Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If you're this guy, just STOP IT.

There's this one guy on my team that constantly tries to second guess me, without being obvious about it. Par example...

My boss is one of those people that will be going on vacation for the holidays for the final 2 weeks of the year, starting next week. The thing is, he's also planning on maybe starting this week, if his schedule allows. But he doesn't know yet.

Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of meetings hanging in the balance, and I haven't sent out cancellation notices for the ones he hosts during the next 3 weeks at all yet, since I'm not totally sure what his schedule will be.

So this manager on his team sends me an email today asking me if the weekly staff meetings our boss holds will be happening on the 22nd and the 28th, even though boss will be out on vacation.

::sigh:: No. No they won't. But guess what? I'll get to that when I know what's totally up with boss's vacation, OKAY?

I told him that I was planning on working on cancellations for LOTS of meetings, but not until AFTER we have our staff meeting this afternoon. I want to bring it up with all the managers at the same time, so there's less confusion about the meetings I'm cancelling.

But maybe I should ask him if HE wants to do my damned job for me, and I'll just go home, since he's so eager to have this shit happen on HIS schedule and all.

Just...don't be that guy. Unless your admin is brand spanking new, she knows her ass from her elbow, most likely, and is able to manage her job just fine, alright? Leave her (or him! Could be a him...) the fuck alone.

God, I'm irritable today. I need more sleep, I think.


faithstwin said...

How annoying! But he does have two things I can think of right away that might give him a bit of leeway: #1. He's a man. Men are dumb. #2. He doesn't have your job so he really doesn't know his ass from his elbow in that perspective.

I've only been impatient with drivers lately. Even today at Target when I had to wait for one of only TWO people working in electronics (did anyone let them know CHRISTMAS is next week so scheduling should relfect that fact?) I was able to just grin and bear it somehow.

Just now, driving home from acupuncture, I had some ninnyhammer wash their goshdamned windshield right in front of me while we are driving doing about 50 mph. Who the FUCK doesn't know you wait until it is clear behind you or just don't do it at that moment!? I mean, if you get covered in black paint, sure, wash your windshield. But there is NOTHING that important you need to remove from it on a bright sunny afternoon WHILE someone is behind you and she just washed her car yesterday!!!

Faith said...

Yeah, we're all driving around with salt and gook and stuff on our cars here, so a clean car isn't a huge concern, I have to say! :P (Although I do still practice the courtesy of only washing my windshield while sitting at a signal or in a parked spot, as long as it isn't icy out. When it's icy out, we have to use the windshield spray pretty much constantly.)

This guy with the meeting hyperness is a really nice guy. He means well, I know he does...but he just doesn't realize that he's steamrolling me when he sends me notes that are seeming to say, "Hey, are you gonna do your job, or what?" They don't say anything close to that, mind you. But the context reads that way, is the thing.

I feel better now that the end of the day is here, and I've cancelled meetings, and I can go home and drink spiked tea all night long. :D