Monday, January 31, 2011

It's like the flu, without any of the benefits

I did a bootcamp class over the weekend, because my trainer was the one running it, and I didn't want to be unsupportive!

Worst. decision. EVAR.

Anyway, I'm trying to walk like a normal human being again today, and all. (I hurt all over. It felt like I had the flu yesterday morning when I got up, but with more peppiness. It was just my muscles freaking out, basically. And there was tiredness, but I got over it quickly.) Yesterday, she went a little easier on me than usual when we were training, but she told me she thinks I should do more group exercise classes. She was impressed with how much I appeared to push myself in that kind of environment.


I don't like people, is the problem. So it's hard for me to psych myself up to attend stuff like that. We'll see.

My endocrinologist's nurse called me today. The doctor wanted to know when I did one of the take-home tests. (It was what's called a nightime salivary cortisol test.) I told her that it was about 10 p.m., or so. She called me back later, and said that the doctor wants me to re-do it. The numbers were ridiculously high, or something. (Apparently, your cortisol levels should be at their lowest late at night. And then they perk back up again in the morning.) He wants me to do it at 11:30 p.m. some night this week. Blech. I don't usually voluntarily stay up that late during the week, but whatever! If I need to re-do it, I need to re-do it.

If they're high again, it could be a sign of something called Cushing's Syndrome. (Or Cushing's Disease. I don't know if there's a difference, to be honest.) So we'll see.

Today, I'm trying to focus on the fact that I get to start my acupuncture treatments for my crazy facial twitch tonight, and not think about anything else. I hope hey clear up fast! Like, super-fast. That'd be absolutely fabulous. I'll let you know how it goes...

Friday, January 28, 2011

FYI: Your feet don't go there.

There's a new phenomenon happening in the ladies' room here at work, and it's time to talk about it. It's been going on for about a month, or so, and I don't get it. Basically, I go into my favorite stall (which is the one at the far end of the restroom, against the wall), and there's been...splashing occurring, it seems. It's getting worse and worse. Last week, there was a full on puddle in front of the toilet, and it was like, DUDE. Hooowww?

What I've noticed a couple of times before I head to another toilet instead is that there are shoe prints on the toilet seat. So what's becoming apparent is that someone is basically standing on the goddammed toilet seat, and then peeing.

To which I say, WHAT THE FUCK?

I haven't noticed any new people in the building, except for some Russian spies/contractors that have been here for far longer than a month. (They're beautiful. Thin, awesome hair, dressed like they're on an episode of Alias...I swear they must be spies in their free time!) I don't think it's the Russian chick that's doing this. But I can't be positive. I've never caught the person in the process, so it's hard to say who it might be.

So. weird.

By the way, I've successfully knocked most of my days of the week down to being between 1300 - 1650 calories. I've lost 5 pounds in the past 3 weeks. I'm only hungry some of the time. I think I might be on to something.

I'm heading to an acupuncturist in about 20 minutes to see if he can do anything about this FUCKING twitch I have on the left side of my face, too.

I'm trying to fix myself, y'all. Slowly but surely, I will be a normal chick again, dammit.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's a *mysterious* cookie. Which might be the worst kind, ever.

On Monday, I came in to work, and found this on my desk:
It was a cookie that someone had left for me (and another was left for my boss on the other end of my desk, since his office door remains locked all the time), but I had no idea who it was from, or when they had left the cookie.

I was kinda excited at first. I like cookies, and even though I wasn't hungry for it right then at 8 a.m., I usually crave something sweet around the afternoon, so I put it aside for later consumption.

Only, when I picked it up, I realized it was pretty much hard as a rock. And the lumps...they were off-putting. I knocked the cookie on my desk a couple of times to test the hardness. It was definitely a tough cookie. (Ha!)

Later, I cracked the cookie in two pieces, trying to figure out what the hell it might be. It was a beige color, and it looked like a no-bake cookie, of some sort. I opened the bag to take a picture of the cookie without glare, and it smelled like it might be butterscotch, or something? I really couldn't tell.

It also looked a little bit like the vomit that Jake so generously gifted me with at about 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning. So there was that, too.

My boss didn't want to eat his, either. He came out of his office sometime after lunch, and asked me if I'd eaten mine yet. "I'm not eating it until you eat it," he said. I told him, "Well then, I guess you won't be eating that cookie, Boss!"

Because, well...would you eat it?

I mean, good intentions are always nice! But if you leave something random like that on someone's desk without telling them where it was from or what was in it? Your good intentions are going in the trash. Just sayin'.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What has Jeffers the house ghost been up to?

You would think that the paranormal stuff around our house would take a break now and then, but it doesn't. Not really. I mean...nothing will happen for, like, a few weeks or so. But then something new pops up and reminds us that we aren't alone! EVAR! (Which is just fine with me. Since I can't bump into him, or anything, it's not much of a big deal to live with a ghost, IMO.)

First off, he's not done with the coin thing yet. I went home on Friday night, and put on my comfy pajama pants, a nice cozy sweater, and then slipped my feet into my ugg-like slippers that I wear around the house. As I started to walk out of the closet, I felt something banging around my right foot. I took off my slipper and found a quarter. It was from 1976. Good times.

And then on Saturday, I noticed that there were a couple of items on top of our bookcase that don't usually sit up there. Don't ask me why, but I just walked past it and ignored it. On Sunday, I finally thought to ask Leo why he'd put the items on top of the bookcase? I thought maybe he'd been dusting and had moved them and forgot to put them back inside the case. He said he hadn't put them there.


Well, I didn't put them there. So I figured Jeffers must've done it.

I don't really get the significance of the objects, if there is any at all. One of them was a small bud vase that I received as a gift from my step mom a couple of years ago. It's part of a set, actually. But it hangs out inside the bookcase, on top of a stack of Shakespear books I have from college.

The other item was a 1st place ribbon that Leo won back in high school for some art thing he'd entered. He has a couple of scholastic art award medal thingies attached to the ribbon, too. He wound up telling me some interesting stories about the awards after I found them on top of the bookcase on Sunday night, but aside from that, I can't see any real significance in it being up there, either.

I guess I should see either of them as being pretty significant, since they moved out of the bookcase without any assistance at all from the human beings that live in the house, but still. Weird.

That's the latest, though. Nothing too major. But still odd all the same!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear dog vomiting gods...

...for the love of all things good and holy, can we please go a WEEK (at least!) without one of our dogs throwing up IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING NIGHT on our goddammed comforter???


Exhausted - and now pissy, too (because I definitely couldn't crawl my ass outta bed at 4:30 a.m. this morning to go to the gym!) - Faith

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's a VLOG. Yes, it's Leo and Faith in person. (Sort of.)

So my friend Stefi brought up this new thing that's apparently making it's rounds on the interwebs as of late...people sharing their patterns of speech, or dialect with everyone. So we here at the Smith household joined in for fun. I thought I would share. :)

Ok, so here's Leo and I discussing the list of words, and the questions that can be specific to certain geographical areas of the country and/or North America as a whole. (The specifics are posted below, in case anyone wants them, and wants to do this vlog thing themselves.) Leo was raised in South Bend, IN, (you know, if you couldn't already tell that from the GIANT Notre Dame shield he's wearing on his chest) and when I met him he had this bizarre combo accent of Chicago and Detroit living inside him. He's since mellowed out.

I'm from California, but have lived in Kansas for 11 years. 12 years, total, actually. I also have lived in France, Malibu, Boston, worked in Chicago, and have had LOTS of Canadian friends. I'm one of those people that tends to adopt the sounds of the speech of people she comes in contact with. I have a rip-roaringly good English, French, Canadian and northern mid-American accent. I also say "y'all" with random frequency.

Basically, my dialect can be kinda muttish from time to time. But this video doesn't show that off all that much. I think Leo and I are kinda boring in it, to be honest.

So, enjoy!

(Also, a couple of quick editor notes: my hair on the left side when you're looking at me? Those are bangs that are growing out. No, they are NOT supposed to stick out like that. But they just do, ok? I'm working on it by growing them out...which takes a lot of time. Also, my twitch on the left side of my face apparently makes the right side of my face more prominent in speech. I'm doing the mouth "dip" thing on the right throughout this video, because I'm totally unaware that it's happening. The Twin is FAMOUS for making this kind of facial expression when she's putting in an order for food in a restaurant, or doing something like that. I didn't know that it had spread to me. So, there ya have it. I caught the Twin's weird half-face dip thing that happens when I talk. Fab. :P Hopefully, it's as endearing to you as it has been to me in the past with the Twin.)

So here's the list of words we read off, and the questions that followed:

Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught

◦What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
◦What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
◦What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
◦What do you call gym shoes?
◦What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
◦What do you call your grandparents?
◦What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
◦What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
◦What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

So after watching ourselves on the video (which we obviously did, because we had to make sure we looked cool), I quickly realized how people say "oil" the south, they tend to say "aaalll" more that the straight "oyl" version we northerners have a tendency towards.

But I still don't get the whole "spitting image" one. WTF?

That is NOT apple juice.

My appointment with the endocrinologist went ok on Wednesday afternoon. Aside from the snowpocalypse happening outside while I was in there, and the alarming number of senior citizens that were also in the office at the same time, which meant they would be out driving in that mess around the same time I was gonna be, everything went pretty well. The doctor was nice. He didn't rush me. He listened to my complaints, and reviewed my history. He asked questions that hopefully helped him understand my issue better.

He ordered some lab work, gave me a prescription for prozac that I'm supposed to take 2 weeks of every month, depending on when my cycle runs (which the Twin told me is pretty much useless, and I need to ask for a lower dose that I can take daily when I see him next), and finished off the appointment by telling me that I might have to just cut my calorie intake in half, depending on how the tests come back.

::sigh:: I think he believes I'm fat because I simply eat too much. Which might be the case, don't get me wrong! But I've already restricted myself down to 1600 - 1800 cals per day for the last couple of months without success. So I dropped it again to 1400 - 1600 last week, and am finally seeing a change on the scale. (I offered the doctor a copy of the food journalling that I've been doing off and on over the past 2 months, and he said that he wants me to keep doing it, and to bring it with me to my next appointment with him in a month.)

If I had to drop down to 800 - 1000 cal per day? I'd rather just live my life in a size 20, I'd think.

The problem is that I might just keep growing if I don't eat less than 1200 cals per day. And that's not what I want to have happen.

I wish there was an easier way! But I get the feeling that there isn't.

In the mean time, I gave my blood at the lab, and then took home a saliva test kit that I had to do before bed last night, and a 24 hour urine thing that I had to do all day yesterday. I've never done one of those before. They give you this big jug thing, and a basin to catch your pee in, and then send you on your way.

While the tech rummaged for the proper piss jug (because, let's face there a better name for it, really?), I told her that I pee a LOT. I wasn't sure if one jug would be enough. "You want another one, just in case?" I was feeling mildly embarrassed about needing even ONE jug, so my idiocy got the best of me and I said, "Nah...this one seems pretty big. I'll just stick with one."

I filled it up this morning at 3:30 a.m. You know, 3 hours before I was finished with my 24 hour test period. Actually, I was worried I would fill it up sometime during the night when I was halfway through the day yesterday, so I tried to cut back on the water I was drinking, in case that might help. It didn't.

Hopefully, it was enough for them to get the test done that they wanted to get done. It's left me wondering just what they do to test it, and how it's completed. I mean, it's a big ol' jug of piss. WTF? I'm pretty sure they ran the test to see if I have Cushing's, but we'll see. All that it confirmed for me was that, yes, I pee a lot in a 24 hour period. Hopefully, they're able to get more out of it than that.

Then there was the whole issue of getting it back to the lab this morning, before I came to work. That was joyful. It was bad enough that I had to carry it back and forth from the fridge (it had to be refrigerated. Yes, we'll be scrubbing that shelf very well today, even though it's not like it leaked all over the place, or anything!) to the master bathroom all day yesterday. But then I had to put it in the passenger seat of the car, and walk it into the damned doctor's office this morning, trying to attract as little attention as possible. I had an opaque green plastic bag to keep it in, so no one could see it, but the bag kept blowing open on the way in the building, and all I could think was Please don't let me slip, fall, and bust open this jug of piss all over the parking lot, God! And then I got in the office and it was, again, FULL of people (mostly old and feeble-type people who probably can't see more than a foot in front of their face, but still), and I was all, "Oh hi! Yeah, I have this bottle of my piss that I need to drop off? Can I leave it here?" But in a more subtle way, I swear. But I couldn't help but think that the entire time I was holding the damned jug! It weighed a gazillion tons, it seemed like, and the green bag just made me feel conspicuous once I was in a room full of people, and it was a really tense morning for me, is all.

::deep breath::

It's over now, though. Hopefully, I won't have to do something like that again anytime soon.

Pee is just a very private thing to me, is all. Except when I'm writing about it, apparently. In that case, I'm perfectly willing to share. I'm so weird.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That's...not really news. :/

I can't be the only one in America right now that is just plain ol' tired of the Arizona shooting "news" stuff at this point, right? It's gotten so that when I hear the words "shooting" or "Tuscon" or "Arizona" or "Gifford", I groan out loud and assess whether the "news story" will last half a minute? Or if it's a whole new piece that involves The Most Precious Love Ever To Have Occurred Between A Politician and An Astronaut.

I know this makes me a horrible person, or what have you. You don't have to mention it in the comments. I just want NEWS back, is all. Like the story about Obama meeting with China's President Hu this week. That sounds interesting! Let's talk some more about that! (But not with George Stephanopoulos, if it can be avoided. Good GOD, he has an annoying interviewing style! LET HILLARY CLINTON TALK, FUCKER!!!)

Also, yes. It's apparently going to snow today in Kansas City. But, really? We have NOTHING else to discuss all morning except (a) when streets will be plowed throughout the city, (b) when it will all start, (c) how to prepare your car for an emergency ('s supposed to be 4 - 7 inches, maybe. I don't think we'll need extra water or an extra CELL PHONE in the car's emergency kit, yo), and (d) why certain schools close early/send kids home early on days when a possibly ugly evening commute is in order? REALLY? I can think of about 10 other topics that might be interesting to hear about (the Hu guy in Washington; why everyone hates Ricky Gervais for being funny as hell; that place that exploded in Pennsylvania; apparently there was a 7.6 earthquake in Pakistan yesterday; etc, etc...), and although they aren't specifically local, they're still NEWS. Well, except for the Ricky Gervais thing. Although I really would like to know why everyone hates him. He's fucking funny. What's wrong with people???

I am easily annoyed lately, though. I have good reason to be: I have finally figured out what's causing my based-in-stress facial twitch.

Unfortunately, it's that I'm stressing out over having such an annoying, stupid, involuntary facial spasm 24/7.

I honestly can't figure out what else it might be. People keep saying, "Work! Marriage! Money!" None of those things stress me out. I'm comfortable, money-wise. I like my job, and find it relatively easy to do 95% of the time. I am married to possibly the most easy dude to be married to in all of history.

I can only tie it back to family stuff. Which I can't discuss, of course, because...well, besides it being boring to everyone who isn't perhaps related to me, it'd be one of the more inappropriate things I'd ever write about out here if I did write about it. And while I'm sure many would argue against this following point, I can say unequivocally that I'm just not that big of a dick.

But, anyway, I honestly think that the stress of having the facial spasm from hell is actually what might be causing the facial spasm now.

I'm thinking of trying accupuncture, so if anyone knows of anyone good at that stuff down south-ish, or around the Brookside/Waldo/Ward Parkway area, please let me know!

I'm also seeing the endocrinologist today, though, and hopefully will come up with some answers for what I can do to make my body just STOP IT. Because the facial spasm thing is really just the tip of a very large "I hate you!" iceberg that my body is basically facing me down with every day. We'll see.

Ok, hope everyone else is having a productive, non-spazzy week! If you're in the general Kansas City area, try not to get stuck in your car in 4- 7 inches of snow. (But just FYI, you can probably walk less than a mile to a QuickTrip for help if that does happen. Just sayin'.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A not so quick review: Louis C.K.'s "Hilarious"

Leo and I are Louis C.K. fans. We saw him on The Daily Show as a guest sometime last year when he was promoting his show "Louie" on FX, and thought he was funny and liked the clips they showed, so we started watching when it began airing.

In his weird way, the guy makes us laugh harder than seems natural at things that should be uncomfortable and definitely cross many lines and boundaries a lot of the time. It's awesome. :D

So Leo went ahead and put "Hilarious" in our Netflix que sometime recently, and we got it yesterday. YAY!

Dudes. We have never. laughed. that hard as long as we've known each other.

I have laughed that hard once or twice before in my life, and I remember the occassions specifically. One time, it was because my oldest sister made me laugh so hard when we were out at dinner, I had to lie down to try to stop. It was one of those moments where I kept thinking back to what it was that made me laugh in the first place, and it was like an evil cycle of funny that would. not. stop. We were at a Japanese restaurant, and I remember the waitresses being very concerned about me not being able to stop laughing. Which, of course, was even funnier to me. It took a good 5 minutes of trying to breathe deep and slow down the laughter before I could return to a normal position and behave like a reasonable human being again.

The other time I recall was from church one Sunday night with the Twin. We had a visiting priest from Vietnam, or something, presiding over mass that night. Dude had a ridiculous accent that was just impossible to understand. Not that I'm trying to make fun of Vietnamese, or anything, honest! But was only possible to understand every 3rd word, or so, and it was generally something like "and" or "I" or whatever. It was hard to piece together anything comprehensive from that. So I started laughing, he would talk some more, and I would start laughing again, and then Twin started to giggle a little, and that only made it worse. Of course, all of this is being done as quietly as possible because, hello! Church. I finally realized I had to leave to calm down. Going back in for the rest of mass was hard, but I managed to pull it off.

Last night, halfway through "Hilarious" I lost it. Leo was laughing so hard, he was making animal-type noises. I was laughing so hard, I almost peed on the couch. I could barely get out the words, "Stop! Stop the video! I need a break..." because I was laughing too hard.

I wonder if it's almost like a hyperventilation situation when we get laughing that hard? I dunno for sure, but that's what I'd guess. It seems like the laughter feeds itself and makes itself worse, if that makes any sense...

Anyway, all I know is it's good for your core, and it's good for your brain (maybe...the lack of oxygen thing might not be, so much), and it's good for you in general to laugh that hard. So get your hands on it. I totally want to buy it now, so we can watch it annually and laugh so hard, we make up for all the stress we put our bodies through during the rest of the year.

And now I have a new memory to add to my Hardest Laughs EVAR memory bank, and that's never a bad thing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The latest from Jeffers...

Just as a means of maintaining a record, I thought I'd mention the latest Jeffers activity.

Last week was kind of a rough one for me, personally. Getting back into the swing of things after having been on vacation was then followed up by some family discord that I've been trying my best to help folks to get through, however little I can help from where I am. I was feeling a bit sapped by the time Friday night rolled around, and I was certainly looking forward to some rest and relaxation that the weekend would bring with it. (Hopefully!)

I got home and went through my normal routine, which involves me saying hi to the puppies as they greet me at the back door, saying hi to Leo, and then heading for the bathroom at the back of the house. I sounds crude for me to mention it, but it's really more of a routine than anything crude. Even if I don't have any reason for going in there, I do it. And I read whatever magazine happens to be in there (right now, I'm still trying to get through November's Glamour, sadly enough), and I just chill for a bit.

This is all relevant, I swear.

So I went in there Friday after work, feeling like I needed a glass of wine, and an "off" switch for my brain soon after I was done and changed into my jammies, and when I opened my magazine, a quarter came rolling out.


It was a 1970 quarter. Nothing too remarkable, but still older like the rest that have shown up around the house.

I immediately burst into tears, because it's like Jeffers knows what's going on with me. It's like he knows when I need cheering the most, and that is when he shows up.

How the hell does he do that???

Anyway, I cleaned up my face, and then I realized that the page that followed the one I was on was the beginning of a story about a woman dealing with the holidays without parents. Because they're both dead.

And I started crying again. (Sometimes, it doesn't take much.)

So. Not sure if that article is where the quarter was, or if it was in the same pages as where I had my page marker, because it rolled out before I even knew it was there, but still...poignant all the same.

Later that same night, I found one of our dogs' toys behind the picture of my mom and dad that's in the living room. I don't know where it had been before that, so I'm not sure how long it had been missing (if at all), but that was nice, too.

It all makes me wonder if I'm really dealing with mom and/or dad, some of the time. Or if it's just Jeffers, or what. It's so weird that stuff keeps happening around those pictures of mom and dad, or the one of dad and me at my graduation...

I dunno.

Anyway, that's the latest. Just wanted to get that update out there for all to read.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm a little behind. (Well, a LOT behind, in a couple of different ways, really...)

I'm working from home today, in light of the ickiness that is happening out on the streets in Kansas City as it snows, and snows, and snows, and snows some more throughout the day. So I thought I'd catch up on some shit. Mainly those Christmas photos that I promised to put up last week. Not super-exciting, but hey! It's not the white bleakness of snow, so here we go...

Our Christmas tree was cute, and sat on a corner table-top. I think it looked best when it had a bunch of presents underneath it...
Almost like a normal, full-sized tree! Sort of.

Anyway, here is Leo as he proudly opens a present that totally surprised him:
(Jake was unimpressed.)

And here I am as I open a present that totally surprised me, even though Leo didn't believe that, but it's true, I was totally surprised, and very appreciative. (It was a big ol' jewelry box. One I had never seen before, and I was really impressed with Leo's ability to find one so perfect for me and for our style, and all that good stuff. Loved it!)
I had on gobs of necklaces because that was what I opened before I opened the jewelry box present. Leo bought me all kinds of necklaces from White House/Black Market, because he knows I love fun necklaces. I was wearing them all at once because...well, that's how silly I am on Christmas morning, I s'pose.

I also received a KU snuggie. I love it. But Izzy loved it more. While I went in to shower, she apparently made herself comfy on my snuggie. She dragged it up onto her puppy bed, and laid down on it.
Jake joined her soon after.
Leo thought it was funny enough that he brought the snuggie to bed with us that night. Izzy managed to cocoon herself in it pretty cozily...
That's ok, though. I'm good with sharin' blankeys with the puppies. They're so cute, you just have to let shit like that go most of the time!

While we were in California for the week after Christmas, Leo, the Twin and I had the chance to go up to Crestline (which is near the mountain community that the Twin and I grew up in) to see our best friend Miranda and her family. It had been so long since I'd been up to their house, it was just fabulous to be able to drop in and say hello. Hectic house that it was (Miranda has 3 sisters, and they're all married except for her youngest sis, so it was a house full of babies, kiddos, husbands and wives, and I just don't know how they didn't kill each other, dammit), we were able to visit for a bit and catch up. It was so nice to see them all!

Thing is, until I saw these pictures, I thought I looked pretty good in this gray sweater...
I do love that photo of us three together, but still...WHOAH on the enormity!
Miranda is so gorgeous, though, that it might be making me look that much worse being near her. Not sure. ;)

The funny thing is, I just realized how little I allowed myself to be photographed over the last year, or so...and I think it must be because I'm afraid of seeing what the rest of the world sees when they look at me. I swear that in my mirror, I do not look as big as I do in these photos. Is that a good thing? I don't know. I honestly can't tell you. I try not to beat myself up for being so big, because I DO work hard to try to lose weight, as I've mentioned many, many times before. I go see the endocrinologist next week, so hopefully I can get some answers there. And I've been working on lowering my calorie intake to as low as I can without it being ridiculous, and hopefully that will help (I lost 2 pounds last week, so maybe?), but in the meantime, it's hard to see photos of myself like those ones above. In a sweater that I loved and thought I looked pretty aweome in. And now I want to burn because it makes me look like a bag lady, which is NOT the style statement I want to make on a daily basis.

In the meantime, I will revel in my lustrous hair, and my behaving-better-than-normal skin.

And I will wear more belts. That should help...

Thursday, January 06, 2011

The follies of travel on Southwest...

Ok, so I lied...I still haven't uploaded photos from Christmastime yet, but I do have a story to tell.

We traveled on Southwest again, since they offer a reasonably cheap flight option to the OC, and we can travel through warm places that likely won't be snowy in the wintertime. Also, we like choosing our seats. We're weird like that. Oh, and free bags. Even though we were too heavy on the way home, and had to pay $50 for one of them. Still, that's cheaper than a round trip on any other airline, so I couldn't complain too much.

Not until we got back to KC, anyway. When I finally got my bag off the claim carousel, it seemed a little more wobbly than usual. (Over the past year that I've had it, it's been getting more and more beat up every time we fly. We always fly on Southwest, so I don't know if I should blame them and their "bags fly free!" thing, or if I should just chalk it up to cheap luggage...) I tipped it back and asked Leo to look and see if there was something wrong with the bottom. "Yeah. There's a wheel missing."

"Aw MAN! What the fuck?" I stood there and tried to figure out what to do. I immediately planned to write a note to the airline, but there was also a dude over in the baggage claim area helping to offload all the orphan bags that had come in from Denver (there were a LOT of them. Freaky.), so I thought I'd ask his quick advice, too. "Sir? My bag lost a wheel today during our travel from California back to here. Do you have any recommendation on what I should do? Should I write a note? Or is there some sort of claim I can make?"

"No...unfortunately, we're not responsible for wheels on bags. Anything that sticks out isn't something we can be blamed for."

"Oh. Ok. I haven't even had the bag for a year yet, and I only fly Southwest, and it's just getting beat up every time I fly! That's too bad, though. Ok, thanks!"

And then he suggested that I head to a local luggage store, because they can replace wheels and stuff. "Oh! Awesome! I hadn't even thought of that. Thanks again!"

So Leo took the bag in on Monday and found out the wheel replacement would be $25, and then I sent a quick note to Southwest telling them what had happened, and about how I know it's against their policy to be responsible for anything like wheels on bags, but still...pretty much ALL bags have wheels on them, and it's a large part of their functionality. So their disclaimer kinda sucks, in my opinion. I said it nicer than that, but that was the jist.

They replied to my note. Which was nice of them. :/

"Thank you for your e-mail. Our Ramp Agents typically do a great job of handling our Customers' luggage. Per our Contract of Carriage, we are not liable for the loss of or damage to protruding parts of luggage and other articles of checked baggage, including, but not limited to, wheels, feet, pockets, hanger hooks, pull handles, straps, zippers, locks, and security straps. Nonetheless, we are sorry to learn that the wheel was damaged on your checked luggage."

Yeah, I was sorry to find the broken wheel, too. I'm also sorry that this was the one time I actually had to PAY for a bag to fly, and I pretty much got fucked. My bag was the lighter one that we unloaded all the crap from! Why wasn't LEO'S heavy and awkwardly large bag the one that got jacked up??? Jeez.

We'll keep flying Southwest, for the reasons listed at the beginning of the post, but maybe I need to find stronger luggage to withstand their non-typical ramp agents' handling of my bag in a careless manner? I dunno...any recommendations are welcome. (My bag is one of the cute SwissGear bags in pewter from Target. It's got those wheels that move in all directions, which is awesome! But it just doesn't seem sturdy enough for the long haul. Boooo.)

Oh, and for the record, this was the 2nd time we've traveled on Southwest, and have seen people who are epically confused by the boarding system/open seating system. On both the flight from Orange County to Phoenix, and again from Phoenix to KC, there were people who got on in group C (it's always those dopey group C folks!) and think that they're in seat 10C. Or 15C. I'm sorry, it's just flat out retarded. Leo and I were in 10C and B on the 2nd flight, and when the guy got on that thought we were in his seat, he looked so confused when I said, "Oh,'s open seating sir. You can sit anywhere you like." He was all, "" and wandered away with this look on his face that seemed like he didn't really trust me, but he also didn't understand WTF was going on.


I know that not everyone travels as frequently as some people (like me and Leo), but still. It's just something I'd think could be figured out by the time someone has been sitting in the waiting area for the flight for a bit, at the very least. They kind of announce it over the intercom, and all. So....yeah. Hm.

Ok, pictures tomorrow...maybe. I'm not gonna promise anymore, just in case I get home and get all lazy and shit tonight. But I'll make a concerted effort! THAT I promise. :D (Not that anyone's particularly excited about the photos, anyway. Just...I like looking at photos when I visit blogs. So I figure some people might like it.)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Would I want to be a supermodel?

I've got a zit on my upper lip that apparently thinks it's the mole on Cindy Crawford's pretty face. It's in that general area, anyway.

Well...wait. Actually, now that I view some photos of Cindy thanks to Google images (which, when you type in her name for the search, pops up the options of "Cindy Crawford" and then "Cindy Crawford covered in cream", in case anyone is interested...I avoided those photos, personally), it's more in the area between the lip and the nostril than Cindy's is. So it's more like Madonna's fake mole she used to put on her face back in her material girl days.

Except it's red.

But it looks surprisingly cool.

I wonder if anyone would notice if I started drawing in a mole there from now on? ::ponders::

And to put an answer to the question I posed in my title of this post: NO. I'm pretty sure that being a supermodel would suck ass. Yeah, you get to be pretty, and all. And wear nice things. And probably make a fair amount of cash.

But the whole food thing just kills me.

I've been trying my darndest to cut back on calories over the past couple of days, trying to make a change that might shock my body into realizing it's supposed to STOP gaining weight now, thanks!, and it's been difficult. Not to worry, though! I'm eating plenty. I eat a great breakfast (fruit, and either an egg or a Vitamuffin Top, and a few pieces of deli meat), I have a snack a few hours later (nuts and applesauce), and I made lunches for this week on Sunday (a few ounces of chicken, green beans, and a cup of brown & white rice mixed together), and then I eat dinner (which is a normal dinner, but I'm doing my best to avoid getting seconds!)...but yesterday was so fucking haaard! I think it was because I was getting back into the routine. Or something. Because today is easier, it seems. I haven't had a headache, like I did yesterday. And I don't feel hungry right now, and it's been an hour since I ate lunch, so that's good. I just hope I'm not famished by the time dinner comes around tonight!

I talked to my trainer about whether or not I should make any changes to the way I'm eating before I go to see the endocrinologist in a couple of weeks, and she said she didn't see why not. She figures (and I agree) that if I make changes, and then I start to lose weight, then we have something to work with. But if I make changes, and STILL don't lose weight, well...there's another clue. So either way, it might help us figure things out.

It's hard, though. Because if I thought I was craving a burger before I started cutting back on calories, I didn't know what was coming. Yesterday, as I ate my afternoon snack of an apple and a clementine I told my coworker, "Yeah, it's good. But I still wish it was a cheeseburger."

And all this talk about food and diet and shit is boring, I know. So I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from Christmas and stuff. Cross my heart!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Do you know how hard it is to crawl back up from off the face of the planet???

Not much is going on. But I thought an update was due, all the same.

Christmas went well. Drama was low. Catching up with family was great. Relaxation was at a high level. Aside from the whole flying-on-an-airplane-to-get-there-and-back thing, I have no complaints.

Which might be a first for me!

Healthwise, I'm still a bit off. But I'm working through it all. I feel like my body is slowly breaking down in different, weird, and wacky ways just to keep me on my toes. I'm sick of it. But all I can do is keep pushing through the day, and deal with the weirdness as it comes. My tests came back normal with regards to hormones like estrogen and T4 and stuff, but my vitamin D level was off. I gained a bunch of weight over the holiday, but I ate more than usual and worked out less than usual, so I'm chalking it up to that, for the most part. I've been back on track workout-wise since we got back from vacation, and hopefully will have a helpful visit with the endo on the 19th. Even with the weight gain, I feel pretty good today, and fit into my pants I wanted to wear. That's always encouraging.

Work is busy, though, so I'd better get back to it. Hope everyone had a great (and safe!) New Year! I'll be updating with travel stories and photos from vacation throughout the week...