Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's a *mysterious* cookie. Which might be the worst kind, ever.

On Monday, I came in to work, and found this on my desk:
It was a cookie that someone had left for me (and another was left for my boss on the other end of my desk, since his office door remains locked all the time), but I had no idea who it was from, or when they had left the cookie.

I was kinda excited at first. I like cookies, and even though I wasn't hungry for it right then at 8 a.m., I usually crave something sweet around the afternoon, so I put it aside for later consumption.

Only, when I picked it up, I realized it was pretty much hard as a rock. And the lumps...they were off-putting. I knocked the cookie on my desk a couple of times to test the hardness. It was definitely a tough cookie. (Ha!)

Later, I cracked the cookie in two pieces, trying to figure out what the hell it might be. It was a beige color, and it looked like a no-bake cookie, of some sort. I opened the bag to take a picture of the cookie without glare, and it smelled like it might be butterscotch, or something? I really couldn't tell.

It also looked a little bit like the vomit that Jake so generously gifted me with at about 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning. So there was that, too.

My boss didn't want to eat his, either. He came out of his office sometime after lunch, and asked me if I'd eaten mine yet. "I'm not eating it until you eat it," he said. I told him, "Well then, I guess you won't be eating that cookie, Boss!"

Because, well...would you eat it?

I mean, good intentions are always nice! But if you leave something random like that on someone's desk without telling them where it was from or what was in it? Your good intentions are going in the trash. Just sayin'.


faithstwin said...

Ewww- that looks WAAYYY different than I pictured. Why would you even contemplate eating that? I still say you should have told Boss that you ate it, it was tasty and tell him you want to see him take a bite of his.

Anonymous said...

it looks like a botched praline!