Thursday, November 18, 2010

Probably considered animal abuse of some kind...

Leo and I aren't big on walking our dogs. We've been focussing more on our own health lately, with our trips to the gym, and the idea of walking the dogs even quickly around the block just never seems to pop up as a possibility anymore. Not that a walk around the block would be nearly enough for either of them. I'm picturing it getting the harnesses and leashes on, and heading out the door, and then returning to the house after 3 minutes has passed. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Jake would sit down and mock us for a walk like that. He's totally all about the mocking.

We do play a lot, though. I like to roll around with the puppies on our bed when I get home from work, and get them involved in a wrestling match that I can walk away from in order to change into comfy clothes for proper TV watching and general loafing. Or one of them (*eh-em*JAKE) will bring me a toy to throw while I'm sitting and watching TV with Leo after dinner. Sometimes, I think Izzy is on the very brink of death, she's been so motionless on her puppy cushion on the couch between Leo and I, but as soon as I'm holding a toy in my hand, readied for the throwing, her head is up, and her tail is wagging! Which is reassuring from time to time.

Last night, Jake was bored and brought me this multi-colored rubberband type of ball we have, and then stood there with his head resting on the couch cushion, waiting for me to reach for it (at which point we would play the "I'm gonna grab it/Jake will bite it" game where my fingers inevitably end up being the big losers), and finally I threw it down the hall for him to chase. Izzy really got into the game, and at one point, I was holding the ball waiting for her to get down off the chair she was on so she'd have a better chance of chasing it and actually getting it before Jake did (he's very fast), and she started this mad dog-like barking that totally cracked me up. I made Leo pause the TV because I was now totally paying full attention to her, and I also wanted him to join in on being entertained. "She sounds just like Mr. Puppy right now! Listen to her!" (Mr. Puppy is the Twin's dog, and is Izzy's daddy.) Leo said, "She's being possessive! She shouldn't be playing right now." I put the ball into my other hand, and reached over to pet Iz. She was totally fine with it, and gave me a lick. "Naw, she's just being SUPAH-playful, see? She's being so funny!"

In the meantime, Jake had discovered that I had the ball in my other hand, and tried to take it from me with the aforementioned biting technique. He clamped down hard, and got my middle finger (a very important finger in my repertoire!) in there, and wouldn't let go. Good GOD it hurt! I was all, "JAKE! No, puppy! Owwww! My finger is in there, dammit!" I had to physically unhook his jaw from the finger/ball with my right hand, and then he proceeded to sit and look at me with the sad puppydog look on his face. Which is so fucking cute, and which he of course has down to a science. Then we got back to our game.

I always know the game is over when Jake jumps back up onto my lap, sans ball/toy, and lays down. Izzy might pretend to be into it some more, but she lies. If Jake is done, then there is no point. I think she actually uses him to fetch for her, when it comes down to it. She rarely comes back from down the hall with the toy...she seems to prefer to attack Jake for getting it first (while he taunts her with it, of course), and then she steals it from him somehow once he gets back to home base/the couch with it.

We really should get them on more walks. But until that happens, the fetching game seems to be doing the trick. At least its fun for my fingers. ::sigh:: Maybe I need to wear protective gloves...::ponders::


faithstwin said...

Yup. Get an OvGlove or something. I know his teeth HURT!

I would say the way they dash into the yard and run around is plenty for their size. I mean, a walk a few times a week wouldn't hurt them, but they're probably healthier than you know and it sounds like they get enough exercise with the play time. I see people walking their tiny 5 lb chihuahuas around here and want to tell them they are probably killing their little puppy hearts. Between me walking Puppy in the mid-mornings and Oldest walking him the 1/2 mile loop every evening, he is in fabulous shape. I think we may keep him around for another 6 to 8 years (that would put him in the 12-15 range). Which is good, because he and I go together like peas and carrots as Mr. Gump would say.

Faith said...

Nah...depends on how fast their walkin', but a walk is good for the doggies! Getting out of the yard, and having new territory to explore keeps them from doing things like chewing on zippers on very expensive pillows, and that sort of thing. According to a coworker who's also a dog trainer, anyway.

We really need the walks ourselves, too. It's just so damned hard to get up at freaking 4:30 a.m. as it is a couple of times a week to go "have fun" at the gym...blech. But also getting into some walking shoes and getting the dogs out and about for 20 minutes a few times a week on top of that? Double-blech!

We're awful pet owners. I know it. :(