Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Great. Now we have possessed phones. AWESOME.

Firstly, are the local police/highway patrol putting plant cars out on the streets this week to try to rile up drivers who might be a bit prone to getting aggressive when presented with complete driving incompetence? Because I’ve run into at least 3 or 4 drivers over the last couple of days who should NOT have driver’s licenses, since they can’t apparently do 2 things at the same time (i.e. smoke and drive, talk and drive, BLINK and drive, etc, etc…). And then I saw on the news this morning that Overland Park police are running a campaign to try to catch aggressive drivers in the act this week, and it just hit me: they’re totally fucking with me, dammit.

Because the world revolves around me, if you weren’t already aware. :P

I’m back from my mini-vacation, and I need another one to recover from it, as usual! But it was great to see my family, along with some old friends, and I look forward to the next chance to do it again.

I had a weird experience our first night there, though, and thought I’d share it with y’all. Because I think you’ve all come to just expect weird from me more often than not, really. So I don’t wanna let you down!

So we went to bed a little late on Friday, after a nice night hanging out with my sisters and their kids. We got back home after 10, and headed straight to bed since it was waaay past our normal bedtime, what with the time change and all. (I know…we suck! But we’re fine with that reality.) It was HOT in the house…the AC in our section of bedrooms wasn’t working, so we had the windows open, and slept under just a sheet, but it was still tough to get to sleep for a hot-blooded fucker like myself. Leo can manage to get cold on an 80 degree day, and also, he’s on sleeping drugs, so he was immune to the heat. But while I had an easy enough time falling asleep originally, after a few hours, I woke up, and had nothing but a hard time getting back to sleep after that.

I was pretty pissed that I got woken up the way I did. It was 2 a.m. on the dot, according to my phone. How did I know that? Well, it had lit up all bright and shiny-like after I flipped over in my sleep. And in a dark room, it was like lightning through my eyelids with the brightness. So I picked it up to see why it had lit up. It had just been the screen that lit up…the keypad stayed dark. And it lit up fast, and then blinked off again after a second. This all confused me right off the bat, because when I hit the “home” button, the whole thing lit up, screen and keyboard together. And then it stayed lit (after I noticed the 2 a.m. on the hour thing), and then faaadeeed ooouuuut slooowly until it was dark again. And that all made me go, “Hm. Weird.” And then I closed my eyes, and tried to go back to sleep again.

But next thing I know, *BLINK* on and then off. And then *BLINK* on, and then off again after a second. This time, it was just the keyboard that was lighting up. I have no idea how it was happening, but it was the keyboard alone, and not the screen.

I tried to close my eyes and forget about it, but *BLINK* on…off. *BLINK* on…off. It kept doing it twice in a row. I tried putting it into the little carrying pouch I keep it in when it’s in my purse, but it didn’t help. I could still see it through my eyelids. I checked the battery…it wasn’t dying, so that wasn’t the issue. Not that that’s what it does when the battery is dying, but I was just trying to come up with SOME explanation for what was going on, so I was reaching a bit.

I needed the phone next to the bed for the alarm, but at that point I was all, “Fuck it!” and I put it in the bathroom. I needed to GO TO SLEEEEP. And whatever was going on with the phone was interrupting any attempt I was making, so sorry, weird possessed phone! To the other room with ye!

I climbed back into bed, and lay down on my side facing the side table again, since I needed that new position in order to sleep better. And then all of a sudden, *BLINK* on…off. *BLINK* on…off.


It was Leo’s phone this time. It was on my side of the bed, and apparently, it wanted to get in on this game, too! His phone only illuminates in that manner (without him sliding the keyboard open, I mean) when he gets a message from someone. But it also makes a noise when he gets a message. (He checked in the morning, though, and he hadn’t gotten any Facebook updates or texts or anything in the middle of the night, so he couldn’t figure out why it had come on like that.) I went ahead and put it in the bathroom with my Blackberry, and climbed back into bed for yet another attempt to fall back asleep. It was 4:30 by then, and we were planning on getting up at 7:30 for a nice walk on the beach before we got ready for the wedding. I wanted to sleeeeep!!! Possessed phones needed to fuuuuck oooooff!

It was weird. And I’m willing and ready to hear any suggestion/explanation anyone might have for what happened. Know that I fully believe that our house in California is haunted…I’ve had multiple experiences there, as have several family members, but this phone thing was new. Usually, the ghost there just talks to you in the middle of the night, as disconcerting as that may be. But, yeah. I’m still open to a logical explanation as well. Anyone know why two completely different phones with two completely different set-ups/feature combos made by two completely different companies would blink on and off like that at separate times? Seemingly of their own accord? Let me know, would ya?


Nuke said...

When you got back to KC did you hit redial on your home phone? Cuz I totally believe that Jeffers was lonely and reaching out. Pore old guy just doesn't understand cellphones very well yet.

Ryan the Girl said...

Whoa, that's freaky. I was going to say there was maybe something shorting out... until I got to the part where the OTHER phone was doing it too!

faithstwin said...

Hahahaa! I like Nuke's Jeffers suggestion.

You know how I have tha ghost radar on my phone? I had been using it earlier that day there trying to see if Mr. Boo would chat... maybe he thought he could use your phones the same way? Maybe he is just more apt to work his energy up at 2 a.m. (a lot of people think 2 and 3 a.m. are some sort of 'dead time'.)

Just a thought.

Faith said...

Oh, and believe me, Twin..I totally recognized the "dead time" had kicked in. And then that thunderstorm rolled through? It was all just too creepy, really!

Aw, that makes me sad to think about, Nuke! I like to think that when we go away for a few days, Jeffers revels in having his house back to himself. But I guess he could've been lonely! (I hope he keeps any phone calls he makes local, though! I don't have long distance on our house phone any more...;))

Ryan, dude...I seriously was hoping it was a simple reason for the lighting up. But when my husband's phone joined in the fun? That was when I REALLY had a hard time getting back to sleep!