Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How do you treat yourself on your birthday?

Ok, so as mentioned previously, today is my birthday. (It's also the Twin's birthday, of course. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TWIN! Quick reminder: you wouldn't have been born had I not gotten out of the way first. So YOU OWE ME, INFINITY. Mwahahahaha!) I feel better than I did yesterday, which is a good thing. I went to bed at 9 p.m. last night, and then woke up at 1:30 a.m. thinking it was time to get up. It was awesome to get to go back to sleep for another 4.5 hours!

My stomach is still a little pissed at me, though, but the nausea is gone. So fuck it. I'm eating what I want, yo!

That said, how do you like to "treat" yourself on your birthday? For me, it involves food. (Shocking, I know.) Since the snow we're expecting is likely to be less than an inch total, I kept our reservation at Michael Smith alive after all...so we'll be heading there for dinner tonight. YAY!

But I still want to treat myself for lunch. Like with something I don't eat all the time, especially lately since I've cut my calorie intake down as much as I have.

Right now, it's a toss up between a meatball sub (but I don't know where to get one that would make it worth while, which is the problem...D'Bronx, maybe?), a BLT and fries from someplace like Chili's, or my favorite bento box from Sushi House. Hopefully I'll decide soon. It's almost lunchtime!

Anyway, am I alone in this kind of birthday fun? Or do other people have the same splurge tendencies as me? Tell me what you do for yourself on your birthday! Maybe I'll get some fun ideas for next year...:D


faithstwin said...

(This is in answer to the post below this)
While the meat was nice, the girls and I are consciously trying to eat less red meat for a while. And my freezer is full of shit already. Unless you pair that frozen meat with a new mini freezer, I'm afraid of what I would have to throw away to make room. Good deal on the gift! You don't have to get me anything. We can just celebrate at the end of the month and have a great time. Older Sis has made reservations at the best place in town apparently- I say we take advantage of that dinner!

I don't have any plans for lunch. Going to dinner with the fam tonight so I'll probably enjoy myself tonight and take it easy for lunch.

Oh and regarding the bit that you came out first? Yup. I can't deny it. You did and then because YOU were all ready to come out and shit (I wasn't done, remember?) they had to reach in and literally pull me out! Ass. =p


Faith said...

Hahahaha! I know, I know...no more meat shipping. It was more about being helpful than anything else in the past, anyway. :P

And awesome on the no gift thing. I like that we can just celebrate together at the end of the month! YAY!

I chose a steak bento box from Sushi House for my lunch. And my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Donna said...

Food is always what we use to celebrate, although not so much since we're dieting again. I'm really pushing for an Ipad for Valentine's Day. We never get so much as a card for each other, but I need an excuse for that Ipad. Income tax should roll in soon and if we split it, there's plenty for my "gift".

Nuke said...

If my birthday is a Friday or Monday I take the day off.

I also usually try to have lunch and/or dinner with friends. Not that I am asking friends to take me out, but that I invite people to JOIN me. It usually involves something I don't get to eat often, like Mongolian Grill or Sushi. It may be Korean this year.

I also tend to buy myself a bottle of something good, but not super expensive to drink.

Enough about me tho, Happy Birthday to the WonderTwins!

Catherine V said...

Happy Birthday! Up until the last few birthdays, I always took the day off work. There is something very decadent-feeling about that. I usually spent the day alone, just doing things I liked, like a massage or pedicure, and then have a dinner out planned with friends. For several years, I went to Carmen's for my birthday. Loved it.

sdchickrawker said...

Happy Birthday to you and the twin! Hope you had a fabulous dinner.

Oh and yes, I indulge myself on my bday. Usually I just buy myself something nice. And I always get a pedicure!

faithstwin said...

I should have done something nice for myself today but I am saving it for another time when I don't have a sick child at home.

Dinner was ok. Older Bro and sis-in-law ended up not showing and I only found out they weren't coming when I sent a text asking where they were. Nice. My food was overdone and I NEVER complain. But the waitress made me mad when she was trying too hard for us to notice her Bahstun Axsent when she repeated our audahs.

"So I'll get those ahtichoke hahts in for ya raght away. We don't have the pohk tendahloin any mo. We have a pohk chap with a baked appahl, mashed potatahs and roasted vegetables- is that ahright?"

FUCK! Yes, that's FINE. Just stop TALKING like that. I don't give a shit you are in San Juan Capistrano for whatever reason you are so fresh from Southie! Jesuhs.

How was your dinnah?