Thursday, September 30, 2010

I think I'll declare this day "Stupid Day". Come say stupid stuff in my comments section...

Today is clearly stupid day. But for little reasons...

  • I woke up at 4:30 and realized I had slept through the night without getting up. That somehow became a "sign" that I was supposed to sleep more instead of going to work out. Don't ask me why. (I blame Stupid Day! Clearly, that was the kickoff point.)

  • Leo suggested we get a bottle of wine for tonight as I was leaving the house. I looked at him like he was crazy (it's the BSC in me...I can't help it sometimes!), and said, "I need to pack and go to bed early tonight! I have to go see my trainer tomorrow morning at 5, so I will not be drinking any wine, thanks." He admitted it was a silly idea, and I kissed him goodbye and left. (He's pretty much done for the week, since we're leaving for a mini-vaca tomorrow, and he gets to take Friday and Monday off from school, and doesn't have school today. So he had one more homework project to finish and turn in, and then he was free! Yeah, I'M NOT YET.)

  • I had to go to the bank to get more check registers today, because I'm down to the last page in mine. I don't know about everyone else's bank, but at BofA, they have a greeter standing in the lobby to see what everyone needs as they walk in the door. It's a little annoying, but I can see the helpfulness behind it from time to time. Today, no other customers were there, so I was able to just walk right up to the teller and ask for more registers. She gave them to me right away, and I headed out. But the greeter wasn't done with me, apparently. She must've been bored. "Don't you have online banking?" she smilingly asked as I passed her on my way to the door. "Yes, I do. But I write everything down as I spend it. That way, I know that the $25 check I wrote to my neighbor's kid's school a month ago for a fundraiser that hasn't been cashed yet? Yeah, I know that money is gone. But it's NOT gone from my online banking list yet, since they haven't cashed it." And then I walked out. (Neat how technology isn't the answer in every. single. instance., now, isn't it?)

  • There are work examples, too, but I don't feel like getting into them now. It wouldn't be interesting to anyone the way I'd have to describe it, so meh. They suck - just a lil' bit, though - and that's all there is to that.

  • I almost forgot the stupidest point of all! Tony Curtis died last night, as we all know by now (and if you didn't already, then there ya go!), and I'm sad. I'm sad because I went to college my freshman year with his son, Ben. Ben was an awesome guy. He was kind, and funny, and quiet, and handsome, and we all really liked him a lot. It was a small school, so we all knew each other relatively well, and Ben wasn't a stuck up douche or anything that you might expect the son of a Hollywood legend of sorts to be. I doubt he'd remember me at all, but remember him, and I feel sorry for him right now. In looking up some stuff today, I came across the news that his older brother, Nicholas, died of an overdose in 1994. That would've been the year after I left the college we went to together and moved on to Pepperdine, so I had no idea. I just feel bad for the guy. He really liked his dad. And I think it's stupid that I feel so bad about it all. It's perplexing. I haven't seen Ben since I was 19 years old...why does my brain even care at all about what happened? I guess I can chalk it up to the whole degree of separation thing, maybe. I'm only 1 degree from Tony, since I knew his son, right? I dunno. It's stupid...RIP, Mr. Curtis.

So tomorrow Leo and I leave for California, where we're spending the weekend with my family, and going to a wedding in Malibu, and all that good stuff. I'll be away from my computah the entire time, so try not to miss me too much. That'd be stupid, anyway.

Hey! ;)


Ms. Pants said...

I woke myself up laughing night before last because of something that happened in a dream.

And accountants. Stupid. That's all.

Ms. Pants said...

I woke myself up laughing night before last because of something that happened in a dream.

And accountants. Stupid. That's all.

faithstwin said...

I had two *main* thoughts when I saw Mr. Curtis had passed away. First thought? Ben. I didn't even go to SCHOOL with the guy and I still thought of him when I heard the news. Second thought? I had a love/hate relationship with Tony Curtis and his ego. On the one hand, he was so happy to be famous- which is rare these days- and didn't hide his happiness. He had amazing eyes. He had a gorgeous face. He did a double take on Mom in Palm Springs once. I think he loved himself like we tend to love ourselves and it borders in such a way that people might see it negatively whereas we see it in a positive light. His 'ego' makes me smile.

Ms. Pants- if you have always done your own tax shit and suddenly need an accountant like I do? It is an awful feeling, but I'd rather need an accountant than be living on $800/month like I was last year. =/

I've ALWAYS done my own taxes. Even while I owned a biz. Letting someone else do it is hard for me to accept. But it is a necessary evil at this stage in the game.

Looking forward to Faith and Leo visiting like by THIS much! *Holding hands as far apart as they can go!!!*