Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That's...not really news. :/

I can't be the only one in America right now that is just plain ol' tired of the Arizona shooting "news" stuff at this point, right? It's gotten so that when I hear the words "shooting" or "Tuscon" or "Arizona" or "Gifford", I groan out loud and assess whether the "news story" will last half a minute? Or if it's a whole new piece that involves The Most Precious Love Ever To Have Occurred Between A Politician and An Astronaut.

I know this makes me a horrible person, or what have you. You don't have to mention it in the comments. I just want NEWS back, is all. Like the story about Obama meeting with China's President Hu this week. That sounds interesting! Let's talk some more about that! (But not with George Stephanopoulos, if it can be avoided. Good GOD, he has an annoying interviewing style! LET HILLARY CLINTON TALK, FUCKER!!!)

Also, yes. It's apparently going to snow today in Kansas City. But, really? We have NOTHING else to discuss all morning except (a) when streets will be plowed throughout the city, (b) when it will all start, (c) how to prepare your car for an emergency ('s supposed to be 4 - 7 inches, maybe. I don't think we'll need extra water or an extra CELL PHONE in the car's emergency kit, yo), and (d) why certain schools close early/send kids home early on days when a possibly ugly evening commute is in order? REALLY? I can think of about 10 other topics that might be interesting to hear about (the Hu guy in Washington; why everyone hates Ricky Gervais for being funny as hell; that place that exploded in Pennsylvania; apparently there was a 7.6 earthquake in Pakistan yesterday; etc, etc...), and although they aren't specifically local, they're still NEWS. Well, except for the Ricky Gervais thing. Although I really would like to know why everyone hates him. He's fucking funny. What's wrong with people???

I am easily annoyed lately, though. I have good reason to be: I have finally figured out what's causing my based-in-stress facial twitch.

Unfortunately, it's that I'm stressing out over having such an annoying, stupid, involuntary facial spasm 24/7.

I honestly can't figure out what else it might be. People keep saying, "Work! Marriage! Money!" None of those things stress me out. I'm comfortable, money-wise. I like my job, and find it relatively easy to do 95% of the time. I am married to possibly the most easy dude to be married to in all of history.

I can only tie it back to family stuff. Which I can't discuss, of course, because...well, besides it being boring to everyone who isn't perhaps related to me, it'd be one of the more inappropriate things I'd ever write about out here if I did write about it. And while I'm sure many would argue against this following point, I can say unequivocally that I'm just not that big of a dick.

But, anyway, I honestly think that the stress of having the facial spasm from hell is actually what might be causing the facial spasm now.

I'm thinking of trying accupuncture, so if anyone knows of anyone good at that stuff down south-ish, or around the Brookside/Waldo/Ward Parkway area, please let me know!

I'm also seeing the endocrinologist today, though, and hopefully will come up with some answers for what I can do to make my body just STOP IT. Because the facial spasm thing is really just the tip of a very large "I hate you!" iceberg that my body is basically facing me down with every day. We'll see.

Ok, hope everyone else is having a productive, non-spazzy week! If you're in the general Kansas City area, try not to get stuck in your car in 4- 7 inches of snow. (But just FYI, you can probably walk less than a mile to a QuickTrip for help if that does happen. Just sayin'.)


Anonymous said...

Glad you are seeing the Endo! Occassionally I used to get the eye twitch, which I know is not the same thing .. but, I would take B vitamin and potassium and it helped it go away.

Wait, who doesn't like Ricky??!

Faith said...

Oh, the Ricky Gervais thing...has something to do with the Golden Globes, and famous people not being able to take a joke. Or so I've heard, but I didn't watch the awards myself, so I can't say for sure that he was funny. But Jon Stewart said he was. nd I trust his judgment, pretty much. :D

I don't honestly know what causes the twitch, and it seems like no medical professional has any constructive suggestions for me about it. They must not understand what it's like to have an eye/whole half of their face constantly moving, moving, moving, twitch, twitch, TWITCH! Maddening, I tell you. Absolutely bonkers-inducing.