Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh, well isn't THAT super-helpful.

Health Center Front Desk Chick: "Faith? I'm calling to let you know that I set up an appointment with Dr. Fabulous for you."

Me: "Awesome! Ok, when is it?"

HCFDC: "It's on March 9th, at..."

Me: "WHAT? That's 3 months from now!!!"

HCFDC: "He's very busy, so that was the earliest appointment."

Me: ::headdesk:: "Ok, there must be another endocrinologist that has availability before then! I know that doctor is probably wonderful, but he can't be the only one. NP told me yesterday in my appointment about another group that I could see if Dr. Fabulous was too busy...maybe I can get in with them? I was hoping for something no later than mid-January, if at all possible..."

HCFDC: "I'll try calling and finding another appointment. I'll call you back."

Me: "Ok, thank you! I really appreciate it."

20 minutes later, the Health Center Front Desk Chick had found me an appointment with a different endo near my work. I'll see the doctor on January 19th. MUCH better...

I'm also going to totally try changing up my diet after I get back from vacation. We'll see if that helps at all, too. ::sigh::

Tomorrow, I leave for California (if it hasn't floated away, or been destroyed by tornadoes before then), so posting will be few and far between until after I get back to work on 1/3/11. Happy holidays to you all!


christinag said...

Not sure why you're seeing an Endo, but if it has to do with possible gluten/celiac issues, you shouldn't change your diet yet. Doing so could skew any results if tests are needed......
Merry Christmas and enjoy CA!

faithstwin said...


Our family has a looong list of endocrine issues- mainly hormonal imbalances. Faith is dealing with something that sounds very much related to her hormones. Hence, an endocrinologist. =)

I highly doubt this is anything related to gluten or celiac issues. I agree with the not changing anything (unless she is talking cutting out some yummy stuff she keeps in lower quantities anyway) until she is seen by the doc, though.

Betsy said...

Please check out "Parathyroid" on the internet when you get a second, and don't give up hope. You know your body better than the doctors do so stand tough!