Friday, September 17, 2010

Jealousy and rage do not become you, Whole Foods...just to warn!

So I stopped through Whole Foods this afternoon, grabbing a little salad from the salad bar to accompany my lunch (which, as usual, actually became my lunch after I finished it and wound up not being hungry for my real lunch anymore) after I'd finished picking up my altered dress from the tailor for my friend's wedding in October. And as I checked out, I heard the increasingly common exclamation around these here parts from a girl behind me at another checkout counter...

"Yeah! Less than a mile from here. A Trader Joe's!"

The girl she was talking to sounded a bit excited as she replied, "Where???"

"At 119th and Roe. Right down the street! That's what they do, you know. They ALWAYS manage to put themselves within a mile of a Whole Foods. It's how they work." She was sounding more and more angry as she discussed it, so I decided to interject, "That's not true, though. Trader Joe's has been in more markets than Whole Foods for much longer. So, in many cases, your company put their store near Trader Joe's, probably," as I shrugged my shoulders to show that it really isn't that big of a deal.

And maybe it IS a big deal. Like, maybe Trader Joe's will provide a little more competition than the Walmart Groceries and HyVee's that Whole Foods has had to compete with in the area for the last 5 years. I get that it might be tough at first, for sure.

Seeing the real annoyance in this salesperson's countenance, I told her, "I'll still have to shop here for my buffalo meat. And Trader Joe's has very little produce in their stores...they focus more on packaged foods. It's really a totally different store, when it comes down to it." That didn't calm her down, though. And as she found yet another coworker to spew her anger over the impending eeeviiiil Trader Joe's invasion at, I shook my head, and left the store with my salad in hand.

See, she shoulda kept that discussion to the break room, or something. Because it was a really unattractive display of behavior, and it kinda pissed me off. Competition is a good thing, dammit. But if you display ugliness and bitter anger regarding your competitors within earshot of your customers? You're likely to push some right out the door and into the soon-to-be-waiting arms of those you hate the most. Tsk tsk!


faithstwin said...

How cool! (The TJ's, not the attitude from said employee...)

I ONLY buy my meat at TJ's. Though I alternate between Pavilions and TJ's for my produce, I think you'd be surprised at how much produce they actually have. Oh, and they sell buffalo here- it's frozen but it's still sold at TJ's from what I can see.

Faith said...

I'm looking forward to seeing their prices on buffalo...SO NICE to have alternative options that aren't totally out of the way!