Thursday, December 02, 2010

Another question for you. (Or for me and the Twin...whatever works.)

We have a "holiday" potluck happening here at work that one of the many groups is organizing. How we do it here is someone obtains the meat for the main dish, and then cooks it, and the rest of us all bring side-dishes to share. It generally works out pretty well. (The upper management tends to chip in on the meat/main dish costs, so that's how we cover those.)

But, aside from the fact that I think they are waaaay overplanning on attendance, meat-wise, I also found out that they are planning on cooking the meat tomorrow.

But the potluck isn't until next Thursday.

Um, is it just me, or does that seem like a really bad idea?


Ms. Pants said...

Make a really good side. And portion out some of it just for yourself so you don't have to eat rancid meat next Thursday.

Donna said...

The only way that would be safe is if they are going to put it in the freezer until Wednesday. For instant, if it was a brisket that would work just fine.

Angi said...

No way. Meat over 2 days old is a no go for me, especially with amateur chefs in charge.

I'd ask for their reasoning and then no matter what they say, tell them you'd rather not eat but you will accept the 2 bucks they were going to spend on your portion in cash.

faithstwin said...

Well, seeing as I am not the ONLY ONE COMMENTING THIS TIME I missed my beat. But I do NOT condone eating meat that was made a week in advance. I say you show up all enthused, happy to eat a choice cut of meat then whip out a bag (of whatever you decide would fit the moment) and dig in to your own safe-to-eat meal.

And bring a brilliant side dish to add more panache to the situation.

Or you could picket. With a sign that says, "I eat meat if it is served responsibly."

Or you could just conveniently be sick that day altogether.

emawkc said...

Maybe the meat is some kind of beef jerky, or turkey jerky, or some other kind of jerky. You can save that stuff for years...

Faith said...

Leo also mentioned that if they're planning on smoking any of the meat, that might help a little with it's keeping.

I don't know how this worked, but he used to serve a lot of week-old food at the country club and never heard of anyone getting sick from it. (He was required to serve it. His boss would yell at him and threaten to fire him if he did otherwise.) The big barbecues they would have for things like 4th of July, and stuff? They'd keep the smoked meat for a couple of weeks after. And then serve it. YEAH. ::shudders:: (In a twist of karmic goodness, that place burned to the ground earlier this week, so we don't have to worry about them poisoning their members again any time soon. Not that we worried much, anyway...)

I don't plan on eating any of the meat. I think my boss has effectively withdrawn his monetary support as well. (Not that he was ever formally asked to contribute apparently...this whole thing is not very well organized!) I might even follow the suggestion given from a friend on my message board...her husband said I should put up a sign that says, "6 day old meat" in front of the trays of whatever they're serving. I think it's a fabulous idea.

Fred Sanford said...

Maybe they meant preparing the meat today.

If so that might involve hanging the carcass for several days before flaying or otherwise carving the meat next Wednesday evening, at which point they could apply an appropriate rub or marinade before actually cooking the meat the following Thursday.

In which case, all is good.

Now…what I might ask would be:

1) What meat’s involved?
2) Where do they live?

(The last because it might be fun to drive by their house/apartment to view the gutted pig, deer or hobo hanging from their front porch. Especially if they already have their Christmas light on.)

Bon app├ętit!

faithstwin said...

I thought of the aged meat our brother had a penchant for a few years ago when this post came up- our poor sister-in-law had to deal with the smell of dead meat in her fridge a couple times. There *is* that angle. BUT I don't see your company going to such lengths like that... maybe they're smoking it. In which case, yeah it seems odd but it is very safe for quite a while.

I can't wait to hear what ends up happening. Oh, and I agree with Fred: I'd like to know what kind of meat it is as well.

Faith said...

Ok, types of meat included (but were not limited to):

4 briskets
6 pork butts
5 packages of chicken ½ breasts

I can't figure out the numbers they're giving in the email they sent out, but they're thinking there's going to be over 200 people participating in this damned potluck. When we usually are lucky to get about 50 - 55. So they're planning on getting appx. 35 lbs of pork, 30 lbs of brisket, and god knows how much chicken.

I don't know why this person is so idiotic when it comes to planning this shit, but I'll be interested to see how it all turns out. I'll be sure to update on it. WITH photos. :D