Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are you a knuckle-cracker?

I have a friend online who's apparently in close proximity to a person at work who cracks everything on her body...knuckles, neck, back, etc., all day long. It's driving my friend up a WALL, understandably. (She's asked the person to stop it, but the person doesn't even notice when she does it anymore, it's become such second nature to her.)

It got me to wondering, how/why does someone start to crack their joints like that? I told my friend that I actually remember a friend of mine when I was a kid that was able to do it, and I tried once or twice, but couldn't make it happen. And then my mom advised against it anyway (she told me that once I started, I'd always have to do it from then on), and that was enough to get me to quit trying, I guess.

I have to pop my knees from time to time, because of my stupid plicas I have. Pressure builds up in there, due to no fault of my own, and if I don't pop them, it hurts. The more exercise I do, and strength I build around my knees, though, the better, and they haven't bugged me too much since my diagnosis and initial physical therapy, thanks to that. But still...I have to pop them now and again, and I never thought about how the noise might bother someone around me, so I can kind of see how a consumate knuckle-cracker wouldn't really notice how annoying their habit can be to people around them.

Are you a knuckle-cracker? If you are, has anyone ever said anything to you about it, and have you tried to stop because of that? Or do you just crack away, since there's not much you can do to stop it?


Ms. Pants said...

I'm not a habitual cracker but while reading this, I found myself stretching every which way in order to get things to pop and crack.

See what you did there? I DID IT BECAUSE OF YOU!!!

Faith said...

::cackles quietly to self over the strength in power of suggestion::

Average Jane said...

My wrists pop, but not a zillion times a day or anything.

faithstwin said...

I used to crack my knuckles. But once Mom pointed out the addiction thing, I stopped. How annoying that must be for your friend!