Friday, September 24, 2010

Is it bad when the neurologist forgets about you in the exam room?

I had an annual visit with my neurologist this week. It went well. He had some good suggestions for how to deal with my mild anxiety I've been experiencing, and he was pleased that the treatment for my cluster headaches is doing well. (Not as pleased as I am, but still! It's nice when things are working, so I'd imagine he'd prefer to hear that a patient is happy vs. getting all kids of other random patient issues thrown at him, a la Dr. Grumpy.)

I also took the opportunity to ask him WTF the little evil-looking satan guy in my brain was, because I'd forgotten to do it last year when I was in the middle of a neurologist shuffle in his office (my original doctor left the practice before I was fully diagnosed and medicated, so I had to switch to this current one instead, and it was all a little bit much, thanks to the severe pain in my head that accompanied everything at the time), so I pulled up the photos on my phone, and showed him saying, "What IS this, do you know? It showed up in one of my MRI pictures from last May..."

I don't know who's new around here, and who isn't, so here are the photos again for your viewing pleasure:
The doctor was all, "What? I don't see..." And so I was all, "Um, the little devil dude in the middle?" I zoomed in a bit for him.
And he just started laughing, and then got a confused look on his face, and he said, "I don't know!" I asked him if that was in everyone's brain, or if it was just a random part of mine, because it actually explained a lot if it's just my brain. Which made him laugh again. "It's probably fluid, really. It just must've caught it at an odd time in the MRI."

That the fluid would reflect in a manner that looks so devilish is absolutely fascinating to me. And I still prefer my own satan-lives-in-my-brain theory, to be honest. Really, he's not so bad. Could be worse, I'd think. ::shrugs::


faithstwin said...

To answer the title question: yes. It sucks when they forget you are in the room. It has only happened to me once and when I came out almost every light in the office was out and no one was around. The receptionist told me everyone had gone to lunch. (That was a pediatrician when youngest was a baby...)

Now that I look at the little dude in your brain he looks more like he wears an expression of, "How the hell did I get in here? HELP! I'm trapped!"

Glad it brought the doc a laugh, though.

Faith said...

Yeah, I've always looked at it as being like all, "aaaahhhhh..." like kinda quietly, and looking around wondering what the hell happened to him.

I'd imagine my brain to be a pretty confusing place, even for a horned-satan-dude. :D

I heard the doc talking to someone in the next room, and he was supposed to just be writing my updated Rx and then coming back. So after 10 mins, I poked my head out, the nurse saw me, and I was all, "Um, I'm sorry...I kinda need to get to the office..." And my doc said, "OH! I'm sorry!" And the guy he was talking to said it was his fault for distracting him. It was fine. They're nice people, so I forgive 'em.

Not as bad as me finding a leftover burger from Monday night's dinner in the cupboard on Wednesday morning. Apparently, Leo had gotten the two leftover patties out for lunch on Tuesday, then put the one back into the tupperware container, and into the cupboard after he had retrieved the one he wanted for his lunch. ::scratching head:: The fuck?

faithstwin said...

hahahaa... brain damage left over from the drugs...

I went to make myself a turkey sandwich last week and couldn't find the turkey for the life of me. I ended up [utting all the supplies back into their place and found the turkey after all: on the counter where I had left it after making one of the girls a sandwich that a.m. Almost a half pound wasted. Gah!

emawkc said...

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he was just brain fluid.

Faith said...

I can just hear the evil laugh now, Emaw...Mwahahahaha!

That devil...such a bastard sometimes.