Monday, October 25, 2010

3 years ago this week...

...I married this awesome hunk o' man:

That's right...he's taking down 2 for 1 margaritas on his own in that picture, and if you don't think we went back to the hotel room soon after that so he could promptly pass out in speedy form, you would be wrong.

Anyway, we're celebrating our anniversary this week - woohoo! - and while we'll be eating in on the actual date, we're going out in high falutin style on Friday night. But I wanted to get opinions on where we should go before I made the reservation. A recommendation for Michael Smith came from a random bar patron who overheard our discussion about it on Saturday night. And I thought YES! Michael Smith! I've been wanting to go there for a while!

But then I looked at the Extra Virgin menu (also owned by Micheal Smith, btw), and dammit, there's a lot of tasty sounding stuff on there!

So what say you, readers? Even if you aren't from KC, go check out those menus, and tell me what you would do if you were me! Please? As, like, an anniversary gift? ::puppydog eyes::


Anonymous said...

Extra Virgin!

Old Fart said...

I wouldn't go to either of those places. I'd hit Jess and Jims in Martin City.

faithstwin said...

*gag* Seriously. *gaggag* please don't make me look at those menus again. *gag* Thinking of them is calling my stomach front and center.

What is wrong with you and what did you do with my Twin? *gaagggg* <-- unexpected coughthatturnedintosoundinglikeIwasgonnahurl

It all sounds disgusting, dude. From duck tongue to crispy pig ears (GAAAHHHGGGGGG!!)? What are you thinking? I want to go eat 10 Ruby Burgers just to make up for the snobbery alone.

(Keep in mind, folks: I am the tied-down single-mama who does almost everything for her kids. I am probably wrong about how good (GAG!) everything sounds...)

The 'Extra Virgin' menu alone calls out special puke-ness to me. For example: snail ragout? fried duck GIZZARDS? Marrow bones? Here's one that sounds, never mind: angel hair and SEA URCHIN (have you seen that yellow/orange guck spilled out on Chopped?)? Followed by pig ears (crispy, mind you. Because not crispy may make you remember they belonged to PIGS HEADS previously...). Pork belly, meh. Duck tongue TACOS!!! Halibut... CHEEKS! Do not even TELL me what went into the 'Crispy Pork Patties'. (no, really. Do not. tell me.)

Ok, the cheese menu on the right side sounds edible. And so do the desserts. Otherwise? I am sooo hanging with the wrong crowd and they totally don't make me eat stuff titled the way this is.

Maybe I should start pronouncing depot with the short e as well.

Ryan the Girl said...

Congrats on your anniversary! Michael Smith sounds amazing to me... duck or lamb, yummy.

Faith said...

Twin, the duck tongue tacos made Leo's eyebrows pop up when I mentioned them. He likes to try new things! We went for Indian food last week, and he surprised me by choosing goat as his meat in his entree. (I actually liked it, too. I was surprised.)

And if you've never had the marrow out of a bone, then dammit, you are missing one of the BEST FUCKING THINGS EVER. I made them once at home, actually. For Christmas dinner one year. I didn't do them proper justice, but, OMG, sooo, sooooo good.

Anyway, I'm not keen on the sea urchin (I've had it before, at a sushi place in San was okay, but not my favorite texture) or the snail ragout, but the rest of it all sounded tasty to me! So nyah. :P

Thanks for the well-wishes, Ryan! We're actually having lamb on Wednesday, since it's our traditional anniversary meal. So that's why I was leaning toward Extra Virgin as an option. They have more variety on their menu. But the appetizers on the Micheal Smith menu looked so awesome, it was too hard for me to choose!


Old Fart, we like trying new places, but this is a dress up kind of opportunity, you know? So thanks for the suggestion, but I really just needed help choosing between the two restaurants I posted about. ;)

faithstwin said...

If I were forced to eat at either place I would go with Extra Virgin. They seemed to have the biggest variety. And Happy Anniversary, btw! You know I don't keep track of that shit. I'm a bad twin...

Blogwatcher said...

Hi there, I've been reading your blog since before you got married and always want to comment ('cause I SO agree with your mindset) but never got around to registering. So here goes; I LOVE Extra Virgin; going there for lunch tomorrow, in fact, but Michael Smith's is great too and a bit swankier. What about Bluestem; that's our anniversary go-to. Whichever you choose, have fun!

drawer queen said...

Leawood Sushi house figured out their lease and will be staying....per KC Star on Tues. Thought you might like to know!

Dan said...

Let me toss in a vote for Blue Stem. We went there for our 3-cubed anniversary (that's 27 for the math-challenged), and here's what I wrote -