Monday, November 01, 2010

Look, I miss 'em, too! Stop talking about them!

Saturday morning, Leo slept soundly as I got up somewhere around 8-ish to let the dogs out. When I climbed back into bed and waited for the puppies to come back in, Leo started to mumble something. It wasn't discernable, for the most part, but suddenly he said, "Cigarette." Very matter of fact-like. Not a question or a whiney complaint. Just "cigarette".

So I replied, "No cigarette," in the same manner.

A second passed and then..."Cigarette." Said in the same way it was the first time. And now I started giggling. "NO cigarette!" I replied.

Then he went back to incoherent mumbling, and then it stopped all together. It was funny. I know he still dreams about smoking, but he doesn't usually chat about it.

Cigarette no longer looks like a word, btw. I hate it when that happens!

We went to Extra Virgin on Friday for our anniversary dinner, and had a really, really lovely time! Food was great, and the service was equally wonderful. Michael Smith came over to say goodbye as we left, and made sure everything went well while we were there. I thought that was nice of him. I look forward to heading down there again sometime to try other dishes that we didn't get a chance to taste. They have a pretty decent happy hour that I'd love to take advantage of, but it depends on whether we could get down there before 6 p.m. Regardless, we'll be heading back there for sure.

That's about it for this Monday. Life is pretty boring and mundane and consists of things like watching The Tudors on DVD (we're up to the 6th wife, finally, and Henry's on his last leg - literally!), working out and shopping for groceries, and cleaning up/winterizing the yard. I's like we're rockstars, yo. Supah-exciting...


faithstwin said...

He dreams of cigarettes? I admit, that is one thing I can honestly say I do not think about after alllll those years I smoked. I'm pretty good at remembering dreams, too, so I think I would recall if I dreamt about smoking again.

I'm happy dinner went nicely for you! I should be getting season 3 of the Tudors in the next few Netflix rotations. I just finished the Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle (love her!)- which was a nicely done version of it I found.

Have you heard about the Masterpiece theater Mysetry 'Sherlock Holmes'? I LOVE it. It's done in modern day and am really digging it. I highly suggest you look into it if you haven't already.

Now I must go read my boring voters guide so I can make the right choices tomorrow. Blech.

Faith said...

Dreaming about smoking is a common dealio for long-term smokers, from what I've heard. I've never noticed if I smoke in any of my dreams, but it wasn't as much a part of my life as it was for someone like Leo for so many years. He started smoking when he was 14. It was a pretty big deal for him to just not do it any more!

That said, he doesn't remember dreaming about cigarettes on Saturday morning. (It's usually a vivid dream for him if there are cigarettes involved.) He doesn't know WTF was going on! Hehehe! It's funny.

I wish I could've understood more of what he was saying, dammit...

Nuke said...

It's weird, the things that haunt you. My brother still mumbles NO and the name of his grade school torturer (to be fair, she WAS an evil child but turned out OK).

And Twin, Sherlock rocks! I watched the first episode last Sunday but skipped this weeks so that I could watch The Walking Dead. Strangely enough, I watched the 2nd episode online just before starting my blog reading (less than 3 minutes ago).

faithstwin said...

I watched the second one last night- if I understand correctly I believe they are already working on or have approved the second part of the series. I can't imagine ending this in just 3 shows! I luhuuve Benedict Cumberbatch- not only does he fit this well but his name is awweesoommmeee... It's just done super well and I really enjoy the modern adaptation.

Faith said...

Ok, I don't know what you guys are talking about.

::wanders away from own blog::