Monday, August 09, 2010

::waves hands about while screaming in frustration::

OMG!!! It isn't that tough, folks. If someone has their turn signal on, it's an indication that they need to get over into your lane. If you are behind them and can see the blinking light? You have to let them over!!! It's illegal not to. ILLEGAL*. Fucking tools.

It's not even like it would slow you down much, either. So don't be a cow. Let the person in, and move on with your life.

But clearly, you're more satisfied with creating a traffic hazzard. Because, oh hey! That person STILL needs to get the fuck over, and now you've caused them to have to slow down to try to get over behind you!!! Assholes.

Now I'm in a bad mood. Bah.

*I've checked the driving rules for Kansas, and Googled it in general, and haven't found anything specific to the laws here in Kansas with regards to legality of passing someone who has indicated they need to get over into the lane you're in. I know that in California, it's illegal to pass someone who has their signal on. If you're in a spot where you can see the rear blinker showing their desire to move over, you have to slow down a bit, and let them in. (Even bigrigs. ::groan::) I would figure it's the same here in Kansas, but I might be wrong. It should be the same, though. But regardless, it's just douchey, if nothing else.


Ms. Pants said...

If someone has the reflexes to speed up when they see my blinker, they have the reflexes to slow down when I come over.

Of course, I also attended the "Incredibly Aggressive So Suck My Ass School of Driving."

Fred Sanford said...

Sorry, it just depends. For example...

The yahoo who who has just gone from 55 to 80 mph from a quarter mile behind me in order to cut across my bow at the last minute? Nope; slow down and turn behind me.

The nitwit who spends all their time on a cell phone/stuffing their mouth/jamming on their iPod/etcetcetc only to come out of the haze and realize they need to be in my lane NOW in order to make a turn? Nope, slow down and turn behind me.

In fact, consider the issue, it turns out I have little or no empathy for anyone who finds they need to move from another lane ahead of me NOW because it points to piss poor planning and driving on their part. Morover I feel if I yield I am encouraging dangerous driving habits.

Start as you mean to go on, that's what I always say...

Nuke said...

In both of your cited cases Fred, I would agree. But in general traffic, say we just merged roadways, or a rare left side exit is approaching, or even just after somebody came on and the ramp is disappearing I say drop a damn mile per hour or so.

When I am ahead of people in the other lanes, doing the speed limit, and have a clear spot and adequate view of other drivers I deserve to get over. Unfortunately as soon as the signal comes on some jackholes speed up because courtesy and rules of the road mean less to them than being in front of 1 more person. It's a "me first" attitude taken to cartoonish levels.

Faith said...

Yeah, I'd tend to agree with you, too, Fred, except my planning this morning wasn't poor so much as THWARTED BY EVIL. I tried moving over 3 times, and the 1st time I had plenty of time before my upcoming turn. But douchebag wasn't having it. Then we came up on a red light. So I thought I'd find an opening after we all started up, but NO. Douchebag #2 was apparently in their own world and was all, "Oh, you want to get over? Oh, fuck you...I have a breakfast appointment I have to get to at 8:30..." GAH! By the time the 3rd person full-out IGNORED my turn signal and flailing arms of desperation, I had HAD IT. I had to put on my brakes in a significant way, and FINALLY found a window to get over behind that 3rd asshole.

But again, had I been on a cell phone, or doing anything other than simply trying to get to work on time while rockin' out to some Ben Fold's, I'd have kept the commentary to myself! :D

As it was, I was entering the parking lot behind the CEO, so I figure if I got here at the same time as him? I was good to go.

Faith said...

Um, Folds. Just "Folds".

It's Monday. It's MONDAY! I fucking HATE Mondayyy....

Canis Majoris said...

Ohhhhh. Is that why old geezers always drive with a blinker on?? They just don't want someone to pass them! Thanks for clearing that up for me. :)

Dan said...

It's a situational thing. Factors in favor of letting someone over:
1. non-obvious obstruction blocking their lane, like a broken down car.
2. plates that indicate they are not from around here, and thus might not have been able to anticipate the need.
3. I'm in a good mood.

Factors against:
1. Johnson County plates.
2. Expensive, imported car.
3. Failure to get over early.
4. Republican bumper stickers.
5. attempt to drive up to the start of the bottleneck before moving over.
6. I'm in a pissy mood.

Faith said...

Ok, see...I don't understand why anyone would want to purposely obstruct the flow of traffic at all. We're all just trying to get somewhere, you know? It doesn't matter to me if someone is driving a Hummer, or a $100,000 mercedes, or a beater that should have been junked 15 years ago...if they have to get over, I let them over. It's not like they're intentionally trying to make my life difficult! They need to get into a different lane! What is the big fucking deal about that?

All these comments about "failure to get over early..." In traffic, how the fuck do you know that the person didn't already attempt to get over plenty early, but was SHUT DOWN because some prejudiced jackass thought they were better at driving than them, or just better at life in general than them, and decided they didn't get to move over today? In the case of my post, it was trafficy. It was a Monday morning, and everyone apparently decided to head south at the same damned time down Nall. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes it's nice and clear. I honestly don't understand the traffic patterns in Leawood, to be honest, but they are what they are. Just because I drive a mutherfucking Infinity (that will have JoCo plates on it as soon as the registration goes through) is a fucking douchey reason to choose not to let me in! If I have my signal on, I'm doing my duty as a driver to alert you that I intend to move over, likely because I need to make an upcoming turn!

What is wrong with you people???

Dan said...

According to your story, you tried to get over at least one intersection before you needed to turn left, so you aren't one of those knuckleheads who waits until a lane ends or something.

As for the prejudice against fancy JoCo cars, that's just the Marxist and Missourian in me. I also don't give breaks to Jayhawk stickers.

In truth, though, I almost always let people over, unless they're pricks who try to get over at the last minute before an obstruction. One problem I've seen, though, is that people aren't aggressive enough. I back off the blind spot and give a wave, but the people still continue on waiting for an engraved invitation or a half block of space. I give them a second or two to get over, but if they don't take the space, I go ahead and pass.

Faith said...

No, that too drives me insane, really. I generally give a fair amount of space for the person with a signal on to move over. But if they don't get to movin' within, say, 3 seconds or so? Then that's just holding up the traffic behind me, so I move up and let them fend for themselves!

It's all just about using common sense, really. Which is what this here blog is all about. :D

Xavier Onassis said...

I'm with Fred and Dan. Few things piss me off more than those douchebags that see the sign a quarter mile before the lane closing but insist on speeding up to the last possible spot and forcing themselves in ahead of everybody else.

Oh, and I'm almost 100% certain that no one in Kansas or Missouri is legally required to let someone switch lanes just because they signal. That might be the law in Pelosiland, but we don't play that shit up in here!

In God's Country, a turn signal is a polite way of asking "Please, may I change lanes now? Do I have your permission?"

Here in Missouri, the answer will be "no" about 50% of the time.

In Johnson County, the answer is "FUCK NO, FUCKER! FUCK YOU!" about 99% of the time.

The other 1% will be due to someone in KS, but with MO plates.