Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's like Disneyland, but replace the screaming kids and rides with drunk dumbasses and hick-ish ex-frat boys. WOOHOO!

Leo told me last night that he thinks that we'll have to find someplace to watch the Notre Dame game this week, as it's on ABC at the same time that a Texas/Texas Tech game will be on.

"Ooh! We get to go to Buffalo Wild Wings? YAY! I LOVE Buffalo Wild Wings!"

Leo, remembering the last time we had to go to BWW for a game, allows a smile to spread across his face. "Oh yeah...I'd forgotten about that place! Let's definitely go there!"

And if you haven't been to the Buffalo Wild Wings a 103rd and Metcalf to watch a late game or two on a Saturday night? Let me assure you: it is nothing but a peoplewatching treat, my friends. I wonder if I'd get in trouble for taking pictures of random strangers while I'm there...I'll definitely give it a try! Because that really would have helped me describe our experience better the last time we were there. Which I just checked for, and apparently I never even wrote about our last experience there...which is ridiculousness! So this time, I promise, I will be taking notes. Woo woo!


faithstwin said...

Heh- tell 'em you'll buy them a beer for posing for a shot. If they're game for it? Buy 'em a beer. If not, just get the shot first and walk away ignoring them after.

My doc doesn't seem to think my leg cramping is serious at all so I am welcome to eat all the BWW's I can!

Faith said...

Oh, I don't know that we'll be eating there. Unless they have mini corn dogs. I really, really love those things...