Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Madness...MADNESS, I tell you!

Question: You’re on a toll road, waiting in line to go through the pay booth. You’re behind an Infinity SUV that has also been apparently waiting for a bit behind a big rig to finish paying. Suddenly, the Infinity driver puts his SUV in reverse and starts backing up toward your (rented!) SUV that you’re waiting patiently in.

Do you…
A. Stand your ground, and refuse to back up, no matter how close that Infinity asshole gets to hitting your rental SUV?

B. Back up, and move to another lane, because you figure something must be wrong or the dude in the Infinity wouldn’t just be backing up like that, right? Or…

C. Honk your horn, and flail about in response to the Infinity getting so close to your bumper, you can taste the Budget Rent-A-Car bill for damages in your mouth right then and there. And then roll your window down and lean out to tell the guy, “Dude! We’re on a TOLL ROAD! You don’t back up on a toll road, moron!” Only to have him respond in his overwhelming Chicagoan accent that the big rig is broken down…its hazards are flashing. You’re pretty sure that the big rig isn’t broken down…you can hear its engine from where you sit. But exasperated, and still being threatened by the Infinity driver’s reverse gear, you go ahead and back up since no on-coming traffic is currently on its way towards your (rented!!!!) SUV’s tail at the moment, and get yourself into the next lane over. The Infinity gets behind you.

You can go ahead and tell me what you would’ve done in my shoes, but the answer for me was C. I eventually backed up veeerrrry carefuuullllyyy, and moved over a lane. I needed to use a credit card for the toll, and I had been in one of the only cash/credit lanes initially, but the toll booth chick at the new booth took my card without issue.

The funny part of it all was when the big rig then put itself into gear, and moved on about 30 seconds after we moved over. So the Infinity moved himself back over into that lane, only to get stuck behind yet ANOTHER car (this time it was a minivan) that was having some issue paying. We were behind 2 other cars that moved through the booth we had moved to, and then we paid and got back on our way, while the Infinity guy was stuck still in his original spot, waiting for the minivan to clear up whatever issue they were having. Hahahahahahahaha! It was very hard not to wag our fingers at him and stick out our tongues as we drove away and left him in our toll road dust.

Also seen and heard this weekend on our way home from Thanksgiving festivities, both occurring on our Southwest flight home:

Lady with lots of little Louis Vuitton carry-on bags approaches the gate agent and says, “Is this first class boarding right now?”

“No, ma’am. We don’t have first class. It’s all general seating.”


Later, while on the plane, waiting for the last few stragglers to get on so we could gooooo...

Man approaches the flight attendant for help finding his seat in C58, or some shit. “Oh, no that’s not a seat assignment, sir. We have general seating. You can sit wherever there’s an empty seat!” Man looks quizzically back at flight attendant, and then walks through the plane again. I look at Leo and say, “REALLY? Good god, y’all…”

We had a great trip, thanks to fabulous family and friends that were willing to hang out with us all weekend long. Hopefully, we can do it again sometime soon! Hope everyone else had a lovely Thanksgiving.


faithstwin said...

My official answer is something like check my rear view- if no one is coming, I'd back up and maybe move to another booth. But if I am in no hurry I probably would just sit and make the bastahd dig his tires in wishing he could move. But what resulted in a bigger mess for him because of your ability to move actually sounds like a win/win after all is said and done. Seems The Chill Pill was invented for this poor shlup.

Gotta love people who don't get Southwest and their system...

Faith said...

"Gotta love people who don't get Southwest and their system..."

I mean, I know that not everyone travels as much as I do (and lots of people travel MORE!), but still...I thought it was just a known thing. Andplusalso, it kinda warns you about it when you buy the ticket on their website. How do they miss it???