Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One of those weird religious things...come see!

Last week, I was talking to the Twin on the phone, telling her that Jeffers hadn't been around lately*. It makes me sad. I can't remember how it came up in that conversation - I think we were talking about my weird picture that I believe is of Jeffers, or something - but she was talking about her rose petal that she has that has a face on it. She sent me a better picture of it, and I swear, I don't remember seeing this before. Do you guys see a face?

A little backstory: Our mom was a religious fanatic. Not in the most extreme sense of the word, but pretty darned far off the deep end. She believed the world was going to end in 2000. She was preparing us all for the apocolypse, or whatever the hell it is that those "left behind" folks were preparing for, and the only way I could get her to stop talking to me about it was to tell her that if God came to clear the earth of all the baddies? I wouldn't be one of the ones "left behind" to repopulate or whatever the fuck it is that would happen next. Somehow, that worked! She stopped bringing it up when we talked, and we were able to have relatively reasonable conversations from that point on. Awesome.

Anyway, the Twin went along with her once to see this Carmelo dude at a church somewhere in SoCal back in 1997. If you don't want to check out that link, that's fine...I'll try to paraphrase. He's one of those people that has visits from the Virgin Mary. It's fine if you don't believe in that kind of stuff...but his story is still an interesting one, as he has been given some sort of "gift", it seems, that involves his being able to put images onto rose petals through prayer. Or something.

Here's the Twin's story about her experience with him: "Mom and I went to see him at some random church (none of the local catholic churches wanted to host him for some reason) in Dana Point some time in 1997 or so. I remember his story as its told in the link.

During his time with us he had people bring their own roses from their own gardens and had two people go to a sink to get regular tap water- one to fill and one to witness it was from the tap.

He then took the water and prayed over it. As he prayed the room started filling with the scent of roses... he then went around and had each of us touch the water- which had turned into oil that smelled like roses.

He eventually asked us all to stand side by side, one person took the roses from those who had brought them and handed out petals. We each got one that he instructed us to hold to our hearts. He walked to each one of us spending about 20 or 30 seconds praying silently while he held his hand over our hands at our hearts. He told us to take the rose petals home and put them into our bibles, leave them there for about 2 weeks (I think?) and then look and see if we get an image.

MY image (and several others in the room) appeared instantly... the minute he walked away from me, I held it up and there was the face developing, starting with that eye. Other people got what looked like Mary and Baby Jesus, some Jesus, etc. Mom was bummed because her petal never produced a face.

My bible smelled like roses for YEARS after. I finally put the petal into the little bag it's in because it was starting to break down."

I think it's an interesting story, even though the rose petal didn't have any healing powers in our family's case at all.

Wait! Maybe the rose petal is what helped you finally throw those damned candelabra things away, twin! It really WAS a miracle!


*The same day that I lamented the lack of Jeffers activity to the Twin on the phone, I went home and found a quarter sitting in the exact same place that I last found one that I assume was from him. This one was more recent...it was from 1967. So it's not silver. But still, it was funny! And nice. And I'm wondering when he's gonna start giving me, like, old stock certificates for Coca-Cola, or Disney or some shit. That would really make me feel much closer to him, I'd think. :D


faithstwin said...

Or Microsoft...Apple...maybe some pirates booty?

The rose petal did not produce the miracle that is my throwing out the candelabras, thankyouverymuch. Ass.

If you are looking for more odd stories or can't think of anything to blog about next time we can tell the story of Mom bringing me that necklace after she died...

I would think you would write about that lady in North Carolina who owns a restaurant and has put a sign on the door stating that loud children will not be tolerated. LOVE that story!

faithstwin said...

I think your comments are broken...if this posts then whatever was wrong yesterday is fixed now.

Faith said...

Hrm...well, if they are, that would help me feel less like people are hating me. :D

Seems like they're working now, though! Good. People need to tell us if they see the face!!!

faithstwin said...

I know- come on people! Our older sis said she can't see it and noted that it looks like a potato chip to her when I posted it on Facebook. However, several other people who cared enough said they saw it.

Nuke said...

Sorry I tried posting yesterday and got denied. I totally see a face in that picture, and the story that goes with it is waaaay creepier than any Jeffers story.

Faith said...

I wonder why comments were being denied? Blogger is such a bitch sometimes! ::shakes fist at Blogger::

Twin, which sister doesn't see it? Does she need glasses? :/

christinag said...

I totally see the face!!! Instantly!!

faithstwin said...

OLDEST sis. I dunno if she was being funny or what.

Our Bro commented that he has 5 just like it at home. =/

Buncha comedy whores we are, I tell ya.

Yay! Other people see it AND enjoy the story!

I wish I could take everyone with me back to that night so you can experience what I did. Despite what Faith says, Mom had a point and I always thought: if what she is talking about is real? At least I know the signs, what to look for, etc and definitely want to stick it out after any 'New World' occurs. But then, I can camp and Faith can't. Just sayin'...

Faith said...

Oh god...just imagining the lack of proper plumbing facilities makes me lose half my hair! No thank you. ::shaking head::