Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What has Jeffers the house ghost been up to?

You would think that the paranormal stuff around our house would take a break now and then, but it doesn't. Not really. I mean...nothing will happen for, like, a few weeks or so. But then something new pops up and reminds us that we aren't alone! EVAR! (Which is just fine with me. Since I can't bump into him, or anything, it's not much of a big deal to live with a ghost, IMO.)

First off, he's not done with the coin thing yet. I went home on Friday night, and put on my comfy pajama pants, a nice cozy sweater, and then slipped my feet into my ugg-like slippers that I wear around the house. As I started to walk out of the closet, I felt something banging around my right foot. I took off my slipper and found a quarter. It was from 1976. Good times.

And then on Saturday, I noticed that there were a couple of items on top of our bookcase that don't usually sit up there. Don't ask me why, but I just walked past it and ignored it. On Sunday, I finally thought to ask Leo why he'd put the items on top of the bookcase? I thought maybe he'd been dusting and had moved them and forgot to put them back inside the case. He said he hadn't put them there.


Well, I didn't put them there. So I figured Jeffers must've done it.

I don't really get the significance of the objects, if there is any at all. One of them was a small bud vase that I received as a gift from my step mom a couple of years ago. It's part of a set, actually. But it hangs out inside the bookcase, on top of a stack of Shakespear books I have from college.

The other item was a 1st place ribbon that Leo won back in high school for some art thing he'd entered. He has a couple of scholastic art award medal thingies attached to the ribbon, too. He wound up telling me some interesting stories about the awards after I found them on top of the bookcase on Sunday night, but aside from that, I can't see any real significance in it being up there, either.

I guess I should see either of them as being pretty significant, since they moved out of the bookcase without any assistance at all from the human beings that live in the house, but still. Weird.

That's the latest, though. Nothing too major. But still odd all the same!


faithstwin said...

I love Jeffers but what has this got to do with the mystery cookie!?

Faith said...

Oh, the mystery cookie. A story for today, perhaps...