Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The latest from Jeffers...

Just as a means of maintaining a record, I thought I'd mention the latest Jeffers activity.

Last week was kind of a rough one for me, personally. Getting back into the swing of things after having been on vacation was then followed up by some family discord that I've been trying my best to help folks to get through, however little I can help from where I am. I was feeling a bit sapped by the time Friday night rolled around, and I was certainly looking forward to some rest and relaxation that the weekend would bring with it. (Hopefully!)

I got home and went through my normal routine, which involves me saying hi to the puppies as they greet me at the back door, saying hi to Leo, and then heading for the bathroom at the back of the house. I know...it sounds crude for me to mention it, but it's really more of a routine than anything crude. Even if I don't have any reason for going in there, I do it. And I read whatever magazine happens to be in there (right now, I'm still trying to get through November's Glamour, sadly enough), and I just chill for a bit.

This is all relevant, I swear.

So I went in there Friday after work, feeling like I needed a glass of wine, and an "off" switch for my brain soon after I was done and changed into my jammies, and when I opened my magazine, a quarter came rolling out.


It was a 1970 quarter. Nothing too remarkable, but still older like the rest that have shown up around the house.

I immediately burst into tears, because it's like Jeffers knows what's going on with me. It's like he knows when I need cheering the most, and that is when he shows up.

How the hell does he do that???

Anyway, I cleaned up my face, and then I realized that the page that followed the one I was on was the beginning of a story about a woman dealing with the holidays without parents. Because they're both dead.

And I started crying again. (Sometimes, it doesn't take much.)

So. Not sure if that article is where the quarter was, or if it was in the same pages as where I had my page marker, because it rolled out before I even knew it was there, but still...poignant all the same.

Later that same night, I found one of our dogs' toys behind the picture of my mom and dad that's in the living room. I don't know where it had been before that, so I'm not sure how long it had been missing (if at all), but that was nice, too.

It all makes me wonder if I'm really dealing with mom and/or dad, some of the time. Or if it's just Jeffers, or what. It's so weird that stuff keeps happening around those pictures of mom and dad, or the one of dad and me at my graduation...

I dunno.

Anyway, that's the latest. Just wanted to get that update out there for all to read.

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