Thursday, November 04, 2010

"Window" shopping...and found stupid people. Go figure!

I like to shop online. Not only can I fantasize by "window" shopping (it's strangely satisfying to plop a bunch of designer dresses and shoes into a shopping bag at, and then just navigate away from the page...), but I also don't have to deal with the people that go along with shopping in the everyday way.

Because y'all know how much I love people. :/

Today, though, searching through the Anthropologie hats for the one that would make me happiest, I found a fedora I liked, and checked out the customer ratings and accompanying comments for tips on how good it is in person. Here's the hat I was looking at:

And some of the comments from people who've bought it and seen it in person:

"One side of the hat was straight, the other bent, and it fit very crookedly and oddly. Adorable hat, horrible fit."

"As soon as I saw this hat online, I knew I had to have it. When i recieved it I was very disappointed. It is a beautiful hat but it is designed wierdly. One side of the hat bends and the other is straight. The flowers were beautiful but it just didn't look right. I was so sad to have to return in to the store."'s a fedora. Do people not know what a fucking fedora is*? REALLY? It is supposed to be straight on one side, and curled up on the other! THAT is, by design, what makes a fedora a fedora!!!

I can't leave responses to their comments online, without ordering the hat myself. Some people seem to get the fact that it's supposed to sit kind of tipsy-like on your head. But these other folks who think it's some sort of defect? Have they seriously never seen a fucking fedora before?

See, I think I escape the stupid by shopping from the comfort of my chair. But no. No, I don't. ::sigh::

*And for those of you who read this here blog, and didn't know what a fedora was before now, just FYI, it's like the hat Indiana Jones wears in the movies. You're welcome. :P


Anonymous said...

I like caps that sit jauntily upon the head. You should buy it. 1. You'll have a cute hat. 2. You can then comment and tell them all off.

Faith said...

My friend Alisha texted me to tell me she'd tried the hat on, and it's really pretty!

I dunno...maybe if it goes on sale.

I totally want the one that, of course, costs $250. Which is just stupid. ::sigh::

thedirtyknitter said...

ha! i love it...and i love fedoras...and asymmetry...go get it! once it goes on sale :)

Fred Sanford said...

Your pictured hat bears no more resemblance to a fedora than I do to Harrison Ford (I'm better looking).

That said, if you like it, wear it well.

Faith said...

Ok, if you don't see the resemblance to the fedora in the pictured hat I have in the post, then there's something wrong with your eyes, Fred! It has the crease on top, it's straight on one edge, and fips up on the other edge. (Which, given, you can't see entirely on the photo I provided, but you can see that it's twisting a bit on the other side...)

The photo you linked to? Has the exact same design elements as this hat, but it's in a different material, and it's clearly a masculine hat vs this feminine one I'm discussing. Otherwise, it, too, has the brim laid flat on one side, flipped up on the other, and has the crease down the center on top. Sooo...yeah. O_o

I also realize it seemed like I was saying that this hat pictured is the $250 hat I want to buy. It's not. It's more like 50-something dollars. The $250 hat that I like is a cloche. And it's freaking adorable. But no...I'm sorry. $250 for a hat I might wear 3 times a year? Not gonna happen!

Fred Sanford said...

Hmmm...must be something wrong with my eyes then. Perhaps if I picture those flowers on Indiana Jones' fedora...uh....hmm...nope. Just doesn't do it for me.

Okay, what if we remove the adorable flowers from your hat? Ah...wait a sec...uh...nope. Now all we have is a...hey: that's it!

It's a trilby!

Faith said...

No it's not. Grrrrr! That "trilby" hat has a flat brim alll the way around.

The goddammed fedora has the brim down on one side, and rolled up on the other. Jeezy chreezy!!!

faithstwin said...

Its seems to be a cross between a trilby and a fedora. It's a trilora. Or a fedilby.

I love this hat- it's totally cute. I only ever wear ball caps though and thats when I am having a ball-cap-kind-of-day. My head gets hot just thinking about wearing hats.

Faith said...

Ok, fine. You caused me to actually go out and Google "difference between trilby and fedora". And I actually got a very good answer from this website. I especially enjoy the alpaca addition to the argument. :D

Fred Sanford said...

Those alpaca things look...ah...words fail me.

Nice find on the trilby v fedora site, by the way. I bet if you truned up just a partial edge on one they'd look just like the trilby in your post...

; ' )