Monday, November 22, 2010

I look like WHO? (Oh wait...yeah, you're kind of right.)

Last week, I was wearing a new pair of cutsie booties I'd bought at Anthropologie, because they fulfilled my shoe needs of closed-toed, brown, and heel. Done, done, and done!

I'd pull in a picture of them, but it seems they sold them all and now they're not on the site anymore. Oh well...they're adorable, is the thing. They make my feet look about 2 sizes smaller than they are (not that the size of my feet has ever mattered to me, really), and they're warm and comfy, and I'm happy.

Anyway, they're also a bit playful. I don't know what it was about those shoes that did it, but while in them, my coworker told me I reminded her of a chick on this show called Criminal Minds. A character named Penelope, or something. I told her I hadn't seen it. She said, "Oh, she's just the person they all go to for answers, and she's got a style that totally reminds me of you. She's the resident techie. AND she's a redhead. But it's a bit brighter than we are." (This particular coworker also has red hair, like me.) Then we chatted a bit more about other things, and she added, "Oh...she's kind of like that character from Drew Carry? Do you remember that? Mimi, I think? But without the crazy makeup." That got me started on my story about an old coworker I had YEARS ago who was totally a real life Drew Carry Show Mimi. Down to troll dolls on her desk, and crazy makeup, and everything. She was nice, but she was a wee bit scary with her style.

Anyway, the following day, that same coworker was over by my desk, talking to my boss while standing in his doorway, and she brought up the Criminal Minds reference again. And he was all, "Oh yeeeaaaaah! She does remind me of Faith!" And I was all, "Hey, wait a minute...yesterday, you mentioned that she was kind of like Mimi from Drew Carry, right?" And the coworker said, "Yeah, I guess so." And my boss was all, "She doesn't wear that much make up, though." And I said, "Yeah, is this chick FAT?" And they both kinda stammered and hemmed and hawed. And I went, "C'mon now, guys!" And they both said, "Yeah but she's really cool!" And I just gave them a look like, Thanks for calling me fat, you losers. :P And rolled back to my desk. (Mind you, I know I'm fat. I just don't like having it pointed out to me, is all. :P)

And then my boss mentioned that some people say another coworker who looks nothing like Matthew McConaughey looks like Matthew McConaughey, and I replied, "Are they drunk people?" Which made him laugh. And then I asked him please to not tell said coworker I said that, partially because he's a VP now, and he's likely to become my new boss's boss in the near future, but also because I don't wanna hurt his feelings. I just don't think he looks anything like Matthew McConaughey. And I don't see that as a problem, really!


So I finally got around to looking up this Penelope character on Criminal Minds, and you know what? Bitch DOES look like me!

I think I'm a little more understated, because my hair just isn't that crazy, but, yeah. I have to concede. I do, in fact, look a little bit like the (not as fat as I thought she'd fact, she looks pretty good to me!) Penelope character on Criminal Minds. Who knew?


Nuke said...

I love Garcia on that show. She's big for TV but I wouldn't jump right to saying she was fat. Besides she is a ton more interesting than the skinny chicas on the show. Of the other 2 female regulars one got let go and the other got her part cut back.

Anyway I can MAAAAAAYBE see some similarity, I mean you are both cool.

Anonymous said...

I ♥ me some Garcia (Penelope)!

thedirtyknitter said...

garcia is an awesome person to be compared to :)

faithstwin said...

I think I would rather have people compare me to an actress on tv than just flat out suggest I get lap band surgery. =/

You do seem to share some similarities to This chick.

Faith said...

Yeah, true story. (Not that judgment of any kind from the family - for being overweight, for not finding love before you're into Old Maid territory, for having a freaking GHOST that you can't exactly do anything about, no can you? - is new. You'd think we'd be used to it by now, eh?)

I'm glad I finally looked this chick up. I definitely intend to tell my coworker that I'm actually really flattered that she sees similarities between me and this Penelope Garcia character when she's back in the office next week! :D