Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sorry if this is boring for anyone...but, we got another coin!

Last night, after we got home from dinner, I changed into my jammies, Leo put water on for tea, and I settled into the couch for an hour of TV before bed.

I put on my Burt's Bee's cuticle wax stuff, because my fingernails are pretty much made of evil this time of year, and I've been working on strengthening them through moisture and massage and Vitamin D. (But they still break while I open the car door. Or when I flip over in bed at night. Don't ask me how, they just do. They suck...)

And then I reached for the little jar pot of very concentrated Burt's Bee's Almond Milk lotion I keep next to the couch, and slather my hands with every time they feel like they need it.
And when I opened the jar, I saw this:
It's from 1974. And it cracked my shit up.

I showed my coworker the pictures this morning, after telling her about Friday night yesterday when we were shooting the shit during lunchtime. And she gave me the standard response that everyone does..."Are you sure your husband didn't put that there?" Yeah, I'm sure. I mean, he very well could have done this quarter. He was home alone all day yesterday, and the jar was just sitting there on the coffee table without anyone checking it to make sure quarters weren't in it at any given time. So, sure. Yeah it's possible that he put that one there.

But I just don't think he does any of this stuff. I think that people who have lived with someone for a while, or have been married for a few years, can attest to what I'm talking about here: you know when your spouse/significant other is fucking with you. You just do. And either Leo took an acting course without me knowing about it, and got really good with his poker face, or he's just not involved in any of the weird activity that happens around the house. I happen to believe it's the latter. But everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want to about my ghost stories.

It's hard enough for us to not tell each other what we bought one another for Christmas gifts over the course of the 2 weeks leading up to the holiday, though. We just aren't good secret keepers, I don't think. So I stand by the fact that all this paranormal stuff just keeps happening in our house. And we don't know when it will stop, or what will happen next. Maybe I'll pop open a tampon sometime, and find a dime. That'd be interesting...


Ms. Pants said...

I love Jeffers. There, I said it.

Faith said...

Me too. It's like he's a member of my family now. :D

faithstwin said...


Fred Sanford said...

jeffers is a total skinflint.

i mean it; any spirit worth its salt would be gifting you with serious coinage - maybe an indian head half eagle or a saint-gaudens double eagle. at least he could leave something aestheticly pleasing. you know, like a bare breasted qauarter...

i mean, otherwise...what's the point? if it's just your average over circulated quarter, jeffers need not be involved at all. it might as well be that evil looking tumor in the middle of your brain making you think these things are happening...

faithstwin said...

Oh no you di'int Fred!

Faith feels very strongly about her ghost. While I visited she was VERY upset with me saying I 'pushed' anyone I could outside while I was there. She likened what I did to making her ghost(s) experience much what the ghosts did in Beetle Juice with the worms and all.

Though I can pretty much say no one went through anything traumatic in that sense, I did experience things while staying in their house. And I do not have a devil in mah brain messin' with my thoughts, I'm pretty sure.

Besides all that I know Leo is a very sane individual (not that I am suggesting Faith isn't, but you know...) and I have seen him talk about it, react to it and react to others when they are told about the experiences. He is, I guarantee, NOT capable of fucking around to this level.

Besides, there are situations that seperate both Faith and Leo from one another at different times when they both experienced fun from Jeffers when only one of them happened to be home.

I appreciate your idea, Fred, but Jeffers is just a cool ghost who apparently can't get his 'hands' on coins worth more in one way or another.

Oh! Let me put it this way: I liken him to Office Space and the 'fraction of a penny' theory. I forgot about this. He just may be feeling like it is ok to pilfer some pennies here, a dime there, maybe a few quarters on occasion because the rightful owners won't even notice they are missing them. Until Faith and Leo wake up with hundred dollar bills lining all the walls (in stacks, so I am picturing millions...) there really isn't anything to worry about, you know?

Faith said...

Hahahaha! I told my coworker that we still haven't been able to figure out where he's getting the coins, and that I hope they aren't from the nieghbors!

Although, the one neighbor next door might be a hoarder that wouldn't even notice if any coins she had went missing. We can't figure that lady out. I keep wondering if she has a sick parent or relative that she might be spending all her money on to take care of, because it definitely doesn't go towards house upkeep! It's weird. ::scratching head::

faithstwin said...

Yup. I don't go around knowing exactly what change I have in the coin part of my wallet. I mean, walking through that old Green Castle place in Pasadena? One of the apartments that was open had a BIG ol' jar of change just sitting out waiting for people (or a clever spirit) to snatch some up. You tellin' me that person keeps a log of just what is in their jar? I think NOT!