Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Would I want to be a supermodel?

I've got a zit on my upper lip that apparently thinks it's the mole on Cindy Crawford's pretty face. It's in that general area, anyway.

Well...wait. Actually, now that I view some photos of Cindy thanks to Google images (which, when you type in her name for the search, pops up the options of "Cindy Crawford" and then "Cindy Crawford covered in cream", in case anyone is interested...I avoided those photos, personally), it's more in the area between the lip and the nostril than Cindy's is. So it's more like Madonna's fake mole she used to put on her face back in her material girl days.

Except it's red.

But it looks surprisingly cool.

I wonder if anyone would notice if I started drawing in a mole there from now on? ::ponders::

And to put an answer to the question I posed in my title of this post: NO. I'm pretty sure that being a supermodel would suck ass. Yeah, you get to be pretty, and all. And wear nice things. And probably make a fair amount of cash.

But the whole food thing just kills me.

I've been trying my darndest to cut back on calories over the past couple of days, trying to make a change that might shock my body into realizing it's supposed to STOP gaining weight now, thanks!, and it's been difficult. Not to worry, though! I'm eating plenty. I eat a great breakfast (fruit, and either an egg or a Vitamuffin Top, and a few pieces of deli meat), I have a snack a few hours later (nuts and applesauce), and I made lunches for this week on Sunday (a few ounces of chicken, green beans, and a cup of brown & white rice mixed together), and then I eat dinner (which is a normal dinner, but I'm doing my best to avoid getting seconds!)...but yesterday was so fucking haaard! I think it was because I was getting back into the routine. Or something. Because today is easier, it seems. I haven't had a headache, like I did yesterday. And I don't feel hungry right now, and it's been an hour since I ate lunch, so that's good. I just hope I'm not famished by the time dinner comes around tonight!

I talked to my trainer about whether or not I should make any changes to the way I'm eating before I go to see the endocrinologist in a couple of weeks, and she said she didn't see why not. She figures (and I agree) that if I make changes, and then I start to lose weight, then we have something to work with. But if I make changes, and STILL don't lose weight, well...there's another clue. So either way, it might help us figure things out.

It's hard, though. Because if I thought I was craving a burger before I started cutting back on calories, I didn't know what was coming. Yesterday, as I ate my afternoon snack of an apple and a clementine I told my coworker, "Yeah, it's good. But I still wish it was a cheeseburger."

And all this talk about food and diet and shit is boring, I know. So I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from Christmas and stuff. Cross my heart!


Ryan the Girl said...

Congrats on trying to be healthier! I know it's really f@%$in' hard! So good luck, and I think it's a great idea to write about it, because it will help keep you accountable. Jillian Michaels (from The Biggest Loser) has a great book called "Making the Cut," which has some really interesting info about metabolism, diet, nutrition, etc.

Faith said...

I actually eat pretty healthy, though. Being a lifelong fatty (my metabolism decided at birth that we were enemies!), I've been learning about diet and nutrition and exercise since I was 12 and a half. That was when I went to the fat farm for the summer. (I.e. a weight loss camp for girls called "Camp La Jolla".) It was very helpful. But unfortunately, fighting my weight has always stuck with me, no matter how informed I am!

I eat healthy, with few exceptions on occassion. Its just...eating healthy clearly isn't enough for a metabolism like mine. It also apparently wants me to suffer through a day on 1500 cals or less.

And it sucks. :P