Friday, September 17, 2010

Hole in Your FACE!

Can you lose weight in your ankles, and no place else? Because my shoes are loose on my ankles, and they weren't this loose when I wore them 2 weeks ago. O_o

My favorite thing that keeps happening now and then lately is when I'm working out with my trainer, and we're chatting while I'm doing something evil to my arms, and I notice in the mirror that my left nipple is saying, "Oh, HELLO!" Just the left one, though. And it's always in an impossibly high spot thanks to the way it's shifted in my sports bra, so it's like I have a nipple on the upper part of my boob instead of in a normal, middle of the boob locale.

I shoulda just had them removed while the doctor was at it in June. Just lop 'em right off. And then I'd be all monster boobish with my all boob/no nipple boobs, but I'd never ever have to worry about randomly hard nipples again! Seems like a relatively even trade to me, in the long run. ::shrugs::

I just got off the phone with my brother, after asking him for some help with a football pick 'em game we're doing this year for NFL on Yahoo. When we were finishing up, he was talking about trying to find a good donut place in LA. I told him we have good donuts here in KC, but I can't help him with LA. He said, "What about 'Perfect Donut'? Would you go there for donuts?" I told him no...I wouldn't go to a place like that for donuts. "Why not? What about 'Tasty Donuts'? Should I try that?" I asked him if it was spelled weird, like "tastee" instead of the right way...he said it was spelled normally. I said I'd go there, then. "Why would you pick 'Tasty' over 'Perfect', though?" I told him that it was an ego thing. Striving for perfection is one thing, but just out and out calling yourself perfect? That's just asking for trouble. Then he saw that someone had said that they had the best buttermilk donut they'd ever had there, and he loves buttermilk donuts, so off to Tasty he went!

Which one would you guys pick? And if you had a donut place, what would you call it? I think I'd do something that was more of a play on words, like "Hole in the Wall" or something corny like that. (I'd really love to call it "Hole in Your FACE" but think people might take that wrong. But think about it! You're putting the hole in your face. :D No? C'mon!!!)


Ryan the Girl said...

Ha, I would totally go to Hole in your Face Donuts. mmmm, now I want a donut.

Faith said...

I know! I totally want a donut now, too! Stupid brother...