Monday, December 13, 2010

If you didn't think it could get any more freaky...YOU WERE WRONG.

*Disclaimer, because I know all my stories about my house ghost are probably starting to sound pretty wild and ridiculous at this point. This is another one of those stories. I just wanted to say, one more time for the record, that I am not making this shit up. I have no desire to do any such thing. I'm writing about the actual paranormal events that are occurring in our home, which I swear to the great jeebus above that neither me nor my husband are doing to each other to freak the other one out. Our dogs are not this talented either. And as far as I know, we don't have any stray hobos living in our attic who come down to fuck with us at any given time of the day. If I ever do discover that all of this fun is the work of a stray hobo living in our attic, I will certainly let y'all know.*

Friday, as I mentioned, was the 1st anniversary of my father's death. I did not have a good day. I bullied my way through it quietly at my desk, and didn't even get to leave work until well after my normal exit time, so finally heading home was quite a relief.

Of course, once I got home, work followed me. I was on the phone with someone in IT about my issue that had been plaguing me for several days, while wandering around the house trying to not lose my mind. I sat down on the bed in the master bedroom at one point, and noticed a penny in the corner of our big Matisse drawing we have in there. "Honey! I found a penny!" (I was on hold with the IT chick at the time...) Leo came in from the kitchen to see where it was, and we had a laugh, and then went back to our normal business.

Oh, and we took pictures of the penny in the corner of the picture, but for some reason when I was loading them into the computer Sunday afternoon, I thought it was one I'd already shared, and I deleted it. Sorry!

A while later, we were sitting on the couch enjoying our downtime (FINALLY), and Jake was doing this dance around the edge of the couch, constantly laying flat and looking under it at the toys that have rolled their way under there, eventually doing this loud sigh/whining thing that he does when he's frustrated and sad. I asked Leo to please get the damned toys out from under the couch for the puppeh! He's got long arms, so he figured he could reach them all. He got the flashlight, and went to point it under the couch, but as he did, he swept it across the bookcase across the room, and something caught his eye. "Ok, that is just CREEPY." I was all, "What's creepy?" And he just pointed with the flashlight at the picture of my parents we have up on top of the case, and then went back to his business of retrieving the toys from under the couch.

So I got up, and went to see what he was talking about. And there was a penny sitting directly under my dad in the photo on the shelf.

Immediate tears came to my eyes. "Look at where it is! Oh my God, that's so cool! Look, honey! Did you see that it's right under dad?" He had. He thought it was pretty cool, too. And then he gave me a hug. :)

So I took a picture of it with my phone right away (which accounts for the quality in that photo above...sorry 'bout that), and sent it on to my Twin in California so she could see how Jeffers really does seem to know what's going on in my life, and how he tries to cheer me up when I'm down about stuff.

About a half hour later, I had to pee. So I went to the bathroom, still a bit giddy from the penny under my dad in the living room. And as I grabbed at the toilet paper and pulled, a penny came flying out and landed on the floor at my feet. I started laughing hysterically...and then I had to reenact the event for the photo-taking purposes, but this is how it was set up:

Things got a little ridiculous then, because I went out to get the camera so I could take photos of the TP penny, and on my way back to the bathroom, I saw this penny on my college graduation photo of me and my dad:
(Yes, I really did use to be that skinny. And my hair was fluffy, yo! Dayum.)

I was giggling a fair amount at that point, and even Leo was having a good time with the whole thing, so whatever was going on, it was just what I needed. Instead of being sad and crying, I was laughing and being entertained by the randomness of the pennies. Which is apparently why Jeffers is there with us...he's all about cheering us up. Which I totally appreciate.

But that wasn't the end of the crazy. No, no! Not at all. We went to bed a bit late on Friday night, and we slept well. I woke up early on Saturday because I thought I was going to have to work, but that didn't wind up happening. Anyway, I woke up, and headed out to the living room. And as I walked past the photo of mom and dad on top of the bookcase, I saw that another penny had been added during the night...
Apparently, Jeffers didn't want mom to feel left out! :D

That wasn't all the fun he had, though. I also noticed that he wanted to get in on the decorating for the holiday. We'd pulled the blue ball out from it's lengthy hiatus under the couch the night before, and the puppies had had their fair share of fun with it. Izzy was lying on top of it sleeping at one point, she was so glad to have it back.

But once we went to bed, the blue ball became Jeffers's way of saying an old timey hello, apparently! He plopped it on top of the tree, where the star would go, of course...
We've left it there, after a little discussion about whether we should take it down or not. I told Leo that I think it's nice that Jeffers wanted to join in the decorating fun! So we're leaving it right where he put it.

Later that morning, I had an appoinment with my trainer at the gym. I grumbled a bit as I pulled on my socks, and then when I went to put on my shoes, a penny slid down out of the toe of each foot before I put them on! Hahahahaha!

Now the next thing that happened creeped Leo out, and seemed to creep the Twin out a bit when I told her about it as well. I don't see any problem with it, really. It's weird, for sure. But it didn't hurt me, really.

So, when we got home from the gym, I was getting undressed for a shower when I smelled an icky smell in the bedroom. Something mildewy-ish that I couldn't track. I called Leo in to help me sniff it down (which we were both unsuccessful with, btw), and when I turned around at one point, he suddenly said, "OH MY GOD. Um, ::pointing emphatically::" I looked where he was pointing. I didn't see anything. I said, "What? What's wrong?" He, again, pointed emphatically in my direction. I said, "Look, this pointing thing you do is NOT helpful. You have to use your words. What the fuck is up?" So he said, "Just, go look in the mirror at your back." Um, AUGH. Ok...

So I did. And I saw this:
This penny was stuck to me, somehow.
It was stuck so hard, that when Leo removed it after he took those first photos, it left a mark...
It also hurt a little when he removed it, but it went away after a little bit. It was just like someone had poked me too hard, was all.

The thing is, I never felt that penny at all. I had no idea it was there without Leo pointing it out. I don't know how long it had been there, but it had to have been sometime after I got home from my workout, I'd think. I was on my back a fair amount during the workout itself, and I'd think that after a bit of moving around the way I was doing, it would have come off on it's own. So it must've been put there after we got home from the gym, possibly after I took my shirt off to prepare for my shower.

I don't know what's next, guys. I really don't. I kinda wish Jeffers would clean the toilets, or something, if he's so darned intent on being involved in our lives! But in the meantime, nothing has happened since Saturday. I even found the red kong that I thought he'd taken a few weeks was under the bed after all. So maybe he'll be quiet for a while, now that things are settling down a bit at work and at home. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess...


faithstwin said...

Nice. Yeah, I am not too cool with the penny-on-your-back action. I just think that's getting a little too close for comfort is all.

Did you ever leave him anything like I suggested? I'm sure you told him thanks for helping cheer you up, but he might be wantin' some extra love for the massive energy displayed.

In any case, he is one entertaining ghostie and maybe he'll take some time to rest while you all are out here and come back for some fun after the New Year. Or he may keep up this odd money thang- or start playing with the blue ball again. Yay!

Faith said...

You know what we did, Twin? We watched "Operation Petticoat", since it was recorded on our Tivo, and we figured Jeffers might enjoy a Cary Grant/Tony Curtis flick from the 50's. :D (Also, so. funny. I had to stop it at least twice so I could laugh without missing what happened next. Such a funny movie!)

faithstwin said...

You've never seen Operation Petticoat before? Yes, HILARIOUS film. I think I tripped across it searching for something to watch one time. Cool. I bet Jeffers enjoyed that. =D