Thursday, December 09, 2010

Our house ghost is generous!

So, back in June (I did NOT realize it had been so long!), I started finding random coins left in strange places around the house. It wasn't me putting them there, and Leo said he hadn't put them there, so we had to move to the next "logical" explanation, and assume they're from Jeffers.

I know that people who don't live with a teleportation-obssessed ghost like Jeffers might fight the logical nature of that assumption, but for those of us who do, that's what logic has become at this stage in the game.

Anyway, since he's continued to give us money in the form of coins ever since he started back in June, and because I like to use the blog as a way to document paranormal activity around the house, I thought I'd start sharing this little ghostly money journey out here for everyone to enjoy. Which I have been doing via posts written about the events (additional ones are here and here), but now I thought I'd post photos to help y'all visualize what's happening.

I'm all about visual aids, dammit. (Just FYI, some of these photos are reenactments, as I didn't start taking photos of the coins until late last week. I didn't realize it was going to become as big of a game as it has when it started!)

So it all began back in June, when I was walking from the master bathroom out to the living room after work one evening, and spotted a coin in an odd spot on the bureau.

I asked Leo if he'd placed it there, and he said he had not. I was stoked because it was one of the older coins I've ever possessed. I assumed that since Leo didn't put it there and I knew I hadn't, that it was a gift from Jeffers. So I put it into the top drawer of my bedside table, and moved on with things.

A few months later (September), another quarter showed up in the exact same spot. It was odd that it happened that day because I had been having a conversation with the twin while driving hom from work about how it had been a while since Jeffers had been active, and I was a bit disappointed. Then I got home, and BAM. Quarter shows up in the lamp again. Weird! I put it with the other quarter in the top drawer, and moved on.

And this is why I need to keep a record of this shit as I go along...I can't even remember when this one happened, but one night when I was getting ready for bed, I opened up my medicine cabinet to get my toothpaste out. And when I did that, I noticed a nickle sitting on top of a contact lense case I keep on the bottom shelf in there...

I put it in the top drawer with the other coins. It was the first time Jeffers had given me something other than a quarter. It wasn't even a special nickle, like with a cool date or anything. It was just from, like, 1986, or some shit. Blah.

We went for a long while without activity again. And then a dog toy disappeared while I was playing with it with Jake, but that still hasn't shown up again. I'm still waiting for that to come flying at my head, or something, while I'm in the shower or whatever. I can't imagine where he'd put it at this point to be creative. He seems to like finding creative spots, is the thing.

Anyway, back to the coins. So the red kong disappeared, and a few days later, I was like, "Ok, dude. Gimme back the kong!" No kong. But later that week was when Leo and I were reading in bed, and the two quarters just showed up sitting on my thighs without me noticing them. That was documented in this post specifically, in case you want to read it, or missed it, or forgot about it. I didn't take pictures of that because, well...they were quarters on my thighs. Use your imagination.

That happened a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. And then we left town, and nothing paranormal happened while we were away (that we're aware of. Who knows what the house ghost does when he's home all by himself!), but when I was unpacking, at one point I found a nickle in the bottom of my luggage that I swore hadn't been there before. But I had put an extra purse in there, and I didn't know if it had slipped out of there? Anyway, I can't be sure if it's a present from Jeffers or not. I keep it in the top drawer with the other coins, anyway. Just in case.

And then last week, he kicked back into high gear again. So I decided I needed to take pictures.

So I got home from work on Wednesday or Thursday, and I went to the bathroom (like ya do), and then I went to wash my hands and when I do that, I always notice the mess I've left the sink area in when I left that morning for work. So I wind up the power cord on my hairdryer, and go to put it in the drawer, and when I open it, I see a penny waiting for me on my hairbrush.

(Sorry about the hairy hairbrushes. But...they are hairbrushes, after all!) I immediately remembered seeing 2 pennies in a small dish that we have in the kitchen, for rings and stuff, when I had walked in the door. Don't ask me why, but I went running out to the living room and asked Leo, "How many pennies did you have in that dish earlier?" And he said, "There were 2. Why?" I looked in the dish, and sure enough, there was only 1 penny in it then! I said, "Come see where I found the other penny that had been in this dish!" He followed me into the bathroom, and we laughed a bit about the penny's placement.

And then he goes, "So did he put that dime there, too?" And I was all, "Huh? What dime? Where's a dime?" And he said, "Right here!" And I turned and saw him pointing at a bottle of body spray I had next to my sink area behind my handsoap. I swear, I had just washed my hands, and I didn't remember seeing that dime there, guys!
I told him that I hadn't even noticed the dime! "That wasn't there a bit ago, I swear! What the fuck, dude???"

I took the coins, and put them in the drawer with the others that I'd received.

Friday night, I went to the bathroom at some point after we'd eaten dinner, and when I turned around to do my bidness, I happened to glance up for some reason. And saw another damned coin, but this time in a totally fresh spot!
(Pardon the cobwebs. I honestly couldn't see it until I loaded this photo on the computer!)
THAT was new! So I laughed, and went back out to the living room and told Leo what I'd found. And he had to come get it down, because I couldn't reach it. And then I put it in the drawer with the other coins.

And then on Monday, I think it was? I was again in the bathroom (yes, I spend a lot of time's a nice bathroom. Also, I like primping, ok?) getting ready for bed, and when I closed my medicine cabinet after getting out my toothpaste, I saw a penny on the photo framed on the wall opposite me, being reflected in my medicine cabinet mirror. I kind of made a "Eeee!" noise and then laughed, and told Leo we'd gotten another penny. (It was not the remaining penny in the dish in the kitchen, though. We checked. So we're not sure where this one came from.) And then I got the camera to take pictures...

He likes leaning things in seemingly difficult spots, I've noticed. Like this penny, and the quarter on the door frame, and stuff...
And that's actually it, at this point. Obviously, we aren't getting rich off our ghost. Hell, it's been proven that one of the coins was one that we already had, so now we can assume that he's finding these coins in the house somewhere or another, I'd think. You know how it is...we all have a coin depository of some sort in our homes, catching randomly unneeded coins from time to time. We definitely have one of those, but I just think it's interesting that he's finding older coins the way he has been. 1946, 1967, 1969, 1986, 1976, etc...with so many newly minted quarters circulating about these days, I hadn't noticed anything older in my wallet until Jeffers started this whole game.

So here's what we have thus far. The one nickle is out on the edge like that because it was the one I found in my suitcase, and I'm not sure it was placed there through paranormal means.

$1.42 so far. (Or $1.47, if you count the one from the suitcase.)

I truly wonder where we go from here. One thing's for sure...I'll keep you all in the loop on whatever it is!


faithstwin said...

Did you tell me about the one from the door jam and the picture? I don't remember you telling me about those- it's so funny!

I swear every now and then I look around for that kong in my closets and stuff... you never know. I am going to the SJC house tonight- maybe it's there somewhere since that was the place the sunglasses were brought to you from.

Faith said...

That could be the case.

I can't remember if I told you about the quarter. I might've. Actually, just checked the texting history on my phone, and yeah I did tell ya. You said he was foonay. :D

Ms. Pants said...

Keep a written log of this shit, dude. Jeffers deserves his own blank book.

faithstwin said...

I agree Ms Pants! Anything that musters up enough energy to do what he does deserves mad props in my opinion.

I guess you did tell me, Twin, but he's so proliferate with his giving it must have slipped my mind.