Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dead klepto strikes again. And also, now we have a whole dollar!

I’ve been dealing with an existential/work crisis for the past 24 hours, so pardon the lack of post yesterday. (Existential with regard to my existence at my job, really. Not relating to my existence on this planet. Just to be clear. I don’t work for God, so it’s not stressful in a deadly way, or anything.)

That said, it has sucked. I learned more info this morning that helped it suck less, but we’ll see if it gets better next week, or not. I’m anticipating it working out ok…depends on how kooky my upper management team decides to be about it all.

This week has just been a shitty one, is all. I’m looking forward to the weekend and having a chance to decompress and lie around and take care of ME. Dammit. ::sigh:: Monday night, we had an unexpected visit from the house ghost, and I wound up being awake until 1:30 a.m. It wasn’t Jeffers’ fault…it was just my brain. I was asleep for about an hour, and then Leo finally went to bed and started snoring, and it woke me up. After I woke up, I just wasn’t tired anymore.

It started things off on the wrong foot, is the thing.

Jeffers was nice, though. We were reading in bed before going to sleep (we being me and Leo…not me and Jeffers! Just in case anyone was worried about that), and suddenly Leo pointed at my leg and was all, “Um…” ::points:: And I said, “What?” and looked at where he was pointing. I didn’t see anything. So I just looked back at him quizzically, and he did what he usually does which was to point more emphatically at the same spot. So I looked again, and kind of sat up a bit, and then I saw what it was. There was a quarter sitting on top of my thigh.

So I grabbed it, and looked at the date (1967? I think? Or 1965…I can’t remember. They all run together at this point), and kind of laughed it off, and added it to my drawer next to my bed, which is where I keep the other two quarters that Jeffers has “given” to me.

And then a minute later Leo goes, “Holy shit!” And pointed at my leg again. And, indeed, there was yet ANOTHER quarter! Hahahaha! This time, it was a bicentennial quarter from 1976.

So Leo is sitting there trying not to freak out, and I told him, “Hey, there could be worse things happening, right? I mean, if I wake up tomorrow buried in fucking quarters, would that be so bad? I don’t think so…” And that point seemed to settle him down, but still. He and I both expressed our desire, out loud, that the bestowing of quarters please be given a rest for a bit.

And then I was all, “Where is he getting them, anyway???” And then Leo started wondering out loud about the fact that there were sixes in all of the dates on the quarters that we’d received thus far, and if there was a connection to that. I didn’t think so, but maybe? I can’t imagine what it’d be.

We haven’t had any more money given to us the rest of this week, but one of the dog toys disappeared last week, and I expect it to turn up any day now. We’ll see. It was a red kong. I had dug it out from under the couch, where it rolled the last time we were playing with it, and was throwing it down the hallway toward our room from the couch, so Jake and Izzy could chase and fetch it. The last time I threw it, it went all the way into the bedroom, and then Jake went after it but couldn’t find it. He was over there whining for a bit, and I finally went to see where it was, but the damned thing was just totally gone. I’m pretty sure Jeffers took it! He’s such a smartass.

So when that pops up, I’ll be sure to let you all know. In the meantime, if anyone is missing any quarters, I might know where they’re at…


Average Jane said...

I love your Jeffers stories!

Ryan the Girl said...

Whoa, the quarters things is crazy! Tell Jeffers that you want twenty dollar bills next time!

faithstwin said...

Ryan, I have suggested that as well. More like gold pieces or something. =D

Jeffers is definitely keeping entertainment alive even if he isn't.

thedirtyknitter said...

have you guys lost any teeth lately? maybe jeffers is just being the tooth fairy for you! ha - love these stories!