece doing some stupid dance move. Besides, I'd like to see what I missed that last day when everyone went up the river and I stayed behind because you know, I hate boats and don't enjoy hanging with my family at ALL... I'd better stop before I get myself in trouble, huh?

Faith said...

We didn't really take any pictures when we went up the river, though. There was video being taken, but not really any photos. The boat was moving too fast, I was holding the flag, and Leo was out on the float, so the camera stayed in the drawer unfortunately! I'm sorry dude.

Most of our pics are kinda boring, too. Just us on the beach, or of people in the water, and that sort of crap. We're terrible at sight seeing, apparently! :)

Old Friend just gets side tracked at times with his crotchetiness, I think. I need to refuse to get engaged in it, is all. I wanted to get up and leave at one point on Saturday, but Leo wouldn't let me. In the future, I'll just walk away from it to get my point across, or something. Hopefully, it won't happen again.