Monday, September 20, 2010

News Junkie Alert!

I'm a news freak. I watch the news in the morning for local info. And then I watch the 1st half hour of GMA as I get ready for work, so I can get informed on the top national topics for the day. While at work, I check both local and national news sites frequently throughout the day to stay informed and up to date.

I like to be on top of things, I guess.

But how sad is it that just a little while ago, I saw an update on a story I saw this morning on GMA (the girl in Charlotte that was killed last week, and who's body was found in a storage facility on Sunday? They caught the guy they think did it...yay!), but as I started to click on the link, I also noticed that Lindsay Lohan's probation was revoked, and I was all, "Oh dude...what'd she do???" and clicked that link first?

I was disgusted by my choice, so I felt writing about it would help make me a better person. We'll see how that turns out...

Something I would love to hear from everyone on is that sports reporter chick (Ines Sainz - that's a Google link to stories and photos of her, in case you've never heard anything about her) from Mexico who works for TV Azteca, who was all over the news last week. There's a kind of follow-up story today on MSN that's basically saying that women get the shaft either way when it comes to how they dress for work these days, and it's tiresome, apparently, for some.

While I have to agree that choosing an outfit in the morning would be much easier if I were male and had either a suit or khakis and a polo to choose from, I don't think it's all that hard to figure out (a) how to be age-appropriate in selecting proper work clothes, (b) how to dress so my boobs aren't hanging out all over, creating a distraction for EVERYONE who comes into contact with me, male and female alike, or (c) how to wear something that is more office friendly than it is weekend friendly. The flip flops work for my Sunday trips to the grocery store...NOT for my daily work grind, thanks. (One exception to flip-flop wearers: pregnant ladies. Sometimes, there just isn't any other good option when your feet swell to a size that you have no other way to deal with. Totally understandable. All the rest of the people wearing flip flops to the office? Unless it's something like a sanctioned "beach day" or something, just don't do it. Even if they have a heel on them...still flip-flops! DUH.)

I disagree whole-heartedly with anyone who says Ines was dressed appropriately for her job. Over the weekend, there was a clip floating around somewhere - maybe on the Soup? - of her saying that her incredibly tight pants fit, and that's why she wears them. But that doesn't mean they're appropriate. They're fucking ridiculously tight. Painfully so, it seems. But, to each her own. If she wants to wear pants like that (with her low-cut and revealing halter tops, mind you...::raises eyebrow::) out on a Friday night after a rough week of interviewing on the sidelines, then more power to her. Do it.

But they just aren't appropriate for any kind of professional environment, is the thing. I don't think my opinion varies greatly from too many other folks, but I could be wrong, so that's why I'm bringing it up. I really like dressing in a classy, feminine, professional manner at work. I also try to keep my weekend outfits in a similar classy, feminine arrangement, but loosen things up with flip flops, and a maxi dress here and there. (There are women in my office that can pass off the maxi dress look at work...I can't do it, no matter how hard I try. I just cannot make those things look professional! I wonder what their secret is?)

I have a coworker who just turned 51 and who wore a sweater to work a couple of weeks ago that wasn't long enough, and her belly button was sticking out all day long. I just cannot STAND that kind of shit. She frequently wears things that I might've had in my closet when I was 20, that's also an issue for her. She's a teeny little thing, so she can wear all kinds of stuff, but should be appropriate for the workplace.

And it's not about outfits being suggestive. It's about them being vulgar. Just like I try to keep my cussing buttoned up in the workplace (my boss has been apologizing for saying "shit" around me lately, if that gives you any clue as to how buttoned-up I keep it!), I also think that vulgar clothing choices should be left to non-work related events and activities. If used at all, really. Hell, I think that if given the option, a lot of johns would stop and ask the classily-dressed prostitute-on-the-corner type girl to get in his car, vs. the girl wearing undies and ripped tights with a bra. But maybe that's just the idealist in me...who knows?

I still think that lewd commentary based on the way a person is dressed is as inappropriate as a vulgar choice in clothing, so don't get me wrong on that part of this story...I firmly believe that even though Ines was wearing pants that left very little to the imagination, it didn't deserve any kind of cat-calling or anything like that from the people she was around.

But what do you guys think? Am I a crazy kook on this? Should I go out and get myself the tightest pants I can "fit" into, and start wearing them to the office? Or do you think that people should stick to a stricter dress code when it comes to their place of work, or even just out in public in general, for that matter? Share your thoughts with me!


Anonymous said...

When we were in Peru, it seemed like all the women wore VERY tight jeans ... like uncomfortably tight. Young women and women my age, too.

However, as a woman who travels/works internationally, Ines should have a better grasp on professional attire. Frankly, from what I'm reading about her, she's not taken very seriously and it seems like it has as much to do with her interviewing skills as it does with her clothes. I mean, she gets out a tape measure to measure atheletes' GIANT ... biceps during a field interview. When's the last time you saw a male reporter do that?

faithstwin said...

Catherine- I think all of those people have moved into my town. I must be the new Pants Ambassador to the recent Peruvian Tight Jeans Whores. I had no idea. I'm glad you are here to awaken me to my new post!

That Ines chic is not seen very favorably, from what I can tell, by anyone outside of publicists who are thinking (and possibly saying out loud) that this is a brilliant PR move on her part.

For example: my local radio dudes- Kevin and Bean- spoke about it last week mentioning they really didn't know who she was until this happened.

Huh. Gotta wonder...

I will continue wearing comfy Mom clothes and living in complete obscurity. No one will ever know I am attached to who I am... mmwwaahahahahahahaaa!

Ms. Pants said...

I had to look her up. I'm sure she appreciated that.

I feel like I have to preface by saying that sexual harrassment is wrong and blah blah blah.

However. Just because the pants zip up does not mean they fit. She's putting at least 7 to 10 pounds of sausage into a 5 pound bag. And she's too old (and leathery) to be wearing such skimpy tops. If those are work outfits, then the two-for-a-nickle hooker should be fired.

And also rethink that terrible hair choice.


emawkc said...

Two things:

1) No woman deserves to be harassed at her job or anywhere else no matter how bad she is at it or how provocatively she dresses. BUT, if a hotty-hot-hot dresses like that in a locker room full of juiced-up, amped-up homotardian football players whose main job in life is to smash their own heads, you can't be surprised when this kind of thing happens. It's like if a lion keeper at the zoo walked in to a lion cage wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress. You just have to know where you are and what kind of animals you're hanging out with.

2) GMA is an awful, horrible show. My wife puts it on when she's dressing in the morning and I have to leave the room. I almost threw up in my mouth this morning when they promoed and upcoming "news" story about Dancing With The "Stars"

Faith said...

I'm agreed to a certain extent on your Point 1, Emaw, but only because when we're talking about human beings, the expectation for decorum should be a little higher than the lion cage at the zoo, you know? Leo said something about how Ines should have expected the treatment she received in the Jets' locker room, but I countered that with, "That's like those people who say that a woman who gets raped when she's wearing a particular outfit brought it on herself."

Because, no she's not. Like you said, no woman deserves that kind of treatment at all. No person does.

And I don't disagree with you about GMA, totally...but I think it's the lesser of several evils in the morning. Fuck if I'm going to turn on the Today Show, and I don't even know if CBS has something on to watch.

I cannot understand why so many people love Dancing with the Stars as much as they apparently do. It hurts my head to think about it...

JJSKCK said...

She was dressed to attract lusty attention, and I would argue that IS her job, based on her profile on TV Azteca's website. She is to journalism what Hooters waitresses are to the service industry: harmless, but willingly objectified.

The rape analogy is just wrong, for a couple reasons. First, comparing one of the worst crimes in the world to a tasteless (but not at all malicious) show of attention is ridiculous, both in magnitude and intent. Second, obviously nothing a woman could ever wear would constitute her "asking for" rape. But are you saying that she wasn't actively seeking attention with those clothes AND her flirtatious behavior?

(She wasn't even the one who filed the complaint, by the way. It was other reporters who were tired of her act and the attention she was getting.)

The Jets organization was right to apologize for being boorish. But the people who support her unconditionally are being rather ridiculous.

Faith said...

Just as an aside: I'm a rape victim. Just wanted to get that out of the way. I was date-raped when I was 18 by an asshole who thought he was the cutest thing on the planet.

And I think the rape analogy works just fine.

You can't say, "Well, if she dresses like that, she's asking for it!" under ANY conditions, IMO. Rape, cat-calling, etc.

And if you don't see how that makes sense, then we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Whether she was looking for attention or not was not the point of my post. My point was that she dresses in what I consider to be an inappropriate way for any kind of work place. She says she wears the clothes that tight because "it's [her] size", but she fails to see how having pants looking like they were painted on her might be vulgar and a bad idea. That's sad to me.

For me, when it comes to work, I like to think that regardless of what I do for a living, people respect me. And as long as I work in a place that doesn't have a required uniform of some sort, I'm going to dress in a manner that I think is classy, feminine, and respectable. If Ines was required by her employers to dress in that manner (like it was a uniform) in order to call more attention to herself in a locker room or on a sideline, then I'd reconsider that line of work if I were her. That's basically the jist of it, I guess.

JJSKCK said...

Whether she was looking for attention wasn't the point of your post, true, but when I read your comment making the leap from catcalls to rape I had to differentiate between the two.

My point is that while women certainly aren't dressing in the hopes of getting raped (seriously, I've never heard "she was asking for it" outside of Law & Order), some women ARE dressing to get stared at, flirted with, etc.

She is one of those women, and she does so willingly. Some 20-something, rich, entitled douchebags said some things. That wasn't right of them, but a 30-something woman knows exactly what she's wearing and what type of attention she may receive.

I think Ashley Fox at the Philadelphia Inquirer says it far better than I can:

If you want to be treated like a girl at a bar, dress like a girl at a bar. If you want to be treated professionally and without incident, cover up.

I think we more or less agree on the crux of your post; I just took issue where the comments were headed.

Faith said...

Agreed with the Ashley Fox quote, to an extent. That makes sense to me.

And I'm surprised that so many people are taken aback by my comparison between the catcalls and the rape thing. I stand by my comments, but maybe that's because of my experience in that regard. Not sure...