Friday, October 22, 2010


Sorry it's been such a slow week around here, guys. It was just a shitty one all around, from start to almost the hasn't really been all that bad, so I can't complain about it. (Which is a nice change...)

I mean, it hasn't been all that bad for ME, anyway. The bunny that Jake killed with a whip of it's neck right after it screamed when it was caught this morning at 4 a.m. in our yard? Probly not such a good day for that little guy. (Or for Leo...since he had to clean it up once the sun came out! He's such a nice husband.) Poor sad-ass bunnies. ::shaking head:: The scary part was when I went out to make sure that the barking, herding, and screaming I heard wasn't a repeat of the night when Jake met a possum, and I shined a light out into the yard, all I could see was something large with shining eyes by the back fence, Jake going back and forth between the shining-eyed thing and something that was laying still that I couldn't identify from the distance I was keeping, and Izzy just looking at me with a relief like, "Oh thank GOD you're here! I thought I was gonna have to pretend to be interested in this bullshit!" as she trotted past me and back up onto the deck. Jake wouldn't abandon whatever it was that he had found, though. I called to him and stood my ground, and eventually he made his way over.

I looked back out to that large thing with the shining eyes once I was back in the house, and it was still there, but it was moving at that point. So I knew it wasn't dead. And then later, it was gone. It was too large to be a rabbit. Leo thinks it was a possum, but I would be surprised by that after the last encounter the dogs had with one in the yard. They just seem much more aggressive than this thing was being. Maybe it was freaked out by the rabbit scream? I'm not sure. But whatever it was, it was large, it was lighter in color, and it stood still and unblinking for a relatively long time when I was holding my flashlight beam on it. ::shudders:: I hate wild animals!

Anyway, this whole week has been emotionally draining, though, and at times physically draining, like when I was tired on Tuesday night and went to bed at 10:15. But then laid there. And laid there. And laid there some more, until it was about 1:30 and I finally took some Benadryl to help me along. (I also tried opening the window to cool the room down, reading some more, and lots of huffing and puffing and "WTF, brain?! Lemme SLEEP already"ing, but that all got me absolutely nowhere. It sucked!) And then Wednesday was just about the worst day EVAR for my poor boss, and I had to rush around a bit to help clear his schedule so he could deal with the shittiness that is A Teenage Child in Personal Crisis Mode. And it was just tiring, y'all.

And can I just take a moment to say HALLEFUCKINGLUJIA for not being back in that world again, dammit. Phew! Being 17/18 was HARD. I wouldn't repeat it again for all the meatball subs in the world!

(I was gonna say "for all the tea in China" but then I realized that while I like tea well enough, it's not really a big bargaining chip for me personally because I don't like it THAT much. So meatball subs it was...)

(And also, "for all the tea in China" is a weird saying. My mom used to say it. I don't get it...)

This weekend should be mellow, and allow me to catch up on some sleep and relaxation, so hopefully next week will be a better one. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


faithstwin said...

Well, tea was quite the commidity from what I remember at one point. It was worth a LOT, which is why only wealthy people at one point offered tea as a way to show off to their guests. So, to say you wouldn't trade something you see in someone else's life for all the tea in China, at one time or another, meant you wouldn't trade for that life in exchange for, like, a billion dollars.

I hope your Boss is ok! I've never met him but I can guarantee I would like him more than I will like some kids when they are 17/18...

Faith said...

Yeah, tea was expensive once...I know. It just never made sense to me that it was such a prized possession! I'm just being difficult. I blame the tiredness! And the lack of alcohol at work!

There should totally be alcohol at work.

Boss seems ok. Of course the teenage child's breakdown has to also coincide with a bunch of organization changes AND a major issue with one of the things he manages. Because if life wasn't run by Murphy's Law, then how the fuck would we all appreciate the little moments where we're NOT dealing with something stressful, RIGHT? ::sigh::

faithstwin said...

Actually, I just bought some tea today and it was pretty damned pricey when I think about it (the nice kind, not the general Lipton shit).

You can drink at work. You'll just become known in the office as Drunk Faith. Or Faith The Lush. Or Shit She's Drunk Again- Someone Get Her To Rehab Already!.

Faith said...

"Or Shit She's Drunk Again- Someone Get Her To Rehab Already!."

Ahh, yes. I've worked with her, actually. Not as much fun as it seems. Although the stories that came out of her office were definitely show-stoppers. ::ponders::